Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Chapter 195:

The sudden appearance of Callisto made me feel dazed for a while. His shout was awakened me.

"Pa, Fire Pishon!"

I forgot embarrassment and quickly attacked the severed leg.

Ssshhhh—. The severed part of the legs burst into flames before it could be grown.



The number floating in the air rose. "keuweeeeeg-!"

Surely it worked? The octopus monster jumped even more than before. Punching, fast-watering tentacles, the boat broke and tilted to its side. Things keep falling and rolling down to the sea.


A sailor who was hit by a rolled wooden barrel fell into the sea in a blink of an eye. "Uh, uh!"

When I also stumble and fell. "Princess!"

The Crown Prince suddenly hugged me.

With one arm in my waist, he quickly climbed up the cockpit to avoid the falling objects.

The Crown Prince, who jumped off the roof and arrived at the back, hesitantly cut off the big octopus legs that had been wrapped around the ship.

In the meantime, I felt like luggage. Everything was spinning in my eyes. "Oh, my, please drop me!"

"Shout your spells as you did before!" "Fire Pishon!"

After calling the spell it sparked with the fire. "Courchan, Huooh Oh!"

With the scream of the defeated monster, the inclined ship returned a horizontal state. "Good job."

Only then did the Crown Prince drop me on the floor.

I held my dizzy head together and looked carefully at the burning cut part. After cutting, the new leg did not grow new tentacles.

'Oh, the order.'

Once I had a sense of how to deal with it, I immediately began to memorize magic spells.

" Wind Prasion! Fire Pission! Wind Prasion!Fire Pishon!"


The number went up in an instant.

I could feel Callisto looking at me as if he was embarrassed because I quickly came to my senses and fought without help.


But at once I was careless, and another leg hit us. "Tch."

As if the Crown Prince was not satisfied, he clicks his tongue and cut it with a sword. "Fire Pishon!"

Maybe they got a hunch at us, some surviving sailors ran with torches and burned their severed legs, that had been cut off, too.

"Wind Prashon! Fire Pishon!"

A few minutes after I left my order.



At last, the monster with all its legs broken loose from the ship.

<SYSTEM> A sudden quest [Hungry Hraken's Elimination] Done!

Finally, a quest window popped up to inform the end. "Ha"

I staggered with a sigh of relief.

The octopus' monster's rampage made me was wetted with the whole body by seawater. The inside of the robe and mask was filled with water and I trembled from it.

I frowned my face.

The body was smaller than my original body and uncomfortable with a dwarf man, so I unbuttoned my magic bracelet and wore a robe and mask.

However, it was in a state of uselessness while dealing with a monster.

Breathing hard, I was just thinking about taking off my robe and breathing fresh air. "Penelope Eckart."

There was a sudden cool voice like ice. 'That's right.'

Only then I realized what I had forgotten in relief. The fact that the crazy Prince has come after me here.

As I slowly lifted my head, the Crown Prince, soaked in seawater, walked to me with both red eyes shining brightly.

I certainly didn't do anything wrong to him, but when I saw his expression, I felt like I was the cruelest criminal.

'But how did he appear here? It's in the middle of the ocean.'

I stuttered because I was so embarrassed by his sudden appearance.

"Well, I know you're in the north because of the rebellion, but what the hell is going on here?"

"Does the rebellion matter now?"

The Crown Prince, who came before me in an instant, grabbed my shoulders with a look of irritation. "It's dangerous to come here alone! And who would you like to see?!"

"that, Your Highness."

"When I heard that you had disappeared from the duke's house, I ran into the capital like a crazy man by hitting the Imperial Palace wizard."


"But I thought you were with that evil spirit, and the moment I saw his face!... I'll say!"

His face, which was so ferocious that he could kill me at any moment, was horribly distorted. "Why are you so mean?"

Callisto could no longer speak and bowed his head slowly. Tuck. He hit his forehead.

But wearing masks did not convey warmth.

"I wish I'd been sick once on Coming-of-Age Day, why are you driving me so crazy like this?" The Crown Prince whispered in a tired voice.

It was the first time when I heard from him such a voice, who was always belligerent, full of ridicule. I didn't know why he was doing this. Didn't he say me that he didn't love me?

However, his tired voice mademy heart ache so much that I couldn't breathe.

Callisto, who had been breathing with the rough breath for a long time, soon kicked his tongue and raised his head.

"Tch. What the hell is this ridiculous mask?"

Whether he didn't like the skin barrier, he took off the mask with an irritating touch. The hood of the robe, soaked in seawater, was also roughly stripped off by his hands. The cool air came over the face with the wind.

I was a little surprised to know that he suddenly appeared and recognized me wearing a mask at once. "How did you know it was me?"

"How could I not recognize you?"

Callisto laughed bluntly at the pointless question.

"If it's related to you, whether it's the conference room, it's the battlefield, it's all over the place, and every time I would come running like this."

He raised his hands holding my shoulders and wiped the water off my face. Only then did the warmth come.

My heart was pounding like crazy. My eyes suddenly turned blurred, and he asked back at me. "Areyou hurt?"

The Crown Prince asked me, who silently wiped the water with his own hands. "No. Your Highness"

As soon as I was about to ask him if he was hurt, suddenly a bitter aroma of blood hit the tip of my nose.

Turning my eyes to him, I saw a bandage wrapped up on his right hand.

The red water spilling through the gap was also here. "You're all hurt!"

I grabbed his wrist and shouted....

"It didn't come from fighting with that octopus monster." "Did I give you the cuff to wear as a decoration?"

"I can't use it because it's too wasteful." "How"

When I lost my words, he grinned and bluffed again.

"There's nothing to worry about, Princess. I will get better soon in no time."

"What kind of pain do you enjoy? Don't hit it all. Why did you pay so much attention to it!"

It was the moment when I shuddered and got angry at the guy who kept talking nonsense. A ferocious face was dragged away.


When I came to my senses with a low groan, I had been held tightly in the arms of the Crown Prince, damp, and firm.

"It feels good to hear such a pretty thing after a long time." The Crown Prince said, raising his chin above my head.

After a moment of flustering, I struggled to get out of his grab, realizing what it was. "No, what! Let me go!"

"Now you know my feelings, princess?"

"How do I know Your Highness's feelings? I don't know! So let go"

"Don't do that again."

When he whispered deeply buried his face in my hair, I was stunned and paused. "Now I know. That's what you want."


Whatever it is. I'll make it all happen, whether you give up this fucking position that beat you down." ""

"SoDon't ever do that in front of me again, Penelope Eckart."

At that moment, Emily's words that I had forgotten suddenly came to mind.

— His Highmess hasm't left your side for a secomd simce you collapsed.

— Every might, His Highmess held your hamd, amd I saw how desperate he was beggimg you mot to die.

If I had heard this before the end of the hard mode, would something have changed? It was a useless thought.

'It's already late.'

Thinking so hard, I pushed Callisto away. But I couldn't possibly put it into practice.

My arms, hands, and whole body, were grabbed so tightly that I couldn't breathe. I thought I knew a little bit about how relieved he was now.

I just stood there without pushing or facing him. "keu, keuheum!"

It was then.

"Hey, hey, Captain, that"

Someone called me nearby. 'Huh?'

The eyes of the couple who were caught by them felt ferocious. "Aahh!"

I screamed and punched the Crown Prince's chest through the fist. "Ugh!"

The Crown Prince staggered away with a low groan.

With their round eyes, our situation was seen by the surviving sailors.

I stroked with a face full of water, then asked, turned around, and asked. "What."

I asked him ferociously, the owner of the ship who called me answered in the look of surprise. "Oh, we've arrived near the Arkina Islands!"


I turned my gaze along his hand pointing forward.

I saw a really big island just a short distance away from the defeated octopus. "Are we here? Shall we take a look, Princess?"

The Crown Prince asked, leaning crookedly on the mast and looking into something. "How do you know where I am going?"

I took the ancient Balta map out of my bag in a cool manner. It was just a moment when I opened it.

"Aren't you going to the Arkina Islands?"

The Crown Prince came up to me with a sly smile.

I peeped at the piece of paper he was holding and looked back at him. 'Huh?'

The realization hit me. "This"

Two identical maps, and a red dot that came up at the same point. 'Come to think of itYou've come after me in Soleil last time.'

There was a faint sense of deja vu.

I questioned him with my eyes slightly open. "What is it?"


"Why does my location appear on your map?"

"This is not your location, but it's my location"

It was a question I asked without realizing it.

However, the Crown Prince seemed to recognize my eyes, which had already been confirmed as doubt, with a single glance.

"It's a replica."

" 'What? "

"A replica of the map that recognized you as the owner." "Huh, then last time"

There was a sudden realization of how he chased me like a ghost every time.

The Crown Prince made a hasty excuse before me, who was heavily breathing at empty air.

"Don't get me wrong, Princess. The error that occurred while engraving that it belonged to you, not on purpose"

"You, perverted stalker."

(Note: hahahahaha poor boy)

'Huh!' Then I turned my head around and the Crown Prince said something stupid again.

"Oh huh, stalker between lovers." "Lovers? Who are you talking about?"

"Who, you say? You and me, it's the two of us."

"I think you are suffering from a serious delusional disease. You need to go to the palace doctor right now"


Then a sudden rush touched my lips and went away.

"It's like a mouth saying only the wrong thing."

The crown prince chattered before my nose with a sour face.

I, who had not been able to understand what had just happened, immediately covered my mouth and backed away from him.

"Cr, crazy, hey! What is this!"

"Hey, what do you mean? There's a growing number of disillusionment in the royal family, Princess." Even at my rough words the Crown Prince twirled cheerfully.

The lips that were covered with my hands burned by fire.

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