The Copy Mage

Chapter 130: Change Part 2

From the guard leader's answers, Elizabeth had a much better understanding of the current state of the Gobe Country that she was currently in.

The Originator Families all had stations within the royal district and there were many from their families that would live there, but most of them preferred to stay within their territory to oversee it and protect it from anybody that might try to take it over.

Because of that, the royal district became a large part of the country that only had nobles that were either descendants of the originator families, the royal family or of families that were made noble by the royal family.

If one contributes enough to the royal family, they could be made a noble by the royal family and all of their descendants would also be nobles and granted access into the royal district

The royal district was a safe haven for nobles and royals where they didn't have to worry about danger, and although there was some conflict and competition, they were all wealthy, powerful and of high status when compared to the rest of the country.

It was in the centre of the country and the central city of the Gobe Country was mostly made up of the royal district that was surrounded by walls. Despite the population being many times lower than any of the other cities, in terms of size, it was similar to them and also held most of the wealth of the country.

Those from noble and or originator families were welcome to stay at the royal district and would send their youths to royal academies in the city that they some had influence over.

If a youth had an E grade talent, they would be sent to the enormous Central Royal Academy that was in the Royal District and was larger than any other cultivation academy in the country.

While if their talent was an F grade talent, they would be sent to one of the other branches of the Royal Academy, that were lower than the Central Royal Academy that was the main branch.

However, as they were all of noble or royal descent they were all treated relatively well and didn't need to worry about power.

They were provided all the resources they needed through the wealth that their families contributed to the academy's existence, and if they had talent in other areas or were still able to make impressive progress, despite their lower talent, they would be allowed into the Central Royal Academy.

Even within the nobles, there was a hierarchy based on talent, influence, wealth and power of each other's families, but in the same way that most in Akegria Academy agreed that the nobles needed to be taken down, the nobles agreed that those of lower status needed to be taken down.

Elizabeth didn't really care about the people of the country or what happened to the country,  and as long as she wasn't the direct cause of the trouble or affected by it, it wasn't her problem to solve.

That was Elizabeth's viewpoint on life that had been formed after everything that she had experienced.

To those that helped her and genuinely cared for her, which were very few, she was very compassionate towards them. Although she found it hard to express her emotions and show physical affection, she held them close to her heart, just like that masked boy that had bright yellow eyes and white hair.

As long as she was living without causing others trouble, she was satisfied, and all she had ever wanted was to make her parents proud....

Sat in that carriage with Bernard and the guard leader, Elizabeth was reviewing her life and comparing her country to the Gobe Country. There were many differences, but one thing that was always the same was that there was always conflict and not everybody was born the same or with the same opportunities.

Elizabeth had been through a lot in her life and it seemed as though she had finally realised how wrong her viewpoint of life was.

She had always wanted to be good and help others despite the way she was treated, but she had now realised that she had to accept everything that was happening in her life and what was happening to others.

Pain and suffering was part of life and as long as those that she cared about, including herself, didn't experience it, she was fine with what happened. If she could and wanted to help, she might do so, but that wasn't her obligation.

Life is unfair.

In a world that is mostly based around the law of survival of the fittest, some were born with extraordinary talent and some weren't. Some were born good looking and others weren't. Some were born wealthy and others weren't. 

However all one could do, was work with what they were given and try to survive in the cruel world. Humans are greedy and selfish and as long as there are people, there will be conflict. 

If that was the case, all Elizabeth could do was be strong, work with what she had and continue onwards with her life without regrets.

That enlightenment that Elizabeth was experiencing was what she needed, and although there were few exceptions to that viewpoint on life, she needed to reevaluate her priorities.

Damian was also becoming more and more aware of the world that was hidden to him when he was stuck and abused in the Maxwell Family, and was slowly reaching the same conclusion about life.

It was the conclusion that few would come to, and all needed.

Those that experienced it would be wise and become too attached to small things, while those that hadn't, would only pursue fleeting states of happiness rather than bettering themselves and seeking true happiness.

The carriage ride was exactly what she needed and she felt as though a weight was lifted off her mind and soul after she cleared her mind and became enlightened to the truth of the world.

"We have arrived at the royal palace, and it is time to see what will happen next," said the guard leader with an excited expression.