Ascension of the Immortal Asura

Chapter 273: New Master

John was slightly surprised to hear the question from the Sect Leader. Normally, things like dantian compressions would be kept secret, and most wouldn't ask about it. However, John felt no ill will against the Sect Leader, and knew the Sect Leader would not disclose this information to others.

John paused for a moment, thinking of whether to tell the truth or not, but his mind suddenly thought back to some words the Sect Leader had told him many months ago about lying to him.

"I achieved...twenty dantian compressions," John finally replied, deciding that the truth was the best course forward. The more valuable he appeared to the Sect Leader, the better opportunities he would obtain, and the more powerful he would become.

The Sect Leader, who was normally completely calm and relaxed, had his eyebrows shoot up in shocked surprise. He remained that way for a short while before regaining his composure.

"Twenty? Are you sure you didn't miscount?" Thunderzen asked in a questioning voice.

John noticed Thunderzen's stunned reaction. 'I guess twenty is even more amazing than I thought if even someone as strong as the Sect Leader is that shocked.'

John nodded his head in confirmation. "I achieved twenty. Adam was there, and he can confirm it," John replied, his gaze calm.

Sect Leader Thunderzen inspected John's face for some time, and found no hints of a lie. His heartbeat was steady as well, revealing himself to be telling the truth. After a moment of silence, a smile once again appeared on Thunderzen's face.

"In that case, that is beyond remarkable. I would ask you how you achieved such a thing, but I'm sure you wont tell me that, even if it meant getting kicked out of the sect."

John was surprised to hear these words, but nodded his head in agreement with the Sect Leaders statement. There were some secrets that he could reveal to no one, even the Sect Leader himself. 

"I assumed as much," Thunderzen sighed, but his demeanor quickly returned to normal. "Now then, tell me everything that happened within those lands. Do not leave out a single detail."

John paused for a moment, thinking of where to start, before beginning to tell his story. He started at the moment he felt Hunter's predator-like gaze, setting the stage for their enmity. Thunderzen raised his eyebrows slightly at John's description, slightly shocked that John's instincts were so sharp already as to identify bloodlust from a mere gaze.

John then continued his story, explaining his many run-ins with the Bloodfiend Sect, his discovery of the spirit mines, the ancient battlefield, and finally the ancient city. The temple trials were described in great detail, although John kept a few details regarding the Divine Trial to himself.

Lastly, John explained what had happened in the lowest level of the temple, and why he had returned to the sect.

"I see. How incredibly interesting. An ancient city, built for the purpose of testing its youths. And by the looks of it, it was besieged by a mysterious race of creatures, and wiped out overnight."

Thunderzen's thoughts drifted to what he knew about the ancient history of the Yuan Continent, as well as the world at large, as he began to put pieces together. He remained silent for quite some time while he thought over all the details John had revealed.

"Interesting. That ancient city may yet hide secrets far beyond our expectations," Thunderzen mused.

"Nonetheless, it sounds like this ancient city will be a boon for the future youths of this continent. The trials within the temple will hone their skills and talents to the maximum, and we should see quite a nice rise in power for the youths of this land in the future," Thunderzen continued, his mood quite happy.

John remained silent, as such things were not his expertise. Not only that, but he had explored the lands already, and was sure the best opportunities for him were already discovered. After much contemplation, Thunderzen focused back on John.

"Now then, your battle with Hunter caused quite the stir within the sect, as well as the full revealing of your talent," Thunderzen commented.

His ability to end Hunter with two moves, despite being in a lower cultivation realm, was beyond the wildest imaginations of anybody, and his name was quickly surging throughout the entire sect, and the nearby lands as well. All eyes were focused on him now, curious to see his potential meteoric rise in the cultivation world.

John had expected such a thing to happen, and thus remained calm and expressionless....

"I've had many Elder's come to me with thoughts of what we should do regarding you. Many tried to claim you as their Direct Disciple, saying a newly ascended Heaven Tribulation Elder like Elder Ragur is unfit to keep you under his reigns," Thunderzen continued.

John's eyes slightly darkened at these comments, but he said nothing yet.

"However, those Elder's are just looking to raise their own status, and will claim your talents revealed in the future as their accomplishments, and so they can be ignored. However, their words are not completely off base."

John was slightly unhappy to hear the Elder's discuss owning him like some toy, but waited for the Sect Leader to finish his explanation.

"While it is true that Elder Ragur found you and brought you into the Sect, and is essentially your master within this Sect, it is also true that he is unqualified to call train you himself."

John frowned at the Sect Leader's words, which did not go unnoticed by the Sect Leader himself.

"Do not worry, he can still in name call you his disciple, and he will also get the full benefits of bringing you into the sect and raising you to this level. With the support Elder Ragur will be getting, he will flourish like a tree in the most fertile of soil," Thunderzen replied with a smile on his face, alleviating most of John's unhappiness.

"However, the fact remains that someone who is fully qualified needs to train you to the best of their abilities. While most of the Elder's are unaware of it, your...unique cultivation pathway is one filled with strife, blood, and death. I will not stray you from that path, as it is the best pathway for you to walk."

Thunderzen had already noticed the cultivation pathway that John would be traversing. There were many pathways cultivators could take while raising their strength, but someone like John, who was bloodthirsty by nature and whose talent would attract the ire of all, could only walk one pathway, the pathway of blood.

"Your talent and your...attitude will attract the gaze of many, and most of those gazes will be heavenly talents themselves. As such, the only pathway before you is to step over the bodies of countless opponents, or become one of those bodies yourself. There is no other pathway for you," Thunderzen elaborated to John.

John nodded his head in agreement with this statement. It was something he had already deduced, as his short year-long cultivation journey had already revealed this much to himself.

"With this in mind, there is only one person who is fit to truly teach you," Thunderzen finally got to his point.

"You don't mean-," John couldn't help but chime up as someone popped into his mind.

"Yes. Your new master, who will guide you forward, will be the Vice-Sect Leader," Thunderzen confirmed. "As you are part of her War Hall as well, it only makes the match even more perfect."

John grumbled out loud, and a wry smile appeared on his face as he thought of that woman. She was quite heavy handed, and had only spelled out bad news for John in the past. Not only that, but she was unanimously regarded as the most violent Elder within the sect, and was quick to temper.

"Once you complete all you need to do in the short term, you are to report to her for training," Thunderzen instructed.

John grumbled once more, but didn't argue. While the Vice-Sect Leader was heavy handed, her strength was the real deal. Other than the Sect Leader, she was the strongest Elder within the Sect, as was most likely the only one capable of truly teaching John.

"Now, I have some questions for you, Sect Leader," John suddenly asked in a casual tone, causing an amused look to appear on Thunderzen's face.

"Oh, and what would those questions be?" He asked. Thunderzen was usually treated with rigid respect, and had gotten tired of that. Only the Vice Sect Leader treated him casually, and now John was added to that mix. Thunderzen found it quite refreshing, especially coming from a disciple.

"First off, what, and where, is the Divine Martial Continent?" John asked, getting straight to the thing he was most curious about. The girl he met had revealed these lands to him, and his curiosity needed to be satiated.

"The Divine Martial Continent? I suppose it's time you learn about it after all," Thunderzen replied with a smile on his face.