Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Chapter 158:

I've always worked hard, predicted, and acted accordingly to the characters' actions. Otherwise, I wouldn't survive.

But at this moment.

When Eclise said that everything was for himself, my mind just went blank. "...why?"

A stupid, meaningless sound came out.

Nevertheless, I really didn't know. What's the problem? "I did everything you asked for."

My breath became rough.

Ever since I've decided to choose him as the Male lead, I've always done my best. I'm trying to not get on nerves of the duke and his two son, so I desperately defending and taking care of Eclise.

"Everything you need, your treatment, your teacher, whatever you want!"

Sometimes I didn't even mind having to take a big risk.

Obviously, everything progressed according to the game strategy. It should have been. "Everything resolved for you. All that hard work is for you. But why?"

I grabbed him by the collar and asked in a desperate voice.

"Is it because I didn't order the clothes immediately? Or maybe, because I didn't look for a master to teach you swordsmanship sooner?"


"Answer! Why! Why are you doing this now?!"

Why, at this point, only a few days before the escape. Why can't you make a rational action?

I screamed at the silent man to shake him up. "You love me. Right? Huh?"


"If you love me, why are you doing this to me? Huh? Why the hell!" 99% of favorability was love. It has to be love.

"You love me, Eclise." Say yes.

I look above on the top of his head while pleading. No, It's more like begging. My hands were trembling. I stared at him desperately despite the evil my evil thoughts.

"I knew" (Penelope)

Her lips flinched, and were shivering. "Youknow?" (Eclise)

Eclise looked down at me and asked in a hoarse voice. His eyes shook for a moment.

"There's no way I don't know." (Penelope)

With that look of embarrassment, I burst into tears mixed with a strange laugh.

I remember the moment when Eclise's eyes toward me became increasingly dangerous.

From one point on, he showed his emotions little by little, and made a rude demand one by one, and I regarded all that as a green light.

"Which slave in the world would look at his master with such rude eyes?" / "No slave in the world will look at his master with such a rude look."

Eclise's gray-colored pupil, which had been shaking, stopped at that moment. His chin stiffened hard.

"If you knew..."


"... Why did you refuse when I asked you to run away?" "If I run away from you, then what is the difference?"

Because of the special situation of the game, I was considering it for a moment. Other male lead's routes are no better than now, despite the plunge and the unexpected situation.

Even if it were the real Penelope, she wouldn't have done such a dangerous thing.

It's all finished now, but in the end I still don't understand at all with his obsession to run away. "So you want me to leave my house, my money and be chased? If that's the case, then what?" "..."

"What do I say to my father and my two older brothers? Now I'm going to live my life as a homeless person and go to another country as a refugee, that's it? Or should I say it's because I'm crazy about slaves and I don't need status or pride?

"I don't want to do that."

Before my words were finished, Eclise snapped back. "It is unlikely that you will get out from this place." "...what?"

"You had the most unhappy look on your face in the world, and you never even try to get out of this fucking house."

"What are you..."

I was going to ask back what that meant, but I closed my mouth. Because his eyes, reflected in the light, were strangely flashing.

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"You don't know how worried I am since you were injured because you met Yvonne, master" "..."

"If i just killed her without a trace ..." "..."

"So if I get rid of everything that threatens your position, will you smile?"

Eclise, who said that, suddenly smiled faintly. On the other hand, I caught my breath sharply. The eerie feeling crawled down the spine.

I've always never understood his thoughts, but I never imagined he was hiding these sorrowful and terrible thoughts inside.

Unconsciously, I was staggering back and removing my hand from him. He abruptly snatched my hand

and forcibly put it back on his cheek. "But then I'd rather help my master." ""

"You're unhappy to have her at home, and if I kill Yvonne, you'll become the real princess. " "You.."

"So I've been thinking about it. Using the Duke's own daughter, I gradually isolates my master from the corner of the house, and makes the humans of this house take the responsibility for their deeds."

"Let go, let go of me."

It was the reason I wanted to know so much, but I no longer wanted to listen to his dark thoughts.

Shocked, I tried to pull out of his grasp. But instead of letting go of me, he kept slapping his cheeks against my hand.

"Why don't you give up on your purpose and sit down?" "Purpose?"

My heart stopped for a moment. I stuttered back. "What purpose?"

"I mean the reason you bought me at the auction and used me."

And the purpose was to get me out of this crazy game with all his favor. 'He noticed it.'

Everyone knew that I brought him in for some reason and behaved with thorough calculation. Hah.

I froze hard, just as I took a rough breath. "What? What's that for?"

In response to that, the faint smile on his mouth grew a little deeper. As if laughing at me.

"If it's like that, with my own power I can achieve it. You can't overlook the one and only Sword master in the Empire."


I had no choice but to stare at him like a fool. Instead of slapping the cheek of a man who has been fooling me, I couldn't even take out my hand....

He looked at me like that and drooped his eyes a little like a dead puppy. "But then, I can't have it."


"I mean you, Penelope." Bam-.

He stared at me like the day he asked me to run away while slowly kissed the palm of my hand. And he continued talking with my palm covering his lips.

"You use me thoroughly for your purpose." ""

"You have sweet words like honey, but if I try to approach even a little bit, you run away immediately."

The gray eyes that look straight at me, don't look like the eyes of a person looking at their loved one. The white part of the eye filled heavily with red, his eyes turned bloodshot.

He rather hates and despise me, so like a helpless person. "Oh and...You don't love me at all."

Seeing how he was staring at me with such eyes, he finally said what I wanted to hear

"I love you, Penelope."

<SYSTEM> [18 million gold] Check the favorability of [Eclipse] by deducting. (The remaining funds: 999,999,999+)

Even though I heard what I wanted, I twisted my face terribly.

[Favourability 99%]

I got a confession of love, but I was still in this fucking game.

"Even though I am a native and a traitor to be torn to death by selling them all—"

There was no increase in favor. The remaining one percent of the favorability rating did not rise. And I had a feeling that at this moment, I would never fill that one percent.

"I want you, Penelope Eckart."

"YouAre you really crazy?"

"That's right. You made me crazy like this."

Eclise glared at me in the dark with his glistening eyes and chattered.

"You made me like this, and you pretended you didn't knowI think I'm going crazy"


"But what can I do? And yet I'm still in love with you"

His eyes have finally changed into something more affectionate. It all seemed detestable and creepy to me.

I was frozen to paleness and breathing hard, and he tilted his head to his side. "Why are you shaking, Master?"


"Are you angry? I did everything you told me to do. Now I've proved my worth to everyone to be here, Master."


"Orare you as scared of me as you were when you first met me? What a pity."

"Crazy little bastard."

I couldn't stand it any longer, and I uttered with disgust. But he didn't care at all about the vulgar swearing.

Rather, he moved a finger, which was holding my hands, gently, rubbing one finger firmly. To be exact, the index finger with the ruby ring.

"Don't tremble, Master. Earlier, I'm just spewing meaningless words. Nothing will happen."


"You are still the Princess of Eckart, and I'm your one and only knight. The one and only." ""

"Why are you so worried like this, when you are personally holding the leash of a man who's crazy about you."

Looking at me with such loving and hateful eyes, Eclise's fingertips lingering closely on top of the ruby ring, as if he'll press it.

The gauge bar above his head shone like blood that had rotted away. "... Only you who can control my leash, my dear master"

I had no choice but to admit it completely. Eclise's route ending is failed. I didn't love him at all, and he knew it well. That was my defeat.

I completely failed at Eclise Route, and it was time to find another route. "...Choker?"

As if to wake from a short daydream, the cloudy fog filled my head slowly. Now that I was sure it was all end, I don't have to put myself in his shoes anymore.

"...Why would I?"


"An insolent dog can be disciplined by tugging their leash. Worth? You're not even worth it."

I twisted the corners of my mouth as if it was my mistake that I was shocked by failure. It felt like a lie. "You bit your master off."

"...Master." "Oh, shut up."

Eclise's eyes shook once. He caught my hand and forcibly caressed his cheek but I tore off from his hold.

"... Penelope"

In the meantime, his hand stretch out to hold me but it hit the cold, as I step back from the iron bars.

"Yeah, you're right. I brought you to take advantage of you. But, what is that? Eventually, because of you, rather than fulfilling my purpose, it turned into a mess 5 minutes before it's done."


"A dog should behave like a dog. What's the value of a dog biting his master, Eclise?" After grumbling, I laughed with a disheveled face. He was no longer worth it.

The moment when the face of Eclise was distorted like a slow motion. I pulled out the ruby ring roughly in front of him.


When he called me with his eyes wide open. I threw it as hard as I could into the bars without hesitation.

Hkang-! Chaeng, Hang-!

A sharp burst of sound rang out. The ring that flashed after hitting somewhere several times quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Ever since I brought Eclise with me, the index finger that was never been removed from the ring, is now empty.

He looked devastated at the sight of my empty hands.

"I told you. Betrayal is death."


"Now you're dead to me, Eclise."

Unlike when I came, I turned around without hesitation. That was the end.