The Copy Mage

Chapter 181: Prodigies

Damian could permanently copy Soul Spirits by placing some blood of the target on a page of the copy book that he was able to summon from his dantian, but even if he was able to summon the copy book in the state he was in, trying to copy such a powerful Soul Spirit while injured would backfire.

With the small amount of Clay's blood in his mouth didn't have anywhere to store it and didn't want to get rid of it either, but then remembered that he had a few small containers in his bag that he had bought.

However, the issue was that in the state that he was in, it would be almost impossible for him to get up the tree and onto the branch that he had left the bag on.

His body was aching all over and Damian felt that he was about to collapse at any moment, but then he turned around to see the unusual Monkey Beast stood closely behind him and staring at him with a baffled expression.

Damian didn't know what to think about the unusual Monkey Beast that could not only understand him, but also showed emotion and had a playful nature, but he had to deal with it and could also use the beast until he was able to recover.

Pointing up at the large branch that was near the peak of a tall tree, Damian signalled for the beast to go up and get the bag that he had left there before jumping down to battle the Moose Beast.

The Monkey Beast nodded his head and Damian was sure that the Monkey Beast would do as he said until he prepared and cooked the body of the Moose Beast for it, but what he saw completely shocked him.

It went towards the tree that Damian had pointed at and as it reached the bottom of the tree, Damian suddenly sensed something foreign and strange around the beast before it suddenly shrank.

The Monkey Beast was the size of a small child the first time that Damian came across it and this time it was the size of a large adult human, but Damian merely assumed that the beast grew quickly.

He never expected that the Monkey Beast would have been able to shrink and enlarge its body and maybe it really was still just a young playful Monkey Beast that had great power and was attached to Damian.

Reverting back to its smaller form, the Monkey Beast also lost a lot of muscle and became much slimmer, but with it came great speed and it climbed up the tree and carried down Damian's large bag in an instant.

The way it climbed was incredible to watch and it didn't even need to find any holes or branches to hold onto.

Damian's mouth was wide open in shock, but was also impressed and curious to find out more about the weird beast and also had something else that he wanted to find out about....

With the multiple questions that he had, Damian could only turn to the spirit in his mind that although being formed for only a few months, had gathered an abundant amount of knowledge and information and also seemed to have knowledge and information integrated into it.

{Before you ask your questions, you should recover and watch this beast closely. Even I don't understand or know what this beast is, but I can tell you that it is special and that could be good or bad for you}  stated Utsusu. 

{As for what you felt when you were about to be hit by that spike from the ground, that was just you subconsciously using a small amount of the true power of the copy book and your capabilities. That feeling that you felt has left a small effect on your body that will let you permanently copy more Soul Spirits and you may even be able to begin temporarily copying Soul Spirits consistently, but it will need more control and time. For now, you should focus on recovering, hunting and improving in general, but after leaving the Beast Woods, it would be best to test out what you are capable of and become the true Copy Mage} continued the voice within Damian's mind. 

Damian was happy, excited and curious after what Utsusu said, but knew that it was right and spat out the blood that he had in his mouth into one of the containers that he had in his bag.

It was a disgusting thing to do and the Monkey Beast was confused by his actions, but to Damian, the small amount of Clay's blood that he had was more valuable than the Moose's Beast Core.

He didn't give his name to Clay, but believed that the prideful and confident Clay would have no reason to hide or give Damian a fake name, while Damian also knew that getting blood from him a second time would be very difficult.

Thinking about Clay, his friends, Darren and even Trevor, Damian was reminded that although he was progressing rapidly and had great power, so were many other youths in the New Era.

Damian was unsure what the cause was, but it was clear to him that there were too many prodigies that were similar in age and had his suspicions, but he was not planning on letting anyone surpass him.

[I have the copy book, Utsusu, Changeable Energy along with the Shadow Kin's Movement Skill inheritance and the Golden Flame Inheritance. I have so many opportunities and nothing holding me back and I will make sure that the next time I come across another one of these young prodigies, I am more powerful than them] said Damian to himself determinedly.

With his drive and desire to increase his power and knowledge reinvigorated, Damian using his bow staggered over to the body of the Moose Beast.

The Monkey Beast followed closely behind Damian and began jumping up and down excitedly as it saw Damian take out a knife and begin preparing the body of the Moose Beast to be eaten.