Hitman with a Badass System

Chapter 408: No Escape From Death

Michael held the chain in one hand and looked down at Gaya. A gentle smile merged on his face regardless of the burning anger within his heart.

"I will take care of this" With the other hand, he ruffled her head playfully,

Then, he stepped forward, shielding her with his body. Jacobe furrowed his creases. He didn't sense or hear someone coming, rather he just suddenly appeared behind Gaya. 

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully being a badass. The reward is 6000 badass points]

Jacobe wasn't threatened by his appearance though. Because he did his research on Ghost. Jacobe's plan A was to separate Gaya from Ghost and deal with her alone. His job got a lot easier when he met Gaya in Ozer far away from Ghost and her friends.  The sudden appearance of Ghost would make apprehending Gaya difficult as he would have to either subdue Ghost or kill him. Nonetheless, it wasn't impossible. He would just need to switch to his plan B.

"Put that down" Michael's voice was rough. It was filled with cold murderous intent. Seeing the blood dripping down her lips, he was on the verge of losing control of himself.

"Ignitia '' the bolt of lightning hit Jacobe's wrist with deadly accuracy. He dropped the satchel in pain. 

"So quick" Jacobe was completely stunned by his speed,

Gaya quickly reached out her hand towards the satchel as the satchel came flying to her. Michael did not cast any spell but walked towards Jacobe with absolute killing intent in his eyes.



Before even Jacobe could finish his spell casting, Michael appeared in front of him and punched him in the gut with enough force to send him flying.


A deep fist shaped dent formed by Michael's punch in Jacobe's armor.  The armor was forged to endure a tremendous amount of attacks. Yet, a single punch deformed the armor. In addition to the dent, Jacobe's felt the pain of his ribs breaking.

He tried to pick himself up when Ghost dashed at him again. 


This time, Michael kicked Jacobe in the gut. The force of the kick sent Jacobe flying yet again. He hit a tree hard before falling down. 

"Rage Shield!" Ignoring the sharp pain in his gut due to the kick, Jacobe cast a defense spell. Immediately a glistening fiery red bubble materialized around him.

Without giving Ghost the time to cast another spell, Jacobe jumped up to stand on his feet. He saw Ghost was walking towards him with his fist clenched.  Jacobe noticed the half-moon in the sky. The area should be bright but everything around him was darker than it was supposed to be.

"Tiger Claw!"

"Fist of Justice!"

"Elemental Spikes!"

Jacobe cast spell after spell. The first spell formed a crimson red claw the size of a grown elephant directly above Michael. On his side, a fist the same size as the claw materialized. As the name suggests, the elemental spikes spell sent sharp spikes made of elements such as fire, ice, earth, and lightning. 



Simultaneously the claw and fist hit Ghost. Jacobe saw Ghost neither move nor evade to avoid the claw and the fist. The force of the attacks created an ash cloud around Ghost, preventing both Gaya and Jacobe from looking at Ghost.

"Wind blast" Jacobe suddenly heard Ghost's voice. The very next second, a gust of strong wind blasted away the ash cloud. Ghost revealed himself, there was not a scratch on his body.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully being a badass. The reward is 2000 badass points]

Jacobe couldn't believe what he had just seen. Looking directly into Jacobe's eyes for a second, Michael raised his hand. 





Several bolts of lightning shot towards Jacobe. He tried to evade them and he did manage to avoid one but when he avoided one bolt of lightning, another hit him in the rib cage. The moment of slowness resulted in Jacobe getting bombarded with lightning bolts. 

Michael focused on his limbs, especially on his legs. 




Jacobe kept growling. No matter how hard he tried to escape, he simply couldn't. His rage shield was penetrated by the lightning bolts like a hot knife cutting through butter. There was no stopping the lightning bolts....

Instead of going for the kill shot, Michael kept barraging Jacobe with lightning bolts. His fury found no bound when he saw Gaya kneeling. 

Jacobe was just a Core Strengthening stage level 2 cultivator. On the other hand, Michael was at level 3 which made him stronger than Jacobe by default. With all his spell upgrades, he would be undefeatable to anyone under Core Strengthening stage level 5 in his Ghost persona. In his complete Lucifer form, anyone under Core Strengthening stage level 7 had no chance of defeating or even hurting him a little.

The distance between Jacobe and Ghost grew shorter and shorter. Still, Michael did not stop attacking him with lightning bolts. All of Jacobe's assessment of Ghost became wrong, way wrong. He was being overpowered by Ghost and saw no chance of escaping unless he could use the chains on Ghost and render him powerless.


Suddenly Jacobe used all of his strength to grab a handful of sand beneath him before throwing it at Ghost's face. It was an underhanded technique but everything was fair in a life or death battle. Ghost momentarily closed his eyes as Jacobe immediately called out the chain. In a blink of an eye, the chain materialized in his hand. He wasted no time as he immediately wrapped the chain around Ghost. He ran the chain around him a couple of times to make sure he was tightly tied.

"You!" Gaya burned in anger. She was just about to dash at jacobe when she saw Ghost rip off the chain as though it was a hemp rope. There was no slow motion, no fancy movements, and no dialogues. He just ripped off the chain in a second.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully being a badass. The reward is 3000 badass points]

The chain lost its glimmer in his hand,

"What?!" Jacobe cried out in shock,

"Argh!" In his momentary shock, he received an elbow to his gut from Ghost.

The next moment, Jacobe was being wrapped around by the chain.







Michael grabbed Jacobe's throat and began to punch him in the face with all his strength. The blood spurted out more and more with each punch. The skull of Jacobe began to cave in.The light of life slowly faded away yet Michael did not even slow down the speed of his punches.

He lifted Jacobe from the ground while punching him. In his fury, he was walking towards a  tree.


Michael slammed Jacobe against a tree as the large tree shuddered.It lost almost half of its leaves due to the force. One could see Michael's eyes flicker in red.

The rage Michael kept within him exploded like a volcano. Even Gaya who was enjoying the beatdown began to freak out when she saw Ghost keep punching Jacobe mercilessly. The Ghost she knew before leaving for the Fire Realm would have killed Jacobe by now. However, he just kept going.

He even began to miss his punches.Those missed punches landed onto the tree. The tree caved in because of his punches.


The cry didn't come out of Jacobe but from Michael. He was in rage mode. The lingering light in Jacobe's eyes enraged Michael. He wanted to beat Jacobe to death.

Because of his rage, he failed to notice the small grenade appear in Jacobe's hands. 

"Human!" Gaya however noticed the grenade. She shouted,dashing towards Michael. However, it was too late as the bomb explded with a loud bang.

The ear piercing sound coupled with a bright flash of light disoriented Gaya. She stumbled down. For a few moments, the world around her spinned unstoppingly. 

Fortunately, the bomb Jacobe used was a stun grenade. While Ghost and Gaya were in a disoriented state, he mustered the leftover strength in his body to run. The first thing he did was chug a healing potion. The punches broke his jaw but he still managed to drink a healing potion. Obviously one healing potion was not enough yet it gave him enough strength to run away. The healing potion he drank was extremely powerful. It was brewed by none other than Ghost himself.

He was dashing into the forest and just when he was about to take off, an invisible energy force blasted him off. 

"Argh!" Jacobe growled. He was just a few minutes away from escaping. 

"Only" suddenly out of nowhere a gruff voice echoed through the forest. The next moment, a large dragon descended through the canopy and landed directly beside Jacobe. The dragon stomped Jacobe as he spurted out mouth full of blood,

"I can hit her" Jacobe struggled to breathe under the feet of Nightmare,

Jacobe's eyes opened as wide as they could. He began to struggle violently because he saw the dragon's body begin to glow brighter and brighter. It was the indication of the dragon's breath.


"ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jacobe lost his calm composure. When the dragon's breath came out of Nightmare's mouth, he screamed like a scared cat. His scream of agony reverberated the forest.

Although he was a Core Strengthening stage level 2 cultivator, he was injured by Michael to the point of death.Coupled with that point, Nightmare was able to overpower Jacobe with his Core Formation level 6 cultivation. His superior physical size and strength gave him an advantage over Jacobe.

Finally, the dragon's breath ended Jacobe's life.