Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Chapter 126:

I really didn't want to go in, but I had to move ahead. "Get in there fast. "

"Wait a minute."

Vinter stopped me like that for a moment. I looked back at him with a curious look. "Put these on. "

He suddenly took off his shoes in front of me. Things are going too fast.

I forgot that I was barefoot.

I stared at the big shoes of Vinter and soon turned them down. "It's okay. It's already as dirty as it gets."

"There may be sharp stones on the bottom of the cave. "

"It's too big for me anyway, so if I walk, it'll come off. And when I put these on, what about you? "

"It's adjusted to fit the size of the wearer's foot. It's has magic on it. It's okay because I put a tonic on my foot,"

he said in a tough tone to me, who was going to refuse again. "If you want to enter the cave with me, wear it."

It sounded like you would not let me in unless I wore it. Today, I felt like I was looking at many aspects of him. " Okay"

I reluctantly put on the shoes he gave me.

The shoes, which had been said to be big enough to fall loose, gradually shrank to fit the size of the inner foot.

Rabbit's mask, robe, barefoot.

Blunt enough to point out that he was a madman, Winter said. "Let's go."

We went straight to the cave.

Indeed, the cave looked sinister and suspicious from the outside, and the cave had stairs to go underground, not ordinary caves.

Then Vinter took his cane out of his arms.

A small mass of light rose from the end with a chirp. "Be careful as it may be slippery."

He stepped up the stairs first.

Then I followed carefully along the stairs.

Stomped down.

I don't know if it led to the bottom of the sea, but cold and salty drops of water fell from the ceiling of the cave.

Frowning at the water, I asked, looking up at Vinter, silently revealing the way. "We don't have time, so please explain the operation briefly."

Vinter glanced back at me. His eyes were stained with embarrassment for a moment. "No other operation has been set up. "

I asked back in bewilderment. "What?"

"The kidnapping of Raon to pursue the base of the remnants of the new country is something we've planned for a long time. "


"but I didn't expect them to show up today and kidnap all the other children."

note: WHAT AN IDIOT. -hermione granger

"You're sotest me. That's why you came all the way here."

A new realization came again, and then I narrowed my forehead to a sudden thought. "In the meantime, you're thinking of taking me to the capital."

"I know it sounds like an excuse. " Blanket hesitated and opened his mouth. "I also had no circumstance, Lady. " "What do you mean,"

"they came out of nowhere, and I've already used magic to save the children. " ""

"I have confirmed that you have nothing to do with the purpose, but I regret bringing you to here."

note: you should¸ you scumbag

I opened my eyes wide and looked up at Vinter. He was like he was expecting everything.

He looked as calm as he did.

"At that moment, the only thing I could think of was getting you back to where you were." But he didn't seem at all calm, confessing behind it.

He turned his head and made eye contact with me. "You don't understand me like this. "


"I won't ask for your understanding."

note: no one wanted to understand you anyway


"Lady. I can't understand myself either."

His always clear eyes were bloodshot. obsessively suspicious of everything, wary of all sides, he seemed a little tired, crazy.

I breathed a deep sigh at his words.

It made me so angry that I was suspected of being the remnant of the Leila Hingdom. But there must be every bit of panic and concern for the children at the sudden raid. "Why are the remnants of Leila kidnapping them?"

I put aside my personal feelings and decided to focus on the immediate problems. Vinter replied to the changed topic after a brief silence.

"They're using children's mana to use magic."

"You said that they have no magic. But how are they using magic?"

"Now the remnants are just followers of Leila, and no one has the power of Leila. They steal mana to get rid of the wizards."

"They steal mana?"

"That's how you transform and manipulate mana. Rum on the eve of the hunt." I frowned.

"What the hell is their ultimate goal? Getting rid of all the wizards from this world? " "And, without wizards. They're trying to resurrect Leila in the world." "Resurrection? How the hell do you resurrect an imaginary God?"

As an atheist, I felt their argument was nothing but groundless.

But Vinter let out heavy sigh "Leila is not a god. "

"Then what?"

"An ancient minority of people with magical powers." "ancient ..?"

"If wizards use magic as a medium of mana and nature, they use up their lives and have similar powers."


"But they burn out their own lives. People hated it, so they started using my power to extort other people's lives. It was ancient Balta that they built to accumulate this power and seize the world."

"I heard that Balta was founded by wizards. " I muttered with a confused face....

The Crown Prince also knew that the oppression of wizards began from the foot stroke, but what Vinter said was completely different.

When he saw me unable to get a feel, he added heavily.

"The moment the Leila were sealed by ancient wizards, history was transformed by their curse. " "Curses?"

"All the sorceresses who stopped them from taking over the world and sealed them in Valta were forgotten. Because of the curse, the descendants of those wizards were ostracized by people and said, "

I was shocked by the new information.

If this is true, isn't it true that the Magistrates, including the Vinter, are really fighting an uphill battle? 'Is there always such sophisticated settings in hard mode?'

I could feel the chills of unknown reasons in the story. It was then. Vintet suddenly stopped walking.

The stairs were cut off before I knew it.

Down the stairs, a deep, dark cave path followed.

I could see that we're almost had arrived, and that there was a rare door lamp hanging. A cool, fishy wind blew over there.

It was much brighter than the stairs that were completely dark, but felt much more dangerous and ominous.

It was a Vinter that moved first.

I followed him into the aisle with no time to prepare my mind. Moving at a hasty pace, the empty space spouted out.

"I have to stop everything they do, Lady," a voice of desperation, as if pleading.

I asked carefully because I felt a sense of incompatibility with the mission of Vinter, which did not come out of normal mode.

"What happens when Leila resurrects?"

"Even the wizards that fight right. · Leila that had been sealed to the removed world · When released,"


" The end of the world will come." It was then.


Suddenly all the lights hanging in the cave went out. The Darkness of the Sacchaman has come.

"What, what's going on? Bu, give me a light. " I was taken aback and looked for Vintet.

But it was strange. In a flash,

He took out his cane and turned on the light, but there was no news. "Hey. "

I swiveled around to the place where Vinter had just been. But I couldn't see a inch ahead.

I stammered out my hand towards the darkness.

Reaching the fingertips, it was a cold, bumpy wall, not an arm of Vinter. "yi yi yi yi"

I was suddenly scared. "Vinter,?"

I found the empty place, breathing in a sharp breath.

I panicked and didn't even notice his original identity in my mouth. "Vinter!"

The moment I looked around in the darkness. The bottom lighted up.

I hurriedly lowered my head to the sudden light. Then I opened my eyes.

The necklace....

A bright yellow glow was coming out of the necklace that Winter hung for me.

~ The necklace can detect not only toxicity but also changes in properties caused by mana.

~ The more you shiver¸ the more dangerous it is¸ so avoid your seat immediately.

His voice, which was explaining about the necklace, crossed my mind. Then it was the moment when he said it was dangerous,


I could hear a faint voice calling me from the other side of the rock. "Vinter? Vinter!"

"Are you all right?" "Where are you!"

"I think I'm trapped. They double the cave structure"

Vinter's voice is very far away.

It was as small as it could be heard.

Because of him, I listened with all my strength to the wall, clinging to the wall. "Well, what then? Just go straight ahead?"

"I'll find a way. "

That just a little while......

Suddenly the voice of Vinter fell off. "Hey. Hey!"

I was terrified and called him wildly.

After a while his voice was heard again with bad news.

"One Eidie, the devil is coming in. What's the situation there?" "It's still okay here, "


I turned my head suddenly to the foreign sound of piercing my ears. A grotesque sound was heard from beyond the darkness.

I froze hard on the spot. '"Lady?"

"Crrr-. "

Vinter called me in a hurry.

At the same time, sounds rang out closer than before. "The devil is here too"

it was the moment I was about to inform him that the devil appeared here, too, in a quiver. with a sudden light in front of one's eyes.

<SYSTEM> A sudden quest has been made! An agitated swarm of mana has appeared!

Would you like to recite the magic spell, kill [Maemul] and go find [Raon]? (compensation: [??] favourability +5%, Laon's whereabouts)

[Accept / Refuse]

note: Penny better be safe or i will kill you Vinter