Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Chapter 209:

A horrifying silence settled down in the dark office.

Soon after the silence came, he closed the door and walked in. It was to block the outsiders from the danger.

Fortunately, even when the door is closed, the faint moonlight coming through the window is enough to distinguish the objects.

Nevertheless, only the place where Yvonne was found was dark. Repressing the rough breath, he calmly opened his mouth. "How did you come in here."

"The door was open."

Yvonne shrugged, answering innocently.

It could not have been. But even before Vinter denied it, Yvonne was ahead. "RatherWould you please return my items, Marquis?"

"I'm not sure what you're talking about, Lady. Today is too late, so coming back tomorrow"

"How much more should I be disappointed with Marquis?" Suddenly, she stepped forward beyond the boundary with darkness. In the moonlight, her face was hazy and full of tears.

"You've seen how hard it is for me to live in the village." Yvonne sobbed pitifully.

"And... knowing that I'm the lost lady of the Duke of Eckhart... andheug."


"How can you let yourself be so cold?" Vinter clenched his teeth at that moment.

It was his own sin, which had been turned away desperately.

For Penelope, who would be hurt when the real lady came back, he did not even say anything, knowing that Yvonne was the daughter of the Duke.

When she discovered it, it felt like it was getting distant.

"When I was attacked by a monster, I almost died, Marquis. My injured forehead hurt so much." ""

"But what's more painful than getting hurtis that Marquis started to distance me for no reason."


"Why haven't you come to volunteer service since then? I was waiting." It was right after he took Penelope home back from Soleil.

The purple rose blooms in the unconscious space.

Without knowing why the flowers bloomed, he just watched Yvonne from a distance and did not meet her separately.

"After coming to the duke, I immediately recognized Marquis at the ceremony and I was so happy.....

how could you accuse me of harming a fake lady? How do you do that"


"You can't be cruel."

Yvonne crept through the silent Vinter who didn't say anything. Tears flowed down on her cheek.

Vinter closed his eyes.

There was a time when he wanted to listen to anything when he saw her blue eyes full of tears. But at some point, it began to be covered with dry, dry turquoise eyes.

As if she already knew that no one would believe her, her eyes went beyond resignation and even thoughtless.

He soon opened his eyes.

"You're probably not hurt because of the monster, but because of the magic used by Lady Penelope in Soleil."

The voice that popped out was so cold. Yvonne's watery eyes shook.

"What? what is that"

"Most of the people attacked by the monster had large hurt areas and a lot of bleeding." ""

"Compared to that, you have already confirmed that there was only a slight bruise, except for a torn forehead at the time of discoveryIt's as if you were hit by something falling."

What made Yvonne hurt it wasn't a monster.

With Penelope's wide-area magic, the cave collapsed, and if it was caused by the wreckage, it would fit in.

After a new reborn of Leila, Vinter resumed his investigation. Then the strange thing wasn't one or two.

She was attacked by a group of monsters who suddenly appeared in a village quite far away, not in her original village.

In addition, the day of the attack was right after what happened at Soleil. Vinter speaks without hesitation.

"I already know that you bought poison through a maid named Becky and brought her in your self-play. The soul doesn't lie."

After the conversation at the duke's mansion, he consumed enormous magic and proceeded to summon the soul.

Why didn't he believe her before? (I think it means he talks about penny)

At the moment, he wanted to reveal this fact to the Duke right away and cleared her of the false charge.

But he could not finish.

There were also some taboo summonings in the Empire, but Penelope did not want it to be involved in it.

She had a face that seemed to die if she didn't leave the duke's mansion. "Do you have anything else to say?"

Vinter asked with a quiet voice as if warning. "That, that, I did that"

In sharp facts, Yvonne cries out and takes a step forward.

The other half of the face, which had been hidden in the shade, was revealed.

The other half of the face, which was dripping with tears, was expressionless to the point of chilling. "You're not fooled."

With her bizarre face, half crying and half fine, she slowly lifted her mouth. "If you don't like it, let's cut the play and get to the point."


"My item, please return it."

"I don't know what you are looking for, but I don't have it." Feeling the sweating of the neck, Vinter tried to speak calmly. Yvonne immediately replied.

"It's the same reaction." "what"

"Penelope. She did the same thing at the same time. Then, before she was brainwashed by me, she ran away with fear."

- I was brainwashed in the mansion. I barely stopped it in the middle and ran away. At the end of Yvonne's words, Penelope's words passed by.

Once again, his eyes were dimmed. He managed to swallow the saliva.

"You thought they wouldn't know if I slipped out of the mansion? If you're going to do that, my brother will find out that I'm here or not."


"I thought something had changed, but you're still as dumb as you were in your last life." ""

"I think that's enough for the four of us"

Her eyes flashed back at the end of her speech as she blurted out the end of her words. "Stop it, give my piece."

"I don't have it." "So how about this?"

She grinned and put one hand in her pocket to take something out. It was reflected by light and shimmered, and it was a mirror piece. "Even if I brainwash your head with this?"

"It won't work on me." Vinter looked at it and said....

He had already been firmly guarded, assuming numerous circumstances. Yvonne's head was tilted to his words.


"Because the brainwashing you've put on me has long been gone." "How are you sure about that, Marquis?"

"I don't feel sorry for you anymore nor do I feel regret for you anymore. All that has left is..." ""

"It's just disgust and hatred."

Yvonne's pretty face was slightly distorted as to whether Vinter's remarks were a shock. "That's right"

However, she nodded unexpectedly and accepted the vinter saying that the brainwash was completely released.

Then she put the piece out of her pocket back in.

When vinter, who looked closely at it with his eyes narrowed, flinched, she came one step closer. Unnoticed, she had only three steps left.

"For hundreds of years, there's one thing you wizards are mistaken for."

When she opened her mouth again, Vinter was on edge.

Leila, who used to narrow the distance step by step, approached his hand step by step. Towards the cane inside.

"I don't think you'd be brainwashed without a piece of truth mirror." Vinter's eyes were glaring. That was a natural reaction. "then"

"Commonly speaking, it doesn't make sense to use power through mirrors created by the wizards." Yvonne grinned. Vinter quickly asked with a serious face.

"What are you talking about?"

So the opposite is trueA piece of mirror is rather a deterrent to my power."


"Because I can't control the power of the human mind, so I can crush the brain." Again, she came.

Vinter clasped his cane.

Yvonne's eyes, completely exposed to light, shining like snakes aiming at prey. "But, Vinter, I've just had my feed, and I'm not confident I can control it." ""

"So, you'd be better to find out where the pieces are before I crush your brain." At the same time, she stretched out her hand towards Vinter's head.

It was a sudden attack that was so fast that he couldn't avoid it. The moment her sharp fingernails touch his skin.

chiiiig-! "Aghhhhh-!"

Yvonne shouted back. 'chiiiig,chiiiig-!'

There was a sound of something burning and ripping.

She stared gloomily at Vinter, holding her hand with smoke rising up. "What is this...!"

"Didn't I say it is useless?"

Vinter looked at her emotionlessly, raising his hand and touching his bare forehead. The iron ring which was rough on the index finger glistened with light.

Even if he couldn't use ancient magic directly, he had powerful artifacts to protect him. "It's a relic left by the ancient wizards."

Yvonne, who noticed it took a rough breath. "Give up."

Without missing the gap, Vinter took out the wand, gave a cool recitation.

"You can't take anything. Even if you destroy this artifact and brainwash me, it's designed so that the consciousness disappears immediately."


"It's not too late now. Please help me not to hurt lady with my own hands. I don't think it's all a lie to help the poor for the first time."

He tried to persuade Yvonne with quite earnest eyes.

The friendly faces of children whom she was worried about starving to death, and the sincerity of the girl, which was sad about the absurdities of their social status, can't be false.

No, he couldn't readily accept the reason that memories of her like an angel were all Leila's tricks. When he was looking at her with the last hope.

"Ha, ha"

Yvonne suddenly burst into laughter as she stared at the tip of his cane pointed at her.

"Once I've done it, I thought it would be easier than in the pastbut it's going to be a lot of fun."


"You, who loved me more than anyone else, are now taking the lead and blocking my path."

Vinter frowned at the unexpected remark. He didn't answer at her whispering which was like the temptation of a devil.

He might have sympathized with Yvonne, but he never loved her.

However, Yvonne smiled leisurely as if she knew what was going on in his head.

"Oh, you don't remember? You, who gave up all the faiths and wizard's duties that you had kept because you loved me and swore to me that you would devote your magic to me until you died, suddenly hit my back and turned back time."


"The moment I'm about to put this world in my hands, do you know how it feels to suddenly be dragged into the distant past?"


"It's very, very dirty, like a dog."

Yvonne, who poured out a word after a word all of her power, crept aside. "I don't know what you're talking about."

As a result, Vinter also walked to the other side without lowered his guard.

"So this time I've been weaving a tighter net. Especially, I put a lot of effort into you who hit my back. So that you don't notice a thing, very little by little, slowly..."


"By the way, Penelope, what the hell has that bitch done to get everyone out of my clutches?" "Stop."

Vinter stopped her from insulting Penelope in an instant. Suddenly, they were confronted with two sofas between them. "You will regret coming here today."

The white light hung from the end of the cane grew bigger and bigger.

It was not difficult to subdue Yvonne, knowing that no brainwashing was possible thanks to ancient artifacts.

She smiled heavily at Vinter, who calculated the attack time. "Why don't you just put out a piece of a mirror at least for now?" "Even if I die, that won't happen."

"Yes, then."

Nodding her head once, Yvonne immediately muttered something.

At the same time, a blue magic circle began to be drawn in one corner of the office. It was a summoning spell used by Leyla.

'Summon a monster!'

Vinter, who noticed it, shouted the spell straight away. "Ribeira Vulcan!"

It was then. "Raon."

At the same time as Yvonne's small call, something jumped out of the magic circle and blocked him from her front.