The Copy Mage

Chapter 113: Unusual Bow

Walking into Elder Marth's weapon storage, Damian was shocked by how many weapons there were of all different sizes, types and qualities.

Damian wasn't exactly sure of the quality of all the basic weapons before him, but he could feel a powerful aura and an aura of danger as soon as he entered the room.

Looking around, Damian could only imagine the amount of money that Elder Marth would be able to sell all of those weapons for. It would be enough to buy a town, or maybe even a small city on the edge of the Gobe Country, and although Damian didn't know exactly what quality the weapons were, his instincts told them they were very valuable.

"This is my weapon storage that has all my basic weapons, and the lowest quality weapon in here is of medium quality" stated Elder Marth proudly as he saw the expression of awe that Damian had.

Damian couldn't help but imply from his words that he had other weapons that were above basic weapons, but he wasn't sure and if he did, he wouldn't be safe or able to protect it, even in Akegria Academy.

Such a weapon could cause a war between large organisations coveting its power, so Damian decided not to pry or ask about it, knowing that it wasn't his place to do so and he might get in trouble for doing so.

The weapon storage has a large vault that could only be opened by Elder Marth's hand imprint, and just like the academy ID Cards, was integrated with his blood and was relatively safe within the academy.

"Hmmm, what bow should I give you. From your body, you are too weak to even pull back the bowstring of a high quality bow, so it needs to be something of medium quality. Well, all of these weapons are of medium quality or above anyway" mumbled Elder Marth to himself.

Low quality weapons weren't very useful in battle and would mostly be used for training. Most would seek out medium quality basic weapons, that would be most suitable and affordable for a cultivator to use in combat.

The value of a medium quality weapon was 10 times that of a low quality weapon and if all of the hundreds of weapons within Elder Maerth's weapon storage were at least of medium quality, then it would be worth hundreds of thousands of contribution points.

Grabbing a bow from the corner of the weapon storage room, Damian was quite disappointed by it appearance, which made it seem quite low quality, but he had an instinctive feeling that it wasn't as simple as it seemed.

"This bow suits your body size and despite its small size, if you become accustomed to it, it is just as powerful or even more powerful than most other medium quality bows," said Elder Marth as he handed over to him the small bow.

It was less than a metre in length and was completely black with dark purple patterns all around it, and it gave him a weird feeling as he held it in his hand.

"You seem to like the bow" uttered Elder Marth as he saw Damian inspecting the bow closely with a curious expression....

"What is it made out of, and what quality level is it," asked Damian curiously, who hadn't received an exact answer of what its quality level was.

"All I can tell you is that I found it while out on a mission that was an exploration mission and I secretly took it hoping that I could use it to research and increase my knowledge of weapon forging. It has the quality and power of a medium quality bow, yet it seems as though it isn't as simple as that" admitted Elder Marth with a helpless expression.

Damian was disappointed by the lack of information that Elder Marth gave him about the bow, but knowing how lucky he had been when it came to acquiring treasures and valuable things that would help him cultivate and increase his power, Damian was inclined to believe that it was more valuable than it seemed.

"Another thing about it is that I don't recognise the material and haven't been able to melt it with even my most powerful furnace, which goes to show the durability of the bow itself, and even after experimenting with it for a while, I couldn't find anything unusual about it apart from the weird material and the feeling that it gives me whenever I am in contact with it" added Elder Marth.

"Well at least it has capability that is similar or slightly greater than that of a medium quality weapon, which is most suitable for your current power level," said Elder Marth.

Damian was grateful for the bow that he knew was much more valuable than what he was able to produce, but before he could thank Elder Marth, he was interrupted by him.

"Hurry up and get out of here. Next time if you disturb me, I won't let you off like I did this time, and make sure to look after that bow, it was one of my most interesting and favourite weapons" stated Elder Marth.

Damian had clearly seen that Elder Marth wasn't somebody that liked to express his emotions and always wanted to seem cold, which was understandable for somebody that was completely in love with their craft, so knew that thanking him would only be a waste of his breath.

Instead, he decided that it would better to promise him that he would return the favour, knowing that Elder Marth only spoke in transactions.

"I will return the favour and appreciate the experience, the manual and the bow" stated Damian before turning around to leave.

"He, what a silly kid. Let's see how far you can go in this academy and how long it will take you before you catch the attention of those outside this country" laughed Elder Marth to himself after Damian left, knowing that Damian had very high potential, then got back to his work.

Damian had to be at the location that the escort mission specified as the starting point, quite early the next morning, and after looking on the map of the area around Akegria Academy, found that it was quite close and it would take him at most 30 minutes to get there on foot.

[Before I go to sleep to rest for tomorrow's mission, I should test this bow] decided Damian.