My Vampire System

Chapter 417: Mystery Vampire

The others had to take a second look at what they were just seeing in front of them, they even rubbed their eyes a few of them, but still, the sight in front of them was the same. In a way, the others saw Siyrus as a terror. Not quite a bully, but because of his status, he was able to chuck his weight around without getting in trouble. He received privileges that the others didn't receive, even though they were all direct descendants themselves.

And right now, a vampire they had never seen or heard of before, had made him obey him with a single word. It wasn't the fact that this was impossible to do, but the fact that another normal vampire was the one that had done it. In their minds, every vampire here was at the top level, the best of the best and on the brink of breaking through and evolving to the next stage. As for Siyrus, he was closer than any of them right now.

In a way, the scene they were watching in front of them should not be happening in any normal circ.u.mstance.

Sitting down on his knees, Siyrus's face was in a constant struggle, as if it was battling against something inside him.

'What is this, why can't I move?' Siryus thought to himself as he tried lifting his legs off the ground, then when looking up, all he could see was the red rings around Quinn's eyes.

'Is it because of this nobody, is he using his influence skill?'

Watching on the side lines, the students started to think about one thing, who was this mysterious vampire? Yes, they all didn't mingle or talk with each other due to being from separate families, but if there was some seriously this strong, surely they should have heard of him. Word still got around after all.

"Do you know his name?" One asked.

"No, but I did see him hanging around with Rokene earlier. Maybe they are from the same family?"

"Yeah right, the fourth, Dream on, but you are right, just what family is he from?"

Too filled with emotions of what he was doing right now, Quinn wasn't paying attention to the words that were being said behind him. What he did not want to do was to stand out, and that was the very thing he was doing now. Still, he wasn't entirely sure if his influence skill would work, but after Silver had done it to him, it was something he wanted to try out.

"Now explain." Quinn said with his eyes still glowing red. "Did you kill Rokene's Familier?"

Once again, no amount of fighting back was helping Siryus. He couldn't even resist, this had gone way beyond what any normal vampire could do.

"Yes, when we saw the black rabbit after noticing it belonged to Rokene, we decided to follow it and then we saw the crystal it was holding. The others trapped it while I killed it." Siryus answered.

"Now, tell me why you did it." Quinn asked while looking at Rokene behind him. By this point, Quinn had a good idea why people chose to do certain things and he wanted Rokene to hear it, to gain confidence in himself.

"Because I was jealous." Siyrus replied.

Hearing the first words, Rokene couldn't believe it. Why would Siryus need to be jealous of him? He was the best descendant, well known by everyone, while everyone else treated him like crap.

"I saw the way Instructor Clark praised him, how easy he was able to control and talk to his familiar. I didn't understand how he could easily do something that I couldn't."

With the answer to everything said and done and the proof they needed, Quinn cancelled his influence skill and turned to look at Rokene with a smile on his face. ...

'Did he do that for me… but why, we barely even know each other.' As he thought about these things, a lump was felt forming in his throat and he felt like his heart was truly touched. A tear started to roll off from his cheek and onto the floor. Now Rokene was hating himself for his previous thoughts. There were many times when he wanted someone to just help him, but they never, ever came.

Then the person he spoke bad about behind his back, the one he thought was just like the others, had helped him out, even though they didn't know each other that well. This was what had hurt him the most, the fact that he had judged Buinn so early on without knowing him.

Now that Siyrus had complete control over his body, he was filled with rage and Quinn's back was turned. There was a simple way for one to block the influence skill in the first place, and that was to not look directly in their eyes.

"You little twerp!" Siyrus shouted as he jumped off his two feet and propelled himself off of the ground. He had used so much force that the mud and grass beneath his feet had been kicked up.

To everyone else, the speed they saw him leap from the ground was something that some of them could only dream of, but for Quinn, he could hear sense and tell every movement as soon as he started.

'Should I dodge the attack, or maybe just let him hit me?' While thinking about what to do to not make him stand out so much he could sense something else happening and realised, there was no need for him to do anything.

Siryus fist had been stopped, and instructor Clark held it in his hand. "While I am here, there will be no fighting between my students unless I say so. All of you go back to your tents and get some sleep. As for you two, come with me and explain what happened."

"But sir, it wasn't Buinn's fault, it was all because of Siryrus!" Rokene tried to explain.

'So the student's name is Buinn huh.' Clark thought as he took the students away and ordered the rest to go sleep.

When they arrived, he had both of them tell their sides of the story, letting Siyrus go first, but Siryus had mentioned nothing about Quinn using the influence skill on him due to embarrassment, but said that they had accused him of some wrong doings he was a part of.

When Quinn told his side, he also chose to not mention the influence skill being used, and just explained how he was helping Rokene get to the truth. In the end, Clark felt like he had heard enough. It seemed like the only person that was hurt by this was Rokene. He took the crystal from Siyrus and kept it for himself while telling the two of them to return to their rooms, reminding them to not get in any more trouble.

As soon as the two of them had left the room, Clark looked at the name list once more, looking for the student known as Buinn and it turned out that he was the one student that wasn't on the list. He lied back in his chair and started to think about what to do for a while.

In truth, something like this would have usually been reported. Although only decedents and family leaders were allowed familiars, it wasn't such a big deal if another vampire had one. There were times when out that a familiar would become attached to a certain vampire, and they couldn't exactly say it was their fault.

But there was a chance that because Buinn wasn't on the list that he also wasn���t a direct descendent. If this was the case, then most likely he would be kicked off the current course. This was why Clark was having so much trouble trying to decide what to do. He loved nearly everything about familiars, which was why he had designed his course around them. For him, he had never seen a Boneclaw before and had only heard of it.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him to find out what one looked like and he wanted to see Buinn grow. Why did the Boneclaw choose him, interested him greatly, so for now, he would allow him to stay.


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