The Copy Mage

Chapter 72: Intelligent Monkey Beast Part 2

Milo's body still had a humanoid appearance, but looking at him one wouldn't call him a human.

Two tusks had grown out his face at either side of his lips and his body had become hunched and bulkier.

The transformation was extremely painful as his body was disfigured and changed to have a similar composition to that of the boar beast bloodline that he consumed, but compared to the pain he had experienced when awakening his ability, it wasn't that bad.

The pain was also undermined by his anger and the adrenaline rush he was experiencing as he faced up against the monkey beast.

Milo's eyes became red and the beast bloodline transformation affected not only his body's composition, but also had a slight effect on his mind that made his mindset, emotions and battle style match that of the beast bloodline that he was using.

The entire time while Milo transformed, the monkey beast watched him with a curious and shocked expression as he watched a human transform into something that resembled a humanoid beast.

Milo in the boar beast bloodline transformation form had the strength that was equivalent to a rank 3 beast, but his body couldn't sustain the form for long periods of time.

He was able to display the strength equivalent to that of a rank 3 beast because of the boar bloodline that he copied that could display that kind of power.

The strength he could display in a beast bloodline transformation form was limited by the amount of internal energy that he had, to be able to sustain the form, and the potential of the beast bloodline, that he was using, had.

The boar beast bloodline that he had just acquired had the potential to reach the peak of rank 3 and it would require a treasure or a miracle for the beast to surpass its genetic shackles.

However, it wasn't that easy to display that much strength, and it also required Milo to understand enough of the beast bloodline and constitution for him to be able to display a high level of strength.

Milo was only able to use the boar beast bloodline near to its maximum capacity because it was instantly understood by him when he obtained it.

His body also wouldn't be able to handle the strain that the transformation caused for long periods of time and his internal energy, that was bellow rank 3, wouldn't be able to sustain it for long.

If he did stay in that form past his limits, he could suffer irreversible backlash and could even burn his own vitality and blood, which could push him to his death.

Damian who was watching Milo was shocked by the power he was able to display and observed that his strength he was displaying had surpassed that of the boar beast he had just fought.

Milo was a force to be reckoned with and in the future, he would be able to switch between beast bloodline transformations that would all provide him different strengths, while he also had the mind of an intelligent human.

His ability allowed him to bypass the disadvantage of being a human and gained the advantages of both humans and beasts....

Damian had also noticed the intelligence that the monkey beast displayed and the way it attacked had some thought behind it and wasn't direct and obvious like the boar beast's attacks.

[This beast is smart and dangerous and it was enjoying itself when it attacked me. Milo even if he is strong now, won't be able to defeat it alone] thought Damian to himself as he began circulating his energy to recover his internal injuries as quickly as he could.

Damian knew he would struggle to fight in the state he was in and the best option was for him to use his internal energy to speed up his recovery speed.

While Damian was recovering, Milo growled at the monkey beast as he charged towards the monkey beast in a similar way to the boar beast.

He charged headfirst, knowing that he had replicated the tusks and hard head of the boar beast, sustaining the transformation with his energy.

Milo although had been influenced mentally by the beast bloodline transformation, had still retained most of his intelligence and senses, and it worked in a similar way to when Cole would activate his Soul Spirit, that caused him to have a change in demeanour.

His speed was incredible and surpassed what a boar beast at the same rank would be capable of with his smaller and more nimble build.

Milo could mould his body to match the characteristics of a beast bloodline, but it didn't mean he also had to gain their disadvantages, as he could pick and choose what attributes to integrate his body with.

The monkey beast was shocked by Milo's display of power as he narrowly dodged Milo's attack by jumping over him.

"You can't dodge forever" bellowed Milo as he burst of his feet and launched himself into the air, head first, towards the monkey beast.

The monkey beast was very nimble and agile and although its speed may not surpass Milo's, it was jumping around from tree to tree and dodging all of Milo's powerful attacks.

'I can't keep going like this and I can only sustain this form for a few minutes longer. I either need to escape with Damian or somehow defeat the beast' thought Milo to himself after attempting to attack the monkey beast for a few minutes.

"Milo, don't give up I will support you with a medium range skill and also can try to attack the beast while he is distracted" called out Damian.

Despite their exceptional talent, Milo and Damian had only just begun their cultivation journey and they were not yet strong enough to face against a peak rank 3 beast that had an extraordinary amount of intelligence, even with their increased strength and rare abilities.

But neither of them were willing to give up and were prepared to use their all to defeat the beast and most importantly survive.

"Yes we will overcome this together" declared Milo.