Ascension of the Immortal Asura

Chapter 53: Sneak Attack

"Halt, who...oh, Young Master, you're back!"

"I'm back" replied John to the guard stationed at the front gate.

"Fantastic. You're back just in time" responded the guard. John was confused by what the guard meant and asked him to clarify, but the guard told him that his father would tell him more about the situation.

"Strange" thought John as he strode through the front gate and into the clan grounds. He was immediately greeted by the familiar scenery of his busy clan, and hundreds of clan members were visible bustling about their daily lives. John greeted many members as he walked towards his familial mansion.

When John arrived at his mansion, he quickly stopped and crouched behind one of the bushes in the front garden. One hundred yards in front of him, he could see his father sitting by the side of the small pond at the center of the garden.

'He seems quite relaxed...I should give him a nice greeting present'

A mischievous smile appeared on John's face as he slowly snuck towards where his father was sitting. He concealed his presence as best he could as he moved forward inch by inch. When he was twenty yards from his father, John stopped and started to channel Qi into his legs.

Five Step Movement Technique!

John dashed forwards towards his father in an instant and sent his fist crashing towards his fathers back.


Just as John reached his father and punched out, his father suddenly disappeared from his view. John was unable to stop in time and went flying into the pond. John swam up to the water's surface and spat out a large mouthful of water. He looked towards the shore, and found his father still sitting there peacefully, only moved over to the side a few yards.

"How did you dodge that?" yelled John.

His father slowly opened his eyes and calmly looked at John.

"I could sense you approaching before you even entered the garden. You really need to work on your concealment skills."

'I couldn't even see him move. I guess this is the difference between Mist Creation and Core Formation.' John stared at his father before he started to swim towards the shore.

His father looked at the soaked John leave the pond before a large smile broke out on his face.

"You're in the middle Mist Creation realm! Amazing. It seems your journey was extremely beneficial!"

'Seems like even father cant detect my late Mist Creation body dantian cultivation.'

John smiled and nodded his head.

"Very beneficial, let me show you what I learned!" responded John as he dashed forward and hugged his father.

Barden embraced his water soaked son with a large smile on his face. "It's good that you're back, but you're still soaked. Put on a new robe and meet me at our sparring arena. Also go greet your mother, she's been worried sick the entire time you've been gone."

John nodded his head and hugged his father one more time, making sure to get him as wet as possible. Barden noticed John's mischievous actions but said nothing, and instead decided to rub John's wet hair with great force. A slightly surprised look appeared on Barden's face as John stayed emotionless. He had wanted to cause John to cry out in slight pain and back off to get back at John, but John had no reaction at all.

After hugging his father, John quickly dashed towards his mansion. He greeted several of the maids inside and asked for his mothers location. ...

"She's in the back garden tending to her flowers" stated one of the maids.

John thanked the maid and went to his room to put on a new robe. After donning a new robe, John walked out to the back garden and spotted his mother kneeling in front of a rose bush.

"Mom, I'm home!"

Rachel Fenix quickly turned around in shock, at which point she ran to John and embraced him


John stood there in silence and hugged his mother. After a few minutes, Rachel let go of John and looked at him seriously.

"Are you hurt? Is there anything wrong with you?"

"I'm fine mom. Never felt better."

Rachel looked at her son for a while before a large smile broke out on her face. "Good, good! It's good to have you home."

"It's good to be home."

John talked with his mother for several minutes regarding all the things he had done over the last four months, but left out a few details like the assassin guild and robbing Duke Trommel. After talking for a while, John gave Rachel one last hug before heading towards the martial training area where his father was waiting.

He saw his father sitting in the middle of the training arena with his eyes closed. John once more wanted to sneak up on him, but realized the situation was futile and instead walked over to his father. He sat down in front of his father and assumed the same sitting position.

After a few minutes, Barden opened his eyes and looked towards his son.

"Show me your progress!"

"Yes, father!"

John stood up and walked over to one side of the circular training arena. The training arena was approximately one hundred yards wide, and was just as grand as the sparring arenas used by the clan in the training area.

John turned around and noticed his father was still sitting in his seated position. A frown appeared on his face but he said nothing.

"Attack me with your full might! Show me just how powerful you've become!" Barden Fenix opened his eyes and looked towards his son with a blank expression, before closing them once more.

John took a deep breath before taking out his scythe and steadying it in front of himself.

"I'll make you move from your seated position!" shouted John as he looked towards his father. His father remaining seated was a clear challenge to John.

John ran towards his father and raised his scythe high above his head before sending it slicing down violently towards his father.