The Copy Mage

Chapter 111: Gruelling Schedule

Damian in most ways wasn't suited to be a blacksmith or weapon forger and he was by no means planning to pursue the profession in the near future.

However if working 2 more days as a blacksmith was enough to get him the bow that he massively needed, then he was completely willing to do so and in the process, he could learn a small part of the vast profession along the way.

Damian was the self-proclaimed Copy Mage and didn't want people to think that he was a fighter or somebody that relied on brute force, which didn't suit him.

It was only until he had a better grasp of his copying ability that he could truly become the Copy Mage, that he called himself in private, and to do that, currently, all he could do was increase his cultivation level as much as possible.

After his cultivation level had reached a substantial stage, the capabilities of his copying Soul Spirit would reveal himself and he would finally be able to explore the extent of his unique ability.

The world was full of dangers, but currently, he was only being exposed to a minimal amount of them and was being sheltered by the academy and those that were looking out for him.

But once he stepped out or left the academy to move on with his life and explore the rest of the continent and the world, it was a completely different story, and he would be eaten alive if he had the same ignorant attitude to life that he currently did.

Knowing that, Damian was by no means going to waste any of the precious time that he had, and compared to those that had similar talent levels to him in terms of cultivation, he was progressing much faster because of his determined nature and hard work.

Returning to his residence, Damian found all his friends that he lived with, in the living room at the same time, which was a rare occurrence as everyone was usually busy.

He relaxed with his friends for a while as they all spoke about how they were progressing and what they had experienced over their past 5 months in the academy, as they didn't have much time to talk to each other and catch up on recent events.

After a few hours of relaxing with his friends and talking between themselves, Damian returned to his room, had a long warm shower, then sat on his bed.

Before sleeping, he squeezed in a quick cultivation session, then fell deeply into sleep after the fatigue that his body, mind and soul had experienced over the day.

After exactly 8 hours of sleep, Damian felt completely fresh and he woke up ready to work himself to the core at Elder Marth's blacksmith.

Working his hardest in the blacksmith would only give him benefits, and the more he worked, the better the bow that he would be given, the more he learnt and the more he trained his body through pushing it to its limits.

Damian was much more curious about pursuing the other cultivation professions, especially Pill Making and alchemy, which his mother was doing and suited him best.

However his short term goal was to increase his strength as much as possible, and until his strength was enough for him to confident and comfortable against any opponent, he wasn't planning on seriously pursuing any of the cultivation professions. ...

Heading to where Elder Marth's blacksmith was, he saw many other blacksmiths, small pill houses, places for rune scribers and everything else that he could imagine to do with cultivation. 

Although Elder Marth's blacksmith was not the largest, it seemed to be the most respected and Damian could tell that he was one of the most famed blacksmiths in the academy. 

"Look there, isn't that Damian. He seems completely fine and as though nothing had happened to him" whispered a student while pointing at Damian who had walked past. 

"Do you think he was able to tame the monstrous blacksmith that has terrorised every student that disturbed him?" said the other student.

With that, another rumour was sparked around the academy that had Damian at the centre of it again.

Students loved hearing and sharing gossip and rumours spread around the academy like wildfire. 

Damian didn't pay attention to anything that was said about him and didn't know about the rumours that were going around about him, but after becoming the great elder's direct disciple and after causing quite a few commotions, many people were observing his every action.

While he was still in the Outer Academy he didn't have much to worry about and he was still relatively safe within the academy, but as soon as he entered the Inner Academy, he would be targetted by most students seeking to increase their fame and reputation.

By entering the academy, he would enter the top 10,000 Academy students within all the Akegria Academies within the Gobe Country and he couldn't decline challenges from students that were below him on the ranking.

It also put a massive target on his back and revealed to everyone his exact position in terms of strength within the academy.

The pressure and attention would either strengthen him and give him the drive he needed to increase his cultivation or overwhelm him and break him.

Walking into Elder Marth's blacksmith, Damian was greeted with an apron thrown straight at him.

"Close the door behind you, then begin forging basic blades. You cannot rest and collapse like last time and must forge 3 blades at once, meaning 3 blades every two hours. You will only be able to rest half an hour after forging 3 blades within 2 hours, then you must continue forging blades. I will allow you to stop to eat and sleep, but you will be working consistently for the whole 2 days. If you cannot follow this schedule, then you can forget about getting a bow from me" stated the blacksmith.

What he was asking and expecting of Damian was insane and it was very unlikely that Damian would be able to keep up with that schedule, but by no means was Damian willing to give up, especially with the opportunity to acquire a much needed bow.

"Challenge accepted" declared Damian determinedly.