The Copy Mage

Chapter 152: Body Tempering Resources Part 3

"Calm down, I will tell you what it is," said Sarah as she chuckled at Damian and Milo who had suddenly jumped up.

Sarah smiled at Milo and Damian's excited expressions and began to explain to them what they were and how to use them.

"These medicinal mixtures are very valuable and worth more than all three of the pills. There is enough for a few uses and to use it, pour it into warm water in a bathtub. Then you need to soak in it for a few hours and deal with the pain while it tempers your body and seeps energy into your muscles, skin and bones"

"Wow, that sounds incredible"

"We can definitely handle the pain and have endured much worse" 

They were both overjoyed by what they received from Sarah and although they didn't know its exact value, they were sure that it was very expensive and even if it wasn't, they were still happy with it and appreciated it.

"Make sure not to open it only when you want to use it and also be careful, people might try to steal it so put it in one of those bags" warned Sarah as she pointed to the corner of her residence where there were a bunch of small bags.

"Yes we will be careful" the two youths affirmed as both their eyes flashed with battle intent.

Sarah was shocked and slightly intimidated by their battle intent as she thought to herself, 'What kind of training and battles have these two kids been through. They are so young, yet are alone most of the time in this cruel world and are both developing so quickly.

"Damian, your medicinal mixture is of the fire element like your pills, while yours is a neutral and attributeless. Both have similar results and are of similar quality, but from what I have heard and studied, yours will be more dangerous" said Sarah as she turned to Damian.

"Heh, a little bit of pain won't scare me" scoffed Damian as he thought about the pain he went through on the mountain for him to get the Golden Flame Inheritance and all the other times he had endured excruciating pain.

Even after all the fruit that they ate, Damian and Milo still had space to eat and were still quite hungry, which was unusual even for cultivators.

However, considering how much they trained and how quickly their bodies were improving and developing, it was understandable why they could and did eat so much despite their small size.

She quickly cooked up some beast meat and lightly seasoned it, as the beast meat they were eating was that of a bull beast that tasted delicious even without seasoning.

What amazed Damian and Milo was the way that she cooked them and she used a flame that she produced within her palm and cooked the meat perfectly within a few minutes.

Damian who had a Pyro Soul Spirit knew how difficult it was to control a flame's shape let alone the temperature and it showed him something that he had worked on.

The more energy he provided to an attack using the Maxwell Fire Soul Spirit, the higher the explosive power, but Damian wanted to learn how to also increase its temperature, which would increase his attacks' power....

"I would expect nothing less from my mother who is an alchemist" praised Damian as he began wolfing down the delicious beast meat with his friend.

Sarah smiled and enjoyed their company that she hadn't had for quite a long time as she continued cooking them more meat.

After Milo and Damian had eaten their fill, which was a surprisingly large amount of food, she cooked some for herself and ate her fill.

Damian and Milo lay beside each other with their stomach's bulging, filled with food, while Sarah did the same on her own sofa.

After cultivating for a short while, they no longer felt full and most of the food was absorbed into their bodies to provide them lots of External Energy and some Internal Energy, which was only the case because it was beast meat.

It was clear to all of them that they were all busy, especially Sarah who not only had to train, but also wanted to go through all the knowledge that Damian had transferred to her.

"Mother we will take our leave and the next time we come back, we will be Inner Academy Students" declared Damian.

It was incredible that after only 5 months, the frail son that she had raised had managed to become a powerful and knowledgable cultivator that was on track to becoming an Inner Academy Student in a single month.

"Well then, good luck," said his mother as she bid both of them farewell and led them out.

"Make sure to look after what I gave you, they are very valuable and expensive, so there might be some people that try to steal it" warned Sarah as they left.

Damian and Milo looked at each other with battle intent in their eyes as they began looking around and being careful as they left the Pill Association with a jade bottle and a jade box.

The Pill House Association Master, sensing that Damian and Milo had left was shocked to see that they had such things and instantly became angry.

"I do not give her resources for her to give out to people. They are very rare and expensive and probably gave them something good that I had given her to practise with or increase her own power" mumbled the old man to himself furiously.

However, he wasn't planning on showing his anger to Sarah as she was his last hope of breaking through the Mortal Cultivation Level and extending his lifespan before he died of old age.

"2 kids with valuable resources, it wouldn't be unusual if they were robbed on their way back. Let's see how you deal with two of my subordinates" said the old man to himself as he began to laugh evilly.