The Copy Mage

Chapter 37: First Lesson

Damian prepared himself after waking up Milo, who was still fast asleep even after the commotion that occurred outside their residence, as all 5 of the friends sat in the small central area of the house before they went to their first lesson.

Damian had reached a state where he was focusing solely on his aim of gaining more strength and if anything would come in his path he would take it down.

Added to that was the heavy guilt he held because of the ten years that he occupied of his mother's life, which made him want to make her sacrifice worth it and make sure that she lived the best life because of him.

Along with that was the realisation that his mother throughout everything had never once seemed to despair and had always kept to her kind, caring and joyous nature towards him, which made him want to always keep a positive attitude towards everything he did and never wanted to allow it to get to him.

With such a mindset he was no longer as nervous as he was previously and was not only more confident but braver and able to achieve more than he would have been able to do with his previously timid nature.

After 45 minutes, they had all converged at the door of their home, ready to leave for their first lesson, all excited to finally begin their journey to gain strength.

"Time to leave for our first lesson" exclaimed Matilda energetically as the group of 5 walked out of the central White Ranked Residence, that was being eyed up by all those that lay their eyes on it, comparing it to the other White Ranked Residences that were small shacks in comparison.

Walking out of the White Ranked Residence, they went towards the outer western region where they knew their classroom 12 was.

After strolling through the academy for around ten minutes, they finally saw a small building that had a large yard behind it and had walls all around it, labelled 12, and entered through the entrance.

Throughout their journey to their class, the group of 5 friends were always being stared at by the hungry hyenas that were also in the outer parts of the academy and saw them as targets, being the ones that caused a massive commotion.

Despite there only being an Entrance Ceremony every 6 months, people could still enter the academy through an elder or senior figure in the academy or by taking a test and there were many people who would enter outside the Entrance Ceremony.

Walking into the small building they found a row of seats along the outside of the class with Ivan standing at the front of the class.

Sitting down, the group of 5 were the first to enter and sat in the corner of the room as more students began to swarm into the class and sit down.

Everybody from the Entrance Ceremony had attended apart from Trevor who was nowhere to be seen ever since the competition.

"We shall now begin" announced Ivan.

"To inform you all, I am merely your Class Representative by name and have no direct authority over you and you have no obligation to be here. My duty is merely to look out for the students under me and make sure their progress is going well" stated Ivan directly. ...

"You have access to the library for studies to improve your knowledge, the training grounds that are open to all and have one lesson every week with an instructor depending on what type of cultivator you are. Other than that you have complete freedom to train, complete missions or anything else you please.

However, I advise you don't be lazy and if you want skills, methods, resources and or anything else within the academy, it requires contribution points that can be earned in many ways. Some of the most used ways are completing missions, completing tasks, trading and betting on others or your own battles with contribution points" informed them Ivan.

Hearing what he had just told them, most of them wanted to leave him straight away and saw him as a mere waste of time, with most of the students hating him because of the obvious bias he displayed in the competition.

"Now you will be split into different cultivation classes depending on the type of cultivators that each of you are" he declared.

"External cultivators temper their body using energy and intense training, storing the energy in their bones and muscles, while Internal cultivators cultivate their internal organs, meridians and dantian and store energy in their meridians and dantian for all kinds of uses" summarised Ivan, for most of those within the class who had no idea that there were different types of cultivators.

"If you are an External Cultivator please come to my right, and if you are an Internal Cultivator please come to my left"

Hearing Ivan it was obvious to most what kind of cultivator each of them was, as they all stood up and went to one side of the room, while Damian stayed seated deep in thought.

[Utsusu, what kind of cultivator am I] asked Damian, who assumed he was an Internal Cultivator, but was unsure.

{The host for the current state should train as an Internal Cultivator, but that may change in the future} answered Utsusu vaguely, not wanted to overwhelm Damian with information.

Mysteriously Utsusu seemed to know everything which Damian was curious about, but was grateful for, as he stood up and joined the 3 others that were Internal Cultivators.

The Internal Cultivators were Damian, Milo, Matilda and Julia, while Cole and everybody else were External Cultivators.

"Now that we have the split, we will head to the library where you will be provided the chance to gain a single skill of the F Rank and a cultivation method" stated Ivan, making all the students become excited.

"What about a cultivation method, what rank can we get for that" called out a student eagerly.

"We will just have to wait and see" answered Ivan with an amused smile as he led them towards the library.