Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 843: Metamorph

[Metamorph Theory]

The first half of the book was filled with writing about lifeforms, including their definition, the purpose of life and how life should be treated. Emery quickly assumed it was the Arbor Master philosophy and thoughts, so he considered reading it before starting his experiment.

The other half of the book was about his research on how to enrich plant life in order to enhance it and help them to metamorph.

The book was filled with instructions, which were a combination of four main factors. A plant with extreme vitality, the Photosynthesis spell and a particular metamorph potion were all part of the instructions.

Currently, Emery already had the plant and the spells necessary to complete the stage. That meant he just needed the third item to accomplish it.

He was fortunate he already had the recipe at hand. He found the book to be really beneficial, because he could just simply prepare the ingredients and follow the instructions to the point. He took his time to read every instruction thoroughly and found the list of things he needed to purchase to start.

“I need to go shopping,” he said.

His first thought was Golden city, but when he was about to leave the cave, he soon realized he was currently on a privileged planet, where actually the bracelet could be used to help him in purchasing various items. He then went on to operate the store function right away.


[Scroll] [Consumable] [Artifacts]

The ingredients came in the [Consumable] category. In this section, Emery started to look for the 12 ingredients he would need to create the potion.

The total of 12 ingredients he needed included five tier 1, four tier 2, one tier 3 and 4, and one tier 5 flower called [Angel’s Trumpet]. To his advantage, all of the ingredients he needed were available. It was so convenient to purchase items using the bracelet.

All the ingredients for one portion cost him [3800 Contribution Points]. For all the ingredients the price was very reasonable, except the tier 5 item that cost almost 3000 contribution points by itself.

However, just as he was about to purchase the ingredients, he realized he wouldn’t be able to succeed the experiment in one go. Hence, he decided to buy more seeds to experiment with, as well as extra ingredients for the potions, just in case his first attempt ended up being a failure.

At first, Emery decided to just look for [Flora Colossi] seed, the one he got from the Arbor master, just to be exact. Unfortunately, the academy only had information about it, but no stock available for purchase at the time. As a result, Emery had to find a new seed for his experiments.

In order to maximize its chances of success, the book specifically advised to find a seed with an extreme vitality gene. It was suggested to get the one that could thrive in any condition. The higher the vitality rate, the higher the chances of success.

Actually, with this particular category, there were a few dozen options from which he could choose. However, despite the fact the higher the tier the higher its vitality stats, it also meant the cost would be higher as well.

[Chizpur Fang – Tier 4]

[1200 Contribution Points]

A plant seed that could grow on a rock in the driest hot desert just on sand, as sharp as a sword.

[Hellbbore – Tier 4]...

[1800 Contribution Points]

This plant seed could live for thousands of years in deep molten lava. Not only that, it had the ability to withstand flame, but it also had a high life expectancy.

[Dealyius Cap – Tier 4]

[3100 Contribution Points]

This one was actually not a seed. It was mushroom spores. The mushroom was even able to live on an asteroid in space without the need for an atmosphere.

“Hope one of these seed would work”

Emery thought that he had found the three ingredients he wanted. Then, he decided to buy 20 portions of ingredients to create [Metamorph Potion], as well as 5 portions of each of the seeds. That should be enough to get him started on his experiments.

[106,500 Contribution Points Used]

[649,050 Contribution Points Left]

The notification showed the amount of contribution points he spent to purchase the ingredients. Although it was a big spend, Emery could only hope the remaining points he had would be enough. He would hate to waste his contribution points. If only he could find a plant that would allow him to cultivate, that would be ideal.

After making the purchase, Emery started to study the [Flora Colossi] sapling he had in the first place. Due to his decent understanding of plants, he started to find a suitable spot within the cave, where he might plant the saplings.

As he had found the perfect location to plant the seed, following that, Emery started to experiment on his newfound [Photosynthesis] spell as a warm-up, while waiting for the plants to arrive.

It was a very unique spell indeed. The moment he channeled the spell into the sapling, he was greeted with an unusual sensation right away. It appeared as though he could feel all of its movements as if the sapling was communicating with him.

Emery could feel his nature core, the plant’s inner energy and the energy within the cave. Everything started to synergize and after hours he could see the sapling started to grow larger, becoming an arm-length plant that was able to move, albeit at a slow pace.

In the midst of his experiment with the spell, a moment of sudden there was a message came into his mind, which took him aback.

[Flora Colossi sapling upgraded to stage 3]

The notification gave him an instant glee when he received it. Emery was excited and returned to the book to understand more about the experiment he had carried out earlier.

Soon after, a visitor arrived in front of his spirit cave. It was a senior staff member, who came to deliver all the items he had purchased. It was not even four hours since he ordered it and he was impressed by how they managed to process the order quickly.

Being a privileged acolyte had its benefits for sure.