Ascension of the Immortal Asura

Chapter 161: Final Trial?

John recognized several faces standing at the top of the stairs, namely the Sect Leader, Vice Sect Leader, and even Elder Ragur. All the Elders of the sect had gathered in front of the Heavenly Lightning Sect Palace to welcome the Inner and Core Disciples.

Tens of thousands of members of the Heavenly Lightning Sect had gathered as well to watch this year's batch of disciples. Not only did they want to see who the newcomers were, they also knew they were in for a fantastic show shortly.

The group of tens of thousands watching ranged from disciples no older than the group John was in, to the elderly.

In the gathering of Elders, John was able to spot Elder Ragur looking down on him. Although he did his best to hide it, John could still see a slight smile on the Elder's face. Elder Ragur noticed John's gaze, and nodded his head slightly.

"Congratulations on becoming disciples of the Heavenly Lightning Sect,"

A calm yet extremely powerful voice echoed out, causing all eyes to fall on the Sect Leader who had just spoken. His calm face smiled down at those below, and appeared as if he was an ordinary grandpa welcoming his grandchildren home. However, all could tell that despite his aura being constrained, his power was beyond anything they had felt before.

The Sect Leader's gaze roamed among all the youths, and his eyes paused slightly on John before he continued to look at all those who had passed the trials.

"You have done what most in this land only dream of, and for that you should be proud. From now on, you will be able to call yourselves disciples of the Heavenly Lightning Sect. However, to truly become disciples of the Heavenly Lightning Sect, there is one more test that must be passed," the Sect Leader stated in a calm voice, causing frowns to appear on those in the group.

They had been told that they had passed all the trials and had become disciples, but now the Sect Leader was saying there were more trials to come. Many were unhappy to hear this, but none of them dared voice their discontent to the Sect Leader himself.

Upon hearing the Sect Leader mention the final trial, the eyes of all those in the crowd lit up, and excited discussions broke out.

'Another trial? I wonder what's so important as to have another trial at this point.'


A thunderous roar so loud that it nearly shattered the eardrums of many sounded out throughout the Heavenly Lightning Sect. Its roar covered the entire sect, and there wasn't a single person who didn't hear it. The roar sounded out several more times, each more powerful and deafening than the last. ...

Despite the source of the roar being quite far away, it was still louder than anything John had heard in his life. Not only that, but the roar itself sent a chill down everyone's spine, John included. It was as if death itself was roaring out.

The only time he had felt a more dreadful aura was in the Lightning World Trial, when he had come face to face with that creature in the illusion formation. However, that was an illusion, while John was sure that this was a real, living...thing.

Silence descended over the crowd, and John and all those in the crowd could hear the growing rumbles of wings approaching. A small tempest began to kick up within the courtyard, and before long, John felt as if he was in the middle of a windstorm. His robes and hair fluttered violently in the wind as it continued to billow over the entire Heavenly Lightning Sect.

The courtyard suddenly grew dim, as if the sun had been blocked out. John and the rest of the youths turned their eyes to the sky to see what was going on, and all their eyes widened in complete and utter disbelief. Extreme shock covered their faces, and even John was shocked beyond all belief.


The Heavenly Lightning Sect Palace and the massive courtyard in front of it trembled greatly. John shielded his eyes at the tempest that had been kicked up. After the tempest died down, John and the entire crowd stared up at the Heavenly Lightning Sect Palace, and the figure that had just landed on its roof high above the Sect Leader.

The figure on the roof lowered its massive head to stare down at the crowd below, and its massive eyes locked on the group of youths who stood at the crowd center.

John stared straight at the figure, still unable to believe his eyes.

The four limbed creature had two massive wings, so large that they blocked out the sun, and a tail that extended a hundred yards. It had a head larger than a building, which was covered in many sharp spikes protruding from the back of its head. Sharp teeth, each a dozen feet long, jutted out of its mouth, while massive razor sharp claws jutted out of its limbs.

Black and blue scales covered the entirety of its body, and a powerful blue color glowed over its body, as if there was a strong light source shining out from within. Small wisps of lightning danced over its scales.

John could hardly believe his eyes as he stared at the massive creature perched up on the roof of the Heavenly Lightning Sect Palace.

'A Dragon! A Lightning Dragon!'