The Copy Mage

Chapter 164: Fending Off The Beasts Part 2

Even though Damian was clearly stronger than the beasts, they seemed desperate to take him down and that was the only reason that they even grouped up in the first place.

[Damn it, why won't these beasts just scram. I don't even have anything with me to give them and it would be much better for them to fight each other. It seems as though they really are desperate to kill me and think that if they team up against me and consume my flesh, they can become stronger] thought Damian to himself.

It was probably because of the scent of strong energy that was being emitted from Damian's body after he tempered it with a valuable medicinal mixture, and only beasts seemed to be able to sense it.

Retracting the Fire Sword that he formed using his energy, Damian needed to reserve as much energy as he could when facing so many beasts, so decided to fight using only his fists and without using only skills.

Even if he retreated or attempted to escape, which wouldn't be easy with all the beasts surrounding him, Damian would still need to use a lot of energy and would be weakened in a dangerous beast area.

No matter how Damian went about it, he wasn't going to leave unscathed and at full strength, but he still wasn't planning to give up and let out a battle cry as he slammed his fist into the side of a large cat beast.

"All of your beast cores will be mine and I wouldn't have killed you all if you didn't come for me" declared Damian as he was slashed on his left shoulder by the claws of another rabbit beast.

The wound was very deep with Damian's newly reinforced and powerful body and it also amazingly began to quickly heal with the strong vitality and rapid recovery speed that his body gained after cultivating the Golden Flame Body Tempering Method.

Damian fought for almost 20 minutes, and only after he had crushed over 50 rank 2 and 3 beasts, did the rest of the beast rush away from him and try to take any of the beast bodies that they could.

It was a tough battle and although Damian was trying to look strong, he was out of breath, quite fatigued and had exhausted quite a lot of External Energy.

However, he had made sure to reserve and save most of his Internal Energy, knowing that he was in a dangerous environment where he always needed to be ready.

Despite being in quite a lot of pain, Damian enjoyed the battle that he had just had, since it had allowed him to unleash his full power and test out how capable his body was.

Damian found that not only was his body strengthened by the tempering method that he used, but it also enhanced it in every single way including his vitality and stamina, which was very useful in such a long battle against multiple opponents....

Without waiting for any more beasts to come, Damian began collecting all the beast cores from all the beasts that were rank 2 and 3, and left the rank 1 beast cores that weren't of much use to him and didn't have much energy within them.

Using the carving knife that he had, Damian began gathering all the beast cores and he was already drenched in blood that was his own and that of the beasts he had already killed, but even more blood was splattering as he cut up the bodies of the beasts and collected their beast cores.

Damian had no need for all of the beasts' bodies and knew that they wouldn't go to waste as he knew that as soon as he left the area, beasts or people in the nearby area would come to collect and consume them.

It took him quite a while to collect all the beast cores that he had use for and Damian placed them all into his large bag and was surprised that he still had much more space, but at the rate he was gathering beast cores, it would be full by the end of the day.

[I need to avoid fighting beasts until I have completed my missions and gathered the beast cores of the 6 beasts that I need to hunt, then after that, I can continue hunting beasts and gather their beast cores for myself] said Damian to himself.

He wasn't planning to use them for his cultivation as although they were quite dense with energy, the energy was quite harmful for the human body and it wasn't good for him to rely on beast cores.

They also had impurities that needed to be expelled afterwards and the energy in the beast woods was already quite dense, so Damian felt that he didn't need them and would absorb the energy within the beast cores if he was desperate or reached a bottleneck.

With his bag filled with beast cores, Damian was ready to find a safe place to rest and recover after all the wounds that his body had suffered and the External Energy that he had exhausted, but as he did, he suddenly sensed a group of people approaching him.

There was no need for Damian to run and even if he did run, he was already quite tired and he was carrying quite a big bag, so he would rather see what they wanted as they were clearly heading straight towards him.

The group was made up of quite a few cultivators and Damian couldn't gauge their exact strength from their aura, but they were clearly older than him and he had completely retracted his aura.

Seeing all the beast bodies in the area around Damian and seeing him drenched in blood, it seemed like it was Damian that had taken them all out, but then seeing his size, the group of cultivators removed that thought from their mind.

They quickly noticed that the beast cores had already been salvaged from most of the bodies, which was the most valuable part of the beast body and they instantly all targetted Damian and the bag he was carrying.