Ascension of the Immortal Asura

Chapter 85: Domain Arts

By this point in the fight, Ryan had already returned to where his clan was sitting to watch the final fight with his clan. Ryan was shocked, and also confused by the technique Dylan was using, and so he turned to Cade Fenix to help explain what was going on.

"Clan Leader Cade, what is going on, and why is everyone so shocked?"

Cade had a heavy look on his face as he turned to Ryan to explain. "What Dylan is using is called a domain art. The technique is an outward manifestation of a cultivator's comprehension and Qi essence. Inside that domain, Dylan is being empowered while John will be weakened. Each of the five powers here have domain techniques, and each treat that domain technique as one of their most closely guarded secrets."

"Then why is everyone so shocked?" Ryan asked in confusion.

If all of the five powers had a domain technique, then why were they so surprised by it showing up in this battle. Although Ryan could tell that the technique was amazing, he couldn't tell how powerful it really was, as he was just experiencing the residual effects while John was facing the bulk of the technique.

A grim expression remained on Cade's face as he looked at Dylan below. "There's two reasons why everyone is so shocked. First off, cultivators almost always have to be at least in the Qi Condensation Realm to learn to use a domain technique, and even many Qi Condensation cultivators are still unable to learn them. Dylan being able to use one while being in the Mist Creation Realm shows just how much of a monster he truly is."

Cade took a deep breath before continuing. "The second is that this is not the Crimson Valley Sect domain. All of us have experienced the Crimson Valley Sect domain technique before, and it is not what Dylan is using. Not only that, but this domain is far more profound than what the Crimson Valley Sect uses." Cade replied.

Not only had Dylan and Jason shown up from nowhere, Dylan was using a technique that none of them had ever seen a Crimson Valley Sect member use.

Ryan raised his eyebrows in surprise at the explanation that Cade gave. Not only was Dylan revealed to be even more of a genius than he showed before, he was also using an unknown domain art.

As Cade had explained, domain arts were outward manifestations of a cultivator's Qi essence and comprehension. A cultivator would expand a domain around them, and anyone inside of it would feel its effects. The effects of a domain were extremely wide and varied, but each one had a specific trait that not only amplified their own power within the domain, but weakened their enemy inside the domain.

When two cultivators met and only one knew how to use a domain, the one with a domain would be easily able to dominate the other. In most cases, the best way for a cultivator to counter a domain was either to leave the area of influence, or have their own domain. In the cases where one domain was vastly stronger and more profound than another, the stronger domain would overwhelm the weaker one and win out.

If two domains were of relatively equal strength and profundity, their effect on each other would be similar and the two cultivators would be on an even fighting field. However, when one had a domain and another didn't, the fights would be completely one sided.

However, in the cultivation world, not everything was an absolute, and there were always other ways of dealing with wondrous techniques.

Ryan turned back towards the stage and looked at John in worry. "How are you going to get yourself out of this?"

Back on the stage, John was looking all around him in slight surprise.

'I have no idea what is going on, but I can tell this is some amazing technique. But why does it feel like it's not as amazing as it should be?"

While John could feel that the technique Dylan was using was amazingly profound, it wasn't having much of an impact on him. He could feel that his blood had slowed slightly inside of his body, which made him feel a bit weaker, but the effect wasn't so great as to worry John. John could also feel like there were something like mental demons trying to attack his mind and will, but the effect was so minimal compared to the sinister gate that he could easily ignore it. ...

"Hahaha, how does it feel to be inside my domain. Are you quaking with despair?" Dylan confidently asked John.

John looked towards Dylan as if he was stupid. "Is this technique supposed to be something amazing? How come I don't feel like it's anything special?"

"You can talk so casually even now? Not bad, but I know your bravado is fake. Right now, you should feel like you can hardly move, and your mind and will should feel like they're about to crumble. I'm guessing you're using every last ounce of strength just to talk. Its time to end this." Any normal cultivator inside Dylan's domain would feel only despair, and their wills would be instantly crushed under the sinister pressure of the technique.

Dylan rushed towards John and struck out with his sword. He knew John was unable to muster much strength while being under the influence of his domain, and no longer considered John a worthy opponent.


Scythe and sword collided, and Dylan was sent flying backwards by the force of John's attack. He quickly landed and looked towards John with shock.

"What? How is this possible? You shouldn't even be able to move" Dylan had no idea how John struck out with that much power.

"Hmph, if you think this little technique of yours is enough to subdue my body and crush my will, then you're truly dumber than you look."

Unfortunately for Dylan, his domain was just about the worst type of domain to use on John. John's body was the Immortal Asura Body, and was incredibly profound even amongst Innate Variant Bodies. The Crimson Hell Domain suppressed the blood and body of its enemies, and would make them feel like they were in quicksand, but to John, the effect was just a minor nuisance.

Not only that, but the Crimson Hell Domain would assault the mind and crush the wills of those within it, eliminating any thought of fighting back. However, having tempered his will in front of the sinister gate for over half a year already, the Crimson Hell Domain was far from what was required to shake John's will.

After regaining his composure, Dylan once more smiled sinisterly and amplified the power of his domain even further. "I'm sure you used every ounce of energy you have left to unleash that counter attack." Dylan refused to believe that John could ignore the effects of his domain.

John frowned as he felt the effects of the domain amplify. Not only did the domain weaken John, if ever so slightly, it also strengthened Dylan. He was already terrifying before, but within his domain, he was absolutely monstrous.

'Although I could still fight him as I am now, I'd probably lose without using a body battle art. I suppose the time has come to use it.'

A large smile appeared on John's face as he stared straight back at Dylan.

"What are you smiling for?" Dylan was quite enraged by John's behavior. Whenever he used his domain on his opponents, they would almost always collapse with little ability to resist. However, John continued to defy his domain, and even dared to smile while in it.

"You may have your domain, but it's not the only amazing technique that exists in the world. Allow me to respond in kind...!"