My Vampire System

Chapter 646: Shadow's weakness

Branches from the nest had fallen off the mountainside, some had gone halfway up the mountain, and others were destroyed. The place no longer looked like its former self. No one would believe that only ten minutes had passed.

The spikes on Borden's back started to retract into himself, and he was now gasping for air harder than ever. He fell to the floor with both hands onto the ground, and it would take a while before he was his former self.

Quinn, on the other hand, looked to be fine. He wasn't injured in any particular areas, however, he did have a disappointed look on his face.

"I lost," He said.

If one was to look at both of them now, it was hard to tell what Quinn exactly meant by lost. He wasn't injured or hurt, so why claim the fight as his loss?

The first reason was quite simple, Quinn was unable to beat Borden within ten minutes. This was as long as Borden could hold his true powers for, so even though Quinn could beat him now, it wasn't a victory in his mind, and he was guessing Borden wouldn't accept it as one either.

There were a few things he had learnt fighting with Borden. One of them was how skilful Borden actually was in combat. He was clever when fighting, using many feints, being careful when coming in, watching the way Quinn's shadow worked and adapting to it on the go.

Because of the ten-minute time limit, he thought maybe Borden wouldn't bother to do these things, but he was wrong. His fighting style would remind him of watching Vorden fight, which would make sense since the two of them were clones.

But that wasn't the only reason, during his time on the island. Borden had learnt a lot from fighting the different king tier beasts here. If one was to rush in then that would be the death of them, and that very same feeling was one that he got off Quinn.

That if he was to slip up or make a mistake, Quinn would make him pay for it.

"You are a lot stronger than I thought you would be." Borden finally said, now he wasn't breathing as hard, but his energy was still low, and he wouldn't be fighting anytime soon.

"I don't know how you got to be so strong so fast, in terms of strength speed there all better than mine."

"And I still couldn't beat you," Quinn replied.

There was another major flaw for Quinn when fighting, it was how he used the shadow. When he first discovered the ability and had little skills, due to the shadows' unique properties, he thought it was best to use it as a shield. Something that could block nearly any type of attack as long the shadow was able to touch it.

This worked well when fighting students, and low level beasts, because each time it would block an attack little MC points would be used. The problem was Quinn was facing stronger opponents and beasts day by day.

The stronger his opponent's attack power was, the more MC points would be taken up blocking the attack, and this certainly was the case in his fight with Borden just now. There were two things he could do to solve this problem, stop using the shadow as a defence measure. Although he felt like this would be hard to do, on instinct sometimes Quinn would use the shadow to block an attack.

And who knows if that said attack would have been fatal.

The other way to solve the problem was to increase his MC points. With each level, he would obtain 20 more MC points. Being a level 7 that would only be forty MC points more , but he needed more than that.

Thinking about it, an image of Arthur popped into his head of how large the shadow wings on his back. Another way to increase his MC points was by using shadow eaters on vampires.

Someone like Arthur, must have a large amount of MC points to control the shadow Quinn thought. Which also meant he must have used a shadow eater on a number of vampires.

"Im conflicted." Borden said now sitting down on the ground resting. "I first suggested you beat me as a way for you to improve, but you are far stronger than I thought Quinn. However, I still feel like I myself have room to grow, but we might be able to save Vorden the way we are just the two of us, but I'm not sure."

"Did you have any plans if I was to badly lose against you?" Quinn asked. ...

"I wanted you to train by fighting the beasts here. There are many in here that will teach you the ways of survival."

"Then let's do that, I agree with you. I too don't think I'm strong enough and technically I didn't beat you. Let's not start breaking promises and do everything we can to save them."

After resting long enough, it was time for them to do some training. Borden would try to find king tier beasts that were on their own, and Quinn would have to face them without his help.

Quinn was fairing very well but had limited himself when fighting. One way, he tried to use the shadow as a shield as little as possible. Utilising his other skills a lot more frequently. At the same time, he tried not to use too many blood skills unless necessary as well.

His blood bank was full, and he had the flask that could store another additional hundred millilitres but not knowing when he would see the others he decided to use it as little as possible.

Eventually, he would defeat king tier beasts on his own; it was something he should have been able to do at this point. When Quinn was done, it was Bordne's turns, and Quinn learnt a lot just from observing him.

How Borden tested to see if the king tier had an elemental ability. If it did how he would try to use that to his advantage in the fight, and finally, his raw strength. How he utilised it well against different sizes and shapes of beasts.

Nightfall had come for the day, and the two of them proceeded back to Borden's hideout and placed the king tier crystals with the pile.

"Hey, do you mind if I look after these?" Quinn asked.

"Sure, I have no use for them anyway, I was planning to give them to you to turn into equipment, but just make sure I get something out of that as well," Borden replied.

"Of course." Placing all the crystals inside of Quinn's system he was ready for a mighty haul of weapons and armour that would improve his main force,

After a night's rest they proceeded to do the same thing again, and now after learning a few things from watching Borden, Quinn was finding it easier to kill king tiers than before. He still couldn't believe that these creatures were at the same level as the one underground that had caused them all so much trouble.

'Are these king tiers just weak on the island?" Quinn thought.

It wasn't that all. The king tiers were the same strength as those on the island. Everything was due to how much Quinn had improved without him realising it.

After defeating their first king tier each for the day, Borden looked like he was ready to say something.

"You're a quick learner Quinn. I guess it's time we move up. There was an emperor tier beast I discovered inside one of the mountains. Maybe mouton isn't the right word to use, it felt more like a dormant volcano.

"I was a little worried that with my time limits, that if I didn't defeat the beast in time and hurt it, I would end up dead. With the king tiers, I was still confident in getting away but not with this one, but now I have you."

Quinn nodded and was up for the challenge. Another emperor tier beast before the main course was much needed from him.

They went off in each for the emperor's tier beast, a place quite close to the large tablet.


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