Ascension of the Immortal Asura

Chapter 296: Distant Booms

"What's going on?" a sect member asked in surprise as they saw the mountain in the distance crumble.

"I don't know...wait. Is that the Vice-Sect Leader?"

"Is she fighting someone?"

The loud commotion drew the eyes of all those nearby, as they watched the events unfold before them.

The Supreme Battle Sect Elder stared up in surprise at the Vice-Sect Leader who floated above him in the sky. 

The man was extremely shocked by this. He was hundreds of years old, and was at the peak of the Heaven Tribulation Realm. However, this woman before him, who was ten times younger than him, was at a higher realm of cultivation than his own.

Such talent was enough to make her a distinguished name even in the Divine Martial Continent.

"Who cares about such things," she replied. "You intended on kidnapping my disciple, and so I must make an example of you."

The man frowned as he heard this, but didn't back away. As an Elder of the Supreme Battle Sect, he was incredibly battle hardened. Even in the face of death, he wouldn't retreat.

"Come on then," he yelled as his aura suddenly exploded outwards, reaching the clouds high above. Despite his cultivation being lower than the Vice-Sect Leader's, he still charged forward unflinchingly.

The man kicked off the ground, causing the earth to shatter beneath his feet as he appeared in the sky next to her in an instant. The Supreme Battle Art exploded off his body, elevating his power to an incredible level.

John's eyes locked onto the man as he watched him from a distance. The Supreme Battle Art he was using was far beyond John's in profundity and power, making him desire the higher levels of the art even more.

While his strongest battle state was when he used the Immortal Asura Transformation Art, that was a physical transformation of his body. The Supreme Battle Art was a battle art, and so the two arts could be combined at the same time without any issues.

The stronger his body battle art, the stronger his peak fighting state would be.

The man's fist exploded towards the Vice-Sect Leader, his might overwhelming. The air rippled and boomed as his fist traveled forward, and the power behind it seemed as if it could raze entire mountain ranges in a single blow.


An incredibly loud back echoed out throughout the entire sect as the man's fist exploded against a wall of lightning. 

The lightning wall had been constructed by the Vice-Sect Leader at the last moment, and had completely blocked the man's attack. The nearby clouds were all washed away from the force of the attack.

"A battle here will cause too much damage," the Vice-Sect Leader suddenly stated as she stared at the man. "Let's move locations."

The man was about to reply, when he suddenly found himself trapped in a cage of lightning that the Vice-Sect Leader had created. Their bodies suddenly vanished from sight.

"Where did they go? Will she be alright alone" Leah couldn't help but ask in surprise. Everything had happened too quickly.

"She'll be fine," John replied casually as he took a sip of tea that he had ordered for lunch. He leaned back in his chair and relaxed, happy for once that the focus of the Vice-Sect Leader was not him.

"Are you sur-'' Leah's voice was cut off by a loud boom that echoed out from the distance. While she knew the Vice-Sect Leader should be stronger, she couldn't help but worry regardless, as the Supreme Battle Sect Elder's power was overwhelming as well.





A long series of booms continued to sound out over the Heavenly Lightning Sect, although no one could see the source of the explosions.

'They must be pretty far away for us to not see anything. I wonder how long this will take.'

John continued to sit there lazily, as he bit into the food he had ordered before it got cold. The other three around him noticed his relaxed attitude, and eventually relaxed themselves. They returned to their previous discussions, while continuous booms continued to sound out over the sect.

A bit later…


The sound of parting air was heard as John raised his head. He looked towards the source of the sound, and noticed a falling body dropping towards them.


The body fell on the ground and remained motionless, as the eyes of Leah, Elliot, and Adam all opened wide in extreme shock. Only John remained relatively calm, as he raised his eyebrows at the sight before him.

The Supreme Battle Sect Elder, who had stood above them and claimed that no one in the Heavenly Lightning Sect dared oppose him, now laid there unconscious before John. John inspected the man before him, and shook his head in knowing pity.

'His neck is bright red, with many deep finger marks on it. Poor bastard. He got the same treatment as me.'

The man had clearly been slammed into the earth by the neck repeatedly, a favorite move of the Vice-Sect Leader, and one that he had come to know quite well. His body was bloodied all over as well, revealing the severity of the beating.

The Vice-Sect Leader suddenly landed next to John. She showed no signs of taking any damage, revealing the fight to be a one sided affair.

The man, who was unconscious before, suddenly regained his consciousness and quickly stood up. John once again raised his eyebrows, slightly surprised at the durability of the man. Despite being beaten so severely by the Vice-Sect Leader, he had regained consciousness so quickly, and still seemed to have energy left to fight.

'The bodies of body cultivators sure are impressive.'

He looked at the Vice-Sect Leader, his once proud expression slightly wary. Even though he had taken such a beating however, he still didn't back away or flee in fear.

"Not bad. At least your Supreme Battle Sect is good at one thing," the Vice-Sect Leader stated out loud, showing her respect for his unflinching attitude, even in the face of sure defeat. Such a thing was something she could agree with.

"John has some business to finish up first that will take some time. After that, he may or may not visit your sect to answer some questions. It all depends on my mood at the time." the Vice-Sect Leader spoke up. 

The man was about to speak up, but was cut off.

"Now leave, before I change my mind about letting you leave."


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