The Copy Mage

Chapter 49: Inheritance of the Scroll

"He really did it, he completed the impossible mission that was left behind by my master and the creator of the scroll by surpassing the physical, mental and spiritual limits of his body. After thousands of years, nobody has ever been able to do so and I thought the master was crazy for making the test so hard, but I guess the master has never been wrong. Now it is time for my spirit to rest as he gains my master's legacy" stated the scroll's spirit that was in the form of Damian's mother, as it began to dissipate.

Damian who was on the verge of death, suddenly felt completely recovered and became conscious as he felt a warmth surging through his body.

"What is this" he exclaimed as he felt the golden light envelop his body and carry him into the air.

[I managed to lose consciousness, so this must mean that this was real as I can't lose consciousness inside my own mind] he thought to himself.

After he felt the warmth subside, he felt it all stream towards is head and a foreign entity formed within his mind as he was suddenly jolted back into his body on his bed.

"Was all of that pain and the survival I went through all a dream" mumbled to himself Damian as he looked out of his window to see that hardly any time had passed.

After he lost consciousness on the mountain, he couldn't remember what had happened apart from the flame of his will burning bright, then he was weirdly shrouded in a warm light that slithered through his body.

[What happened] asked Utsusu within Damian's mind.

[Well, I was speaking to some spirit that took on the form of my mother and was speaking about some sort of inheritance, then it said I had to pass a test to get the inheritance. I was on an island alone, barefoot and only wearing rags and had to find food and climb the mountain in the centre of the island to complete the test. But while climbing the mountain I lost consciousness, then was covered in some weird golden light, and here I am] depicted Damian.

[How long did you spend on the island] asked Utsusu,.

[Um, I think I was there for a day] answered Damian.

Utsusu couldn't help but be shocked, which Damian had noticed.

[What happened why are you so shocked] asked Damian.

[I am shocked because it has merely been an hour, and yet you have spent an entire day in another space] revealed Utsusu.

[So that means it wasn't a dream and that also means the thing I felt enter my mind is real] exclaimed Damian within his mind excitedly. ...

Sitting down cross-legged on his bed, Damian seeped his consciousness into his mind and inside his mind, he found the memories of the body he took over, in the form of an orb, and another glowing golden orb.

Within his mind, he felt that he had access to three things, his body' memories, Utsusu's mental space and the mysterious golden orb.

"I wonder what I gained" mumbled Damian to himself as he seeped his consciousness into the golden orb.

As he did so, he suddenly felt a tower with 6 floors appear before him within his mind as a message suddenly appeared before him.

"This is the inheritance of the Golden Flame Master and you have been chosen as the inheritor because of your affinity with the fire element, and because you completed the test that required you to surpass your physical, mental and spiritual limits and overcoming the task at hand. Each floor has the method for the rank and some skills to go with it. By inheriting and using this you have placed a target on your back as, I the Golden Flame Master had many enemies and also many that are looking for my inheritance, so don't show your true power unless you are confident. When you are reading this, I and my spirit have already passed on to the next life, but you cannot defame the name of the Golden Flame Master and must become powerful and revered" read Damian from the message.

As the message dissipated, Damian was grateful to the Golden Flame Master and promised to use his inheritance to the upmost of his ability and make sure his legacy lived on, but he was more excited to see the method and everything else he had gained.

Entering the first floor within his mind, Damian instantly felt as though he had access to the first pages of a cultivation method and some basic knowledge and he read through some of it briefly.

[So unlike a method that just is a book that you need to read and understand, this inheritance teaches me and I need to reach a level of understanding and strength that is satisfactory to gain the next part of the method and after completing the floor, I can go to the next floor of this tower] observed Damian.

Retracting his consciousness to relay what he had seen to Utsusu, Damian was overjoyed and felt as though all the struggle and pain he went through while climbing the mountain was worth it.

[Utsusu I gained the inheritance of the Golden Flame Master that not only has his cultivation method, but also his knowledge and his skills that will be taught to me as I develop] screamed Damian happily.

Utsusu was also happy with the opportunity that his host had gained as he felt that Damian had finally stepped onto the track of becoming a true cultivator, but didn't let it get to his head and wanted to humble his host.

[I am going to train to be a Pyro Mage and Fighter] declared Damian, using the new knowledge he had learnt from the basic knowledge, that he read from the Golden Flame master's inheritance, to show off to Utsusu.

[Great, but remember never to be complacent and you will continuously cultivate and only stop for lessons or missions to gain as much strength as quickly as possible] reminded Utsusu.

[Yes] exclaimed Damian determinedly and excitedly, ready to begin his cultivation.