Ascension of the Immortal Asura

Chapter 104: Nightmarish Creature

The figure was over three hundred yards tall, and walked tall on its two powerful legs. Its pitch black body, like charred flesh, was covered all over with blood red lines which seemed to glow from within its body. Four incredible powerful arms jutted from its body, and large sharp claws extended from each finger. Large spikes protruded from its head, shoulders, and back, making it look completely demonic.

The creature had a face unlike anything John had ever seen before. Many sharp teeth extended out of its wide mouth, and intense fire could be seen deep within its mouth whenever it opened it. Its nose was empty and open, like the nose of a human skull, and hellish fire flickered within it as well. Glowing dark red eyes with vertical pupils, more sinister than anything John had ever seen, pierced directly towards him.

Each step the creature took towards John made him feel as if his heart was about to explode. Its power was beyond anything John had ever felt, and he was sure that the creature could destroy the entire Yuan Continent if it so desired. Sweat dripped down John's panicked face as he turned to flee as fast as possible.

"I can't fight this thing. I need to run!"

John summoned all his power to run, but was completely dismayed to find that he was unable to move. The creature was clearly using its immense power to suppress John's movements, making him feel even weaker and smaller than an ant.

John watched in terror as the creature approached him. Each step shook the very earth itself, and he felt like might die just being in its presence. When the creature was one hundred yards away from him, it stopped and stared directly at him.

Despite John being at the top of a small mountain of bones, he was still eye to eye with the massive creature. He did his best to control himself, but knew he was completely at the whims of this creature.

The creature stared at him for some time before it opened its mouth, and a low, guttural voice followed after. Fire spewed out of its mouth as it spoke.

"A mere human dare intrudes on my domain? Tell me, how would you like to die?"

John felt as if he was listening to death itself speak. Each word the creature uttered chilled him to his bones, and a strange invasive energy threatened to drive his mind mad, and even his soul felt like it was being brought to the brink of collapse. This effect reminded him of how the sinister gate assaulted his mind and soul, threatening to drive him mad.

John held on to his mental state as best he could as he stared directly at the creature. Although he was scared beyond description, he refused to lose himself either.

"Who are you...what is this place?"

John struggled to get these words out. He had no idea how he got here, but he refused to just give up now that he was trapped.

"Oh? Even now, you can calmly speak? Impressive, for a human," responded the creature in its low, guttural voice. The creature reached out with one of its massive hands and grasped John within.

John fiercely struggled to break free, but was unable to move even slightly as the hand, dozens of times larger than him, picked him up with ease and brought him face to face with the creature. He could feel the intense heat emanate from the mouth of the creature as it spoke to him.

"I see you have some promise. Perhaps you're more useful alive than dead. Open your soul to me and allow me to place a slave contract on it."

John grit his teeth as he heard the creature speak his demands. He had been hoping to somehow talk his way out of this, but this demand left no room for negotiation. The creature was clear; open your soul to me, or die. ...

Slave contracts were seals placed on the soul of one living being by another. A slave contact would allow the owner to fully control the one with the seal on its soul, essentially making them a true slave. With a single thought, the owner could extinguish the soul of the slave, killing them instantly. Not only that, but all the thoughts of the slave would be clear for the owner at all times, so thoughts of rebellion were impossible.

However, slave contracts could only be placed willingly by both parties. If one party tried to forcibly plant the slave contract on another, the soul could be extinguished instead of controlled, no matter how great the power difference in souls. Only a willing soul could have a slave contract placed on it.

John wracked his mind for solutions, but was unable to come up with anything.

'I suppose, in the end, power is the only thing that matters in this world.'

In the face of true power, any scheme John came up with was useless.

"Don't make me wait. Open your soul to me now...or die."

The creature once again spoke out, stating its conditions to John. John was gritting his teeth from fear and stress so hard he thought they might shatter. His heart was pounding so loud that it was all he could hear.


John struggled to say something, but all he could muster was one word. The creature narrowed its blood red eyes in anger, and fire spewed out of its mouth as it spoke up once more.

"You dare defy me? Surrender, or experience a death more painful than you can imagine."

As John stared at the creature which demanded slavery or death, his panicked mind started to calm down. Faced with such a dilemma, John was shocked to find that he was able to eventually calm his nerves even in the face of certain death. He would rather die, than become a mindless slave.

'Although I'm afraid of death, there are worse things in this world than death. I refuse to be a slave, especially to something as evil as this creature.'

After calming himself down, John looked directly at the creature. His once panicked demeanor now exuded an air of poise and calm, although a tinge of fear was still present on his face.

"No...I would rather die, than become your slave."

"Then die!"

The creature shouted in anger and opened its mouth. John watched with eyes wide open as fire spewed from the creatures mouth, directly towards him. He slowly closed his eyes as he prepared to let death embrace him.