The Copy Mage

Chapter 157: Testing the Power Of His Golden Flame Tempered Body Part 1

It took him a while to get rid of most of it and the smell was still lingering around his room, but Damian had gotten used to it and was more excited to test out his current power.

Despite the increase in his power and the large amounts of energy that he could feel circulating and stored within his body, Damian still felt extreme fatigue.

He hadn't slept in three days and the whole time he had been in extreme pain and cultivating a new and difficult Body Tempering Method, which was very mentally and physically draining despite the increase in his power.

Looking down at his body, Damian's entire skin was burnt to a crisp and had even been stained by the blood that was leaking out of his body while he was cultivating, but was burnt by the heat of the medicinal bath.

However, despite how bad his skin looked, Damian didn't feel any pain from it, which was surprising and weird.

He didn't really care what others thought about him, but he didn't want to look like a zombie with his burnt skin, so was hoping that it would quickly recover.

{Peal it off. You were too focused on cultivating and tempering your body to realise, but your skin has been burnt and regrown multiple times with the medicinal energy during the process. What is around your body now is just dried up blood and many layers of skin that had been burnt, but under it you should find a fresh and unharmed layer of skin} stated Utsusu within his mind.

Damian let out a sigh of relief and was too scared to peal the brunt skin around his body as he was worried that it would make it worse. However after Utsusu had told him to do so, Damian had no worries as he grabbed a piece of the burnt skin on his arms and gently peeled it off.

To his surprise, he felt no pain in the slightest and under the burnt layer of skin was a perfect and unharmed layer of skin. It was slightly lighter than his previous skin tone that had a slight tan from being in the sun, but that was to be expected since it was a new layer of skin.

Damian got into the bath that he had cleaned and began to peel his skin and wash himself, which he enjoyed very much, since it was a very satisfying process.

After clearing himself up and putting on some clothes, the fatigue and hunger of cultivating without sleep or food for 3 days began to hit him as he almost collapsed.

He was feeling lightheaded and his stomach was rumbling, begging for food, but Damian was too tired and decided to sleep first.

Crawling into his bed, Damian fell into a deep sleep within seconds and slept for almost an entire 24 hours and in that time, his body that had experienced a rapid increase in power began to stabilise.

After breaking through it was important to take some time to consolidate and stabilise one's cultivation and it was recommended not to fight all out after a breakthrough.

Damian, Milo and other talented and unique individuals didn't have to worry too much about stabilising their cultivation at the low levels that they were at, but as they reached higher cultivation ranks, they would have to be more careful with it.

Waking up, Damian felt energised and as though he was in a completely different body, but the joy of feeling powerful soon disappeared after the hunger returned....

However, before leaving to get some food, Damian wanted to try something out.

His Golden Flame was at the same level as his Internal Cultivation and his Golden Flame Tempered Body was at the same level as his External Cultivation.

In the Golden Flame Tempering Method it stated that once on had a Mortal Rank 3 Golden Flame Tempered Body, they should be able to handle most ordinary heats without being burnt and would be much more resistant to attacks using the Fire Element.

Wanting to test how accurate that was, Damian heated up some water until it was boiling, using a red flame with golden highlights that he had produced within his hand, and wanted to see whether his skin would be burnt by it.

Although External Cultivators would have much more durable bodies, it didn't mean they were invincible and the skin of humans was still very vulnerable for most.

If one didn't have a Soul Spirit like Cole's Hardening, their skin would be easily cut through and it would be their muscles and bones that were more durable and would be able to handle the attack, as it was very hard to strengthen one's skin.

However when Damian placed his hand in the boiling water, he could feel the heat from the water, but it weirdly felt warm rather than burning hot and didn't harm his skin in the slightest.

Seeing that, Damian smiled and was excited to face off against someone else that used the Fire Element, wanting to see just how resistant his body was to fire attacks, as his own flames wouldn't harm his body.

Damian drank a few litres of water after feeling very thirsty from the hot environment he had been in and not drinking for three days, then after placing his bow over his shoulder, left his room.

There didn't seem to be anyone else in his residence, which was to be expected since they were probably all training, but just as he left he ran into Matilda.

"Wow Damian, what have you done to your skin?" she exclaimed as she went to touch his face.

He was surprised to find that she was quite fast and could sense that she had been cultivating Externally and despite his body and reflexes being fast enough to avoid it, Damian allowed her to touch his face.

He had also been amazed by how smooth his skin was and it also had a slight glow about it, that matched with his yellow eyes and white hair, made him even more eye-catching.

However depiste that, he didn't know how to answer Matilda's question.