Ascension of the Immortal Asura

Chapter 63: Setting Off

Early the next morning, John woke up and washed himself, before putting on his signature black robe. He looked at himself in the mirror, and noticed that his face had matured slightly since he last truly looked at himself. His long black hair had grown even longer, and his face had become slightly less immature.

"I guess I'll be fifteen soon, just a few more weeks. Time really does fly by."

John noticed that while his face has been full of youthful innocence before, it now had a slightly battle hardened look.

"I guess that journey of mine did more than just increase my cultivation level."

John finished preparing his belongings for the trip before he walked downstairs to have breakfast with his family. After a good breakfast, John and his father bid Rachel farewell before leaving their mansion.

While walking towards the meeting point for all those attending the tournament, John turned to his father.

"Dad, I guess I haven't asked about this yet, but where is the tournament being held?"

Barden looked at John and smiled. "The pocket realm tournament rotates between the five involved powers every time it opens. This year, it's the Varis Clan that is hosting the tournament, and so the tournament will take place within their clan."

'I guess that makes sense. I always wondered why we have so many martial arenas in the clan. I guess it's for when our clan hosts the pocket realm tournament.

Barden once more spoke up. "The Varis Clan is several hundred miles away, but with our carriages being pulled by Qi Condensation beasts, we will arrive at them in less than two days."

John nodded his head as he followed his father in silence. Fifteen minutes later, John saw a large contingent of people, carriages, and beasts. There were over a dozen carriages, each attached to a Qi Condensation Ethyr Horse. Ethyr Horses were dark blue in color, and were famed for their power and speed, making for a perfect beast to pull heavy carriages.

John saw many familiar faces standing in the crowd, including Ryan, Parker, and several Elders of the clan.

John walked over to Ryan and clasped hands with him.

"Ryan, are you ready for this tournament?"

"Of course. I've made some decent progress since we last fought, and will do my best to come top thirty. What about you? Still confident in winning the tournament?"

John was just about to respond when he heard a voice from behind him.

"You? Win the tournament, you're only in the middle Mist Creation Realm. It's a waste that we're even bringing you along." John saw the one who spoke was one of Ryan's friends, and was in the late Mist Creation Realm. He was fifteen years old, and had quite an ugly face which caused him to look down on others when he could to make himself feel better.

Another boy chimed up. "Right. Someone who truly doesn't know where they stand."

John turned around with a frown and stared at the two boys who had spoken up. They were sons of powerful elders, and were friends of Parker Fenix. Although John was technically higher up in the clan due to him being a direct descendant of the clan leader while the boys were just sons of elders, the Fenix Clan didn't enforce a strict hierarchy, and so juniors like them were free to talk as they pleased without fear of repercussion. ...

John was just about to speak up when Ryan suddenly spoke up. "What the fuck do you know? Besides, last time we fought, I kicked your ass so hard you were bedridden for two days. Worry about yourself in this tournament."

John started laughing profusely, quite enlivened by Ryan's comments.

The boy who had first spoke up looked as if he had swallowed a frog. He tried to think of something to say back, but was unable to come up with anything. Ryan had truly beaten him quite badly the last time they fought. In the end, he just scoffed and turned around and decided to say nothing.

Parker Fenix was standing some distance to the side, but had managed to hear everything. He looked towards Ryan and John with narrowed eyes, but said nothing. Although his tournament had happened weeks earlier, Parker was tagging along on the recommendation of his father, Orenn Fenix. Parker was the Fenix Clans brightest star, and his attendance at the tournament was important as such, even if it was just for show.

John waited around for around thirty minutes, conversing with Ryan and his father before a loud voice boomed behind him.

"Such a beautiful sight, to see all the promising youths of our clan about to set out for the glory of the clan and themselves."

John turned around and saw his grandfather, Cade Fenix, the clan leader of the Fenix Clan.

Cade walked towards the large group of people and looked around at everyone, his eyes pausing slightly on John before once again speaking up.

"We will now set out towards the Varis Clan for the Mist Creation Realm Tournament. Parker Fenix already brought glory to our clan with his performance at the Qi Condensation tournament. I hope you all perform your best and bring further glory to our clan."

Upon hearing the praise heaped on him, a large, confident smile appeared on Parkers face. John looked towards Parker, at which point a resolved look appeared in his eyes.

Cade Fenix once again spoke up. "We shall set out for the tournament at once, and with our talented youths here, I'm confident we shall win. Everyone, do your best."

A loud cheer erupted through the crowd as everyone shouted out in unison.

John turned to Ryan and patted him on the shoulder before turning around and following his father to their carriage. John entered after his father and sat down. The carriage soon started moving as the beast was urged forward by the driver in charge.

John watched out the window as the grounds of the Fenix Clan flew by, before the carriage eventually left the walls of the clan. The Skycleave Mountain Range was visible in the distance as the carriage sped off down the road towards the Varis Clan.

John was deep in thought when he was suddenly brought out of his thoughts by a question from Barden.

"So, how well do you think you'll do in this tournament?"

A confident smile appeared on John's face as he responded. "Thanks to your help with the Supreme Battle Art, I'll win for sure!"