The Copy Mage

Chapter 56: Intelligent Conversation

The lesson lasted for 3 hours, including what Damian had missed, and everything she had explained and taught was only the basics of cultivation that were very simple.

Everybody in the class, excluding Damian's friends, already knew what she was teaching, yet her class was always fully enrolled by students who would only enrol into her class to gaze at her beauty.

A few of the students sat at the front attempting to win over their teacher were very powerful in comparison to Damian and were Red Ranked Students, including the student who commented on Damian.

But Damian ignored them, not caring about their comments and sensing that they were much more powerful than him.

Damian, after a few minutes of being in the lesson, couldn't help but fall asleep.

What she was teaching was too basic for Damian who had memorised and understood the basic Overview of Cultivation and the elements in the Golden Flame Inheritance, that was much more detailed and profound.

Which made Damian wonder who the Golden Flame Master really was before he died and what cultivation level did he peak at.

Damian's sleep was so deep and his body so tired that no matter how much Milo pinched him to wake him up, he didn't wake up and most of the class had noticed that he was sleeping.

But Damian was actually conversing with Utsusu in his mindscape the entire time, comparing what he knew to the basic knowledge that he was being taught and found that a single page from the Overview that he was given, had explained more than her entire lesson.

"The lesson is now over, all of you may leave" she announced.

Her figure and ice blue eyes were alluring to all the young males, that took up most the class, and as they left, most were staring at their teacher's figure.

Damian feeling everybody leaving woke up and wiped his eyes, preparing to follow after his friends who were leaving.

"Apart from Damian" she added, just as he was about to get up.

Hearing that he was shocked and worried about whether he would get into trouble, and as his friends that were leaving also had worried expressions.

His friends couldn't wait for him and had no choice but to return to the Outer Academy, as they weren't Inner Academy students that were allowed in the Inner Academy.

The only reason they were there was because there weren't enough Internal Cultivators to have Internal Cultivation Lessons in the Outer Academy.

They would also need an academy pass to enter the Inner or Core areas of the academy if they wished to go to the library or other main parts of the academy that didn't have any parts in the Outer Academy.

"Come down here to the front row" ordered his teacher.

Damian did as he was told to and walked down the stairs, then sat on the front row.

His teacher was trying to stay calm as she stood before him, but her calm and kind nature suddenly disappeared as she snapped at Damian.

"What did you gain from sleeping the entire lesson. You arrived late and I gave you the benefit of the doubt because you seem to be a talented student, but you slept through the rest of the lesson. I just want to teach students that will actually listen and enrol to this class because of the quality of the lessons, and not only because it is compulsory and for other inappropriate reasons" she screamed, letting out everything she was feeling onto Damian.

He could see that she was not only similar to his mother in temperament, but also in the ways she was.

"Well now that you have gotten that out after holding it for a long time, I didn't sleep because your lessons were bad but because I was very tired" stated Damian.

"But I was listening the entire time" added Damian, who had thought of a way to make her feel better and also fix their relationship....

Seeing how calm he was and hearing what he had said she was shocked, but still hadn't completely calmed down.

"Prove it answer my questions," she said.

Damian shrugged, knowing that he knew most of the basic overview of cultivation from the Golden Flame Master's inheritance.

"Okay then, what are the 4 base elements," she asked, starting off with an easy question.

"Fire, Earth, Water and Wind" he answered.

"Then what element do Body Augmentation Soul Spirits use," she asked, hoping to trick him.

"They do not consist of an element and are a mutation that humans have now commonly developed in the form of a Soul Spirit" answered Damian.

She was shocked by his answer as it was more advanced than what she had explained in the lesson and after he answered a few more questions, her frustration was turning into curiosity and awe towards Damian.

He seemed to have an advanced understanding of cultivation and the elements and in terms of knowledge, he was on par with many scholars and top Inner Academy Students.

She no longer saw Damian as a mere student and was curious about his ideas and opinions about cultivation that seemed to be concise yet profound.

"You have knowledge of variants of the 4 base elements, but do you believe there are other elements we don't know of," she asked.

Damian who was having an intelligent conversation with his teacher about Internal Cultivation and the use of the elements, after thinking about it answered.

"The 4 base elements are the most common elements and are the elements that are part of most other elements, but from what I can see they can't be the only elements and there should be many other elements and specialisations that are not widely known and I don't currently have access to the knowledge about them. However, the fact that they are called base elements alone shows us that they are meant to be built upon" answered Damian, using what he had read from the Overview of Cultivation and his own ideas.

"That is interesting and you really didn't need to listen to my lesson and you only told me that to make me feel better about myself" she realised after hearing his answer that made her question her own beliefs about the idea of other elements.

"Yes, you just seemed very frustrated and I didn't want to add to that. It seemed I was just the unlucky one to tip you over the edge" admitted Damian with a wry smile.

"I apologise for that and if you ever have time I would like to talk more about the elements and the theory behind cultivation with you in the future" she stated, no longer treating him as a student.

"Here is a library pass that you can use to get access to most of the knowledge parts of the library," she said as she placed her card on top of his.

[She seems capable, kind and powerful. It would be good to have a nice relationship with her] stated Damian within his mind after gaining the library pass.

"Thanks a lot, I would also like to converse with you in the future and I hope you can instead of becoming frustrated, be flattered by the flock of males that follow ou everywhere" replied Damian maturely.

She began to blush slightly, but soon after regained composure seeing that Damian was merely 10 years old.

"Would you mind showing me your Soul Spirit, as I didn't get the opportunity to see you in action at the Newbie Competition?" asked the woman.

Hearing her question Damian knew that he had already revealed too much and showed that he had a lot of knowledge, despite Utsusu advising him not to, and he was unsure of how she would react after seeing him almost breaking though to a 2nd Rank Mortal after 4 days of joining the academy.