Ascension of the Immortal Asura

Chapter 35: Divine Reaping Scythe

John quickly realized that his expression was quite exaggerated. Trying to cover his shock, John quickly asked the woman "What is this? Do you know what this technique says?"

The woman looked at John in silence for a moment. His exaggerated expression almost seemed to indicate that he could read the scroll, but that should be impossible. From what the woman knew, the language was an ancient language from a time before the shattering. No one knew how to read the language anymore. She decided to test John and see what his shocked reaction was about. This matter was too important to leave alone.

"I do not unfortunately. By the way, why were you so shocked to see this scroll. A scroll in a foreign language shouldn't be too shocking should it?"

John quickly realized that the woman was onto him. He racked his brains for ideas before finally thinking of something.

"I was shocked because my clan has this exact same scroll in its martial library. The Elder in charge told me that it's written in a language that no one understands but didn't elaborate further. I didn't expect to see it anywhere else."

The woman looked at John but didn't respond. "I suppose that does make sense as to why he would be shocked to see it here. How foolish was I to think this boy could read this scroll" thought the woman while slightly chuckling at herself.

"Your Clan Elder is right. This scroll is written in an ancient language that has long since been erased from this world. This scroll is one of the few remaining items that have withstood the test of time. What we have here, and what your clan has as well is just a copy."

John finally understood why both his clan and the Mystic Trade Hall had this technique. "So it's just a copy huh? I wonder where the original is?" thought John.

John wanted to ask if there was more to the technique than just this single scroll, but he stopped himself at the last moment. "Asking that question would raise some flags. Why would I be interested in more than just this page if I didn't know how to read it?"

When John had originally read this technique back in the Fenix Clan, he was unable to understand it and as such had tucked it away deep with all the other junk he carried around. He had never considered reading it again. But only after seeing the scroll in front of him did John realize that it was written in the same language as the Celestial Lightning Script and the Immortal Asura Body.

"How could I be so stupid?" thought John. "I'll have to look later tonight at the technique and see what it's about. Hopefully it's something good."

John looked back at the woman and said "Thank you for the information. In regards to the scythe techniques, I'll take the Myriad Annihilation Scythe technique. On second thought, I'd like to look at your greatswords as well."

"I'm already proficient at the Mountain Crushing Sword, so while I'm learning the ancient technique and the Myriad Annihilation scythe, I should have a powerful greatsword just in case" thought John.

"Of course, we have over one hundred greatswords. Please take a look inside the ring and pick out the one you want" responded the woman as she handed over one of the storage rings.

John sent his mind into the storage ring, his eyes widening in shock. "So many. Just their greatsword collection is as vast as the entire Fenix Clan Mist Creation grade weapon arsenal."

John perused the many greatswords before picking one that caught his attention. The blade was five feet long and six inches wide at the base.

He took it out of the storage ring and wielded it. "It's quite heavy. It must be around two hundred pounds. This is perfect for now" thought John as he stored the greatsword away.

"How much for the Myriad Annihilation Scythe and the greatsword?" asked John.

"The Myriad Annihilation Scythe is fifteen gold, while the greatsword is eight gold" responded the woman. ...

John was prepared for a high price but still sucked in a breath of cold air. "That's nearly a quarter of my gold coins" thought John, but he decided to accept anyway.

"I need both of these things more than I need the money. Besides, money is only good when it's used to buy things I need."

"Is there anything else you need?" asked the woman, snapping John out of his depressive thoughts regarding his money situation.

John thought for a moment if he needed anything else, but couldn't think of anything in particular that he needed.

"I'm all set for now. Thank you" responded John with a smile on his face. He was quite happy at today's transactions. The two things that were weighing heavy on his mind recently had been solved, making him feel much more at ease.

"Great. If you need anything else, please come again" responded the woman with a smile. John got up from the couch and said his goodbyes to the woman before leaving the room. After leaving the building, John stood on the side of the road and pondered his next move.

"I've taken care of my urgent needs for now. I really am curious about that scythe technique though. I should find an Inn and study it tonight" thought John as he stepped back onto the road and started walking.

A few minutes later, John stopped in front of a cozy looking three story building. "The Orchard Inn? Sounds like a good place to stay while I'm in the kingdom."

John walked into the building and was greeted by a boisterous atmosphere. Men and women were eating, drinking and laughing. John smiled before walking up to the main counter.

"Excuse me, I'd like a room for the next few days" said John as the approached the innkeeper.

The fat middle aged man turned around with a smile on his face. "The rate is ten silver coins a night."

"Ten! This kingdom sure is expensive" thought John. "No matter though, I have enough money."

John accepted the offer and followed the innkeeper to his room. It was quite large and far more luxurious than the other inns he had stayed in on his journey.

After settling down and washing up, John sat down on the floor and cleared his mind. Soon after, a small page made of animal hide appeared in his hands.

"I couldn't read you before but I can now. Lets see what secrets you're hiding."

John looked at the page and read the technique.

"Divine Reaping Scythe!"