The Copy Mage

Chapter 156: Tempering His Body Part 2

A few minutes passed, but to Damian, they felt like hours and it was extremely painful. The skin around his entire body had become red and was peeling after being burnt by the boiling water, but his face was calm and completed focused on the Golden Flame Body Tempering Method that he was reading within his mind.

Following the steps, there was a series of breathing techniques and muscle movements that he needed to do while also staying conscious and dealing with the pain.

The tempering process and the amount of the medical properties that Damian could absorb depended on how calm and focused he was along with how much his body could handle.

After cultivating internally to rank 4, Damian's body could handle quite a lot of energy, especially after all the battles he had fought, so he should be able to absorb most, if not all, of the medicinal properties. 

However, the patience, willpower, determination and focus that it would require was incredible and even peak Mortal External Cultivators wouldn't use the entire medicinal mixture at once.

Even the Maxwell Family Great Elder who was the strongest cultivator of Fire Elemental Energy currently would struggle to handle it all at once and wouldn't risk doing so as not only could he waste the medicinal mixture, but he could also damage and harm his body.

The Fire Energy was being sucked in by his skin, which would burn his frail skin that couldn't handle the heat, then would seep into his muscles, bones, tendons and his entire physical body, enhancing it and becoming External Energy.

Time became a blur and all Damian could think of was becoming stronger, protecting those he cared about and no longer allowing others to look down on him, which allowed him to surpass his limits and continue tempering his body.

A faint golden glow began to appear around Damian's body and even the medicinal bath that he was sitting in had become to turn golden instead of red as he continued using the Golden Flame Body Tempering Method.

Utsusu, who was within Damian's mind, was once again amazed by his willpower and determination and although had encouraged Damian to use it all at once and attempt to go the full three days of cultivating, had never expected him to be able to do it.

It was absurd to think that someone as young and small as Damian was capable to handle such heat, pain and struggle for such a long period of time, but his sacrifice wasn't without rewards.

Despite the pain he was feeling, there was also a power that he was feeling around his body as he even felt that his Golden Flame Internal Energy was beginning to harmonise with his Golden Flame External Energy that he was producing through tempering his body.

Although it was still nowhere near complete harmony that would allow him to break through the Mortal Cultivation Level, it was assisting his progress and also increasing the amount of the medicinal properties that he could absorb into his body.

3 Days Later

Damian opened his eyes after tempering his body for 3 entire days and his body felt as though he had been reborn.

Jumping out of the bath, the disgusting water that he had been cultivating in for 3 days splashed out and Damian who didn't know the power of his own body hit the ceiling of his bathroom with his head....

"Wow" exclaimed Damian, amazed by the amazing power of his body as he landed on the ground and held his nose.

All the medicinal properties within the medicinal mixture that Damian had poured into the bathwater had been absorbed into his body which was an incredible feat that even masters wouldn't be capable of.

It not only required the individual to have enough talent to be able to do so, but it also required one to be completely focused for an entire day, while the Golden Flame Body Tempering Method also played a part in his success and was an incredible method.

After all the medicinal properties were absorbed into Damian's body, all that was left was the medicinal impurities and his own body's impurities that had been excreted from his body after he had broken through Cultivation Ranks Externally.

There was a thick and disgusting stench and feeling the power of his physical body and External Cultivation could only be because he had broken through multiple times, which would have caused him to release even more stinky impurities.

{What an amazing method and host. He was able to absorb all the medicinal properties, which is almost impossible to do, and had managed to do so while forcing out all the medicinal impurities and breaking through multiple times} said Utsusu to himself.

{Well done Damian, you have done well and shocked me} praised Utsusu.

Damian smiled and it was rare that Utsusu would praise him as he poured the disgusting sludge that was left down the drain.

[Utsusu, what is my current External Cultivation Level?] asked Damian within his mind.

He hadn't cultivated much externally before then and wasn't sure exactly how to equate it to his Internal Cultivation, so opted to ask Utsusu who seemed to know almost everything.

{Well, since your body has a very high affinity with energy and also has the potential and ability to absorb and handle a lot of energy, you were able to absorb all the medicinal properties. That made it so that the host's External Cultivation has jumped to LVL 32, meaning you are already a rank 3 External Cultivator. With that and your rank 4 Internal Cultivation, you should be able to fight against rank 5 Cultivators} answered Utsusu.

Hearing that, Damian was happy with his progress, but was by no means satisfied or complacent because of it.

He knew how capable he was and wasn't planning on stopping there.

{Hurry up and clean up this place you dirty mongrel. Although I am only a Soul Spirit, it is still bothering me} scolded Utsusu as Damian began to laugh.