Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Chapter 153:

Why me?

I believe that something might have changed every time I was beaten like that. After all that, like a fool.

After all the trouble. "Ha."

When she laughed as if she had gone mad, Renald flinched as well. "You..."

But he too hardened his face as if he thought I was mocking him. The favorability bar flashed again quickly.

Is it -1%, -2%?

It didn't matter if it plummeted by about 30 percent, as the favorable sentiment was not as close as before.

I turned my head casually, thinking about how much my favorability had been reduced. "Yvonne, you answer."


"Did I grab you like a rat?" (I think he was asking if Penelope had pushed Yvonne...) At that moment, I was purely curious what Yvonne would answer.

'By the way, is it true the heroine's personality is the same as in easy mode?'

Looking at what's going on right now, it wouldn't be surprising if she answered, "I grabbed myself and screamed here".

Yvonne mumbled with tears in her eyes. She was about to open her mouth instead of Reynold, who couldn't see the whole situation.

"If you ask like that, she'll be..." "Oh, no young master!"

Yvonne shook her head in surprise and said.

"The Princess is right! I was dumb and tripped with a rock and almost fell, so the Princess caught me." "...what?"

Renald's whole face froze as if he heard something he couldn't believe. "Then..."

He looked down at Yvonne's arm, still caught by me, with a puzzled look.

With the sudden appearance of Renald, I had no time to let go, but I was purposely not letting go to listen to Yvonne's answer.

I pulled Yvonnes arm up and pushed it toward Renald. And spread her fingers neatly in from of his eyes. Yvonnes arm dropped down weakly.

"Sadly, you haven't changed a bit since then." I shrugged and muttered to myself.

At my words, Renald's blue pupils began to shake as if it were an earthquake.


As soon as he called me, I turned and began to move quickly. The idea of going for a walk and exploring places where Eclise might be was ruined.

I was convinced by Yvonne's words anyway, and I didn't even want to pass by them. I quickly walked back to my room.

"Penelope!" Tadadak!

I heard a wild sound beating from the back and soon my front was blocked. 'What. I thought you would comfort your crying sister.'

I frowned as I looked and said politely. "Move."


At that moment, the guy, Renald, was breathing heavily and his eyes were watering. And then,

"I'm sorry."


"I think I misunderstood."

He admitted his mistake without a hitch. At the same time, the favorability gauge blinked above his head.

Suddenly, Derick at the court of the Imperial Palace came to mind. An easy rise and easy fall in favor. Such a thing could not impress me.

"Okay, get out of the way."

"However, the atmosphere inside the mansion is uncertain, so if you're in an accident now, then..."

As soon as I looked at him who was making an excuse right after the apology, he shut his mouth. He was also embarrassed and his eyes were red.

"That's all you have to say?" "I'm sorry I misunderstood." "Huh?"

I nodded my head when I heard his apology. Soon, I smiled. "Okay."

"So that's it right? Don't get upset and don't go in. Just take a walk." "But I don't want it."

I cut off the relieved man's words with a smile on my face. His face went blank.


"Yes, I don't want your apology."

I repeated his words, word by word.

Stupid Penelope, always apologized to Renald first when they fought. I've never received an apology for any of the arguments and abusive language I've heard before.

'Ah. I didn't get an apology after I was possessed.'

Where the title of "Fake Princess", who was often neglected, originated from was well known as it had

come from Emily's own mouth. "You..."

He didn't expect me to say that, so Renald stammered for a while. However, his face soon turned red and a then blue, and a hideous energy leaked out.

"Do you feel better when you say such a rude thing after a person apologizes?" "Then do you have to be so upset even if you apologize?"

"This is getting more and..."

"You haven't accepted my apology every other time either. Why should I accept your apology as if it were obvious?"


"There may be times when I don't want to accept your apology." I looked at him in a faint manner and said in a preaching tone.

"How can a person's heart be so consistent? Don't force me to apologize." "Huh! Are you taking revenge on me for what I did before?"


I nodded to the man who was so absent-minded that he was blowing his breath away.

"You should try it too. How miserable and doglike it is to talk to someone who ignores you and treats you like nothing."

In other words, from now on, I was also saying that I would treat him like that too. "Hey, you..."

He understood and glared at me with a look of murder in his eyes.

I checked the precarious blinking favorability gauge, and glanced around me....

There were no stones to hit me in the head with, no sharp branches that popped out. Of course, it wouldn't be great if a man full of anger choked me.

Fortunately, he hasn't made any moves yet, so it seems it hasn't dropped too much.

Renald, who had been staring at me for quite a while, nervously scratched his head as I tried to leave again.

"Ha...yes. I said I made a mistake. I'm sorry."

With an irritated sigh, he surprisingly apologized again.

"We're not kids, let's stop. How would this affect the Eckart's reputation among the commoners?" And he glanced at the spot where Yvonne was still standing and let out a small sigh.

I thought that was just funny. "Eckart's reputation?"

I burst into laughter as if I had heard something funny.

"You really don't know? Why have I been treated like that by a maid in charge?" "What? Why are you suddenly talking about that?"

"It's because of you, Renald."

I stopped laughing and looked straight at him. "What?"

"Because you've just been acting this way in front of the commoners." "Hey, Penelope. What are you"

"You've been treating me like a bugger and ignoring me so naturally as if you're breathing in front of people."

This guy was also male lead, so I had been desperately controlling myself. Even though I was irritated and angry until the end of my limits, I took it into consideration when he softened his temper to a certain extent.

I've never explicitly mentioned anything about abuse before. When he was pushed to the limit, he was trying to get rid of his guilt because of necklace, but he sat on the sidelines as much as he could.

I knew that I couldn't tolerate and cut down on the high degree of the Eckhart pride, it would have a huge impact on my favorability.

But the situation was not good.

The heroine who appeared before the coming-of-age ceremony, and the fear that I might not be able to return home made me half insane.

And it made me reveal all my feelings that I had been struggling to contain without knowing. "You. It's because of you, Renald Eckhart."

It was disgust itself, not words, that came out of my mouth. Renald was surprised to see that I felt something as if it was bubbling over the dry voice.

"But what kind of reputation?"

Only then did I lose my strength from the glaring eyes at him. "Don't talk to me for the time being."


"Please, if you're really sorry, please do it for me. Please, brother. Have a nice day."

With a stiff smile, I greeted him as kindly as I could, as if I had never hinted at any disgust. And quickly got out of that stifling place, leaving him behind with a horribly distorted face.

The moment I passed by him, the smile I was building near my mouth faded away like a lie, and a look of fearless firmness appeared.

I could feel the shaking gaze nailed to me until the end. However, it didn't matter.

* * * *

As soon as I came back to the room, I walked to the bed with a nonchalant look and laid down. Eventually, I woke up from a nap, skipping lunch, repeating my nap again and again.

"...Miss. Miss Penelope." Emily woke me up carefully.

When I opened my eyes, my room was dark. The sun had already set. I asked in a hoarse voice. "... What's going on?"

"You should have dinner. You haven't eaten anything since yesterday." Emily suggested a meal in a restless voice.

"No, thanks. I have no appetite. I want to sleep more."

I refused and buried my face in the pillow again helplessly. I didn't even have a meal or anything, but I thought I'd get indigestion if I ate something.


Emily called me in a voice that was heartbroken at the rejection of food.

When I didn't answer because I didn't feel good, one side of the bed suddenly became heavy. That's because Emily snuck into the side of the bed.

'What is it?'

I turned my head toward her and asked her what she wanted. "Miss."

Emily hesitated for a moment, then lowered her head and whispered. "The woman... she ended up staying in the mansion."

I opened my eyes wide with a little surprise at her behaviour of telling her the news about Yvonne.

But I knew it would be like that anyway.

I quickly lost interest and asked back in a calm manner. "She passed all the tests?"

"I think not all because she lost her memory. So she decided to stay in the mansion and wait for the time being."

"I see."

"But it's obvious that it's a fake, too, Miss."

It was a little funny for her to discuss 'fake' with the 'fake princess'. "It's okay. You don't have to say that."

I answered with a smiling voice. And added a sigh. "I think you have something else to say, do it."

It was time to let Emily go too.

'She's under the command of the head maid...'

And the maid had already served Yvonne in the absence of certainty.

I didn't really like our first meeting, but it was true that Emily had made it comfortable here.

I think I wasn't a good master. However, thinking that she had been unknowingly affectionate and that she was even leaving my side, I was speechless.

Maybe that's why I kicked her out of the room yesterday. I didn't want to hear my maid quit. 'But there's no other way. Because I'm the one who's going to get kicked out anyway.' Fortunately, I gave up quickly.

I quietly waited for Emily's next words.

"I...I'll tell you of her every move." "...What?"

After a long pause, she suddenly uttered unexpected words.

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