Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Chapter 39: ‘Ugh.’


Reflectively shuddering, I strove cynically, caressing the ruby ring in my left hand.

“The moment the dog bites its owner, you just pull the leash.”

Of course, the moment the leash strangled the dog, he had to endure a fall in favor.

“I thought it was the only breakthrough, but why do I feel like I’m going to do something if I don’t get it?”‘

I shook my head away from my anxious thoughts. And then I went on to the next one.

“Vuinter Verdandi.”

He was the first character to taste the fear of a plunge in favorability. I already decided not to look back at that moment, but when I saw the figure of “15 percent,” I was a little worried.

Although Vuinter had the biggest drawback of having the fastest contact with the FL, he also had the advantage of being the one of the top person of the five.

The speed of printing paper with the tip of a tap, tap, tap, and pen gradually increased.


I threw my pen in the air without making a clear decision.

“Why isn’t there easy route?”

It was then. ‘Knock knock’ on the door. I was extremely sensitive because I was scribbling down important things that others should not see. Therefore, my voice stretched out sharply unintentionally.

“Who is it?”

“This is Pennel, miss.”

It was the butler.


I grinned, and relaxedly arranged the papers lying on my desk and put them deep in the drawer. He allowed the visit only after putting the pen I was holding on to the pen stand.

“Come in.”

‘krieeeett’. Carefully the door opened and the butler came in.

“What’s going on?”

“I’m here to tell lady that the Duke wants to have a luncheon with lady after a long time.”


I blinked my eyes. It was an unfamiliar remark. Ever since I came in here, I’ve been eating alone in my room.

Compared to the dinner of a nobleman I know, it was honestly a series of absurd diets, but I was satisfied in my own way. It was better than eating rotten food or starving like the first time.

Emily, who never bumps into the Duke and his sons for nothing, and who is often stabbed by me, is attentive.

‘How perfect a self-meal it is.’

I didn’t want to go all the way down to the dining room on the first floor and face an uncomfortable person for lunch. Moreover, I was already feeling bloated when I imagined that I was eating under the eyes of employees who hated me for being a princess.

“…. …I don’t mind eating alone in the room as it has been.”

I wanted to avoid it if I could avoid it, so I gave a moderate refusal.

“The period of self-reflection is not over yet.”

“The Duke said he have something to tell to the lady, so lady must attend.”

“ If it’s … …you’re saying that all my brothers are joining too?”

“Of course.”

I’m doomed. I managed to catch a crumpled look. It was foolish to show a blatant dislike in front of the duke and Derek’s closest aides.

‘ Huh, mind control, mind control…’

I breathed a deep sigh inside.

“Butler. I have one thing to order before I go to the dining room…”

“Give me your order, lady.”

At my words, he looked different.

“If you have any digestive medicine, will you bring it to my room after lunch?”

“…you mean the digestive medicine?”

He asked back as if he was curious about the unexpected digestive medicine, even though I had not eaten yet.


I nodded strongly. Because I’m going to rush from now on.

I followed the butler out of the room.

It was because everyone was waiting for me downstairs after all the preparations for the luncheon had been completed. There was no time to procrastinate on the pretext of preparation for one-sided notification that could not be rejected.

“The Duke seems to be very busy with the royal palace these days.”

As I was walking down the hallway in silence, the butler suddenly talked to me, adjusting my stride. I had no idea that the Duke was busy. He seemed to be coming home late, but I wasn’t very interested.

“I think he did.”

But I responded with a silent nod of the head with an expressionless face. For some reason, I felt the butler carefully watching my face.

“In the past, every time the Duke was at home, he attended the dinner table regularly.”...

“…… “

“By any chance, did you have any inconveniences at the dining room?”

The question that followed quickly crumpled my forehead.

‘……was Penelope like that?’

A brim is also good. What good there could be stuffed food in my throat in that position? If you see it, you’ll only receive nothing but despised or ignored .

‘She’s really, uh… oops.’

However, I couldn’t blame her thoughtlessly because I thought I could see why she attended the Duke’s dinner.

In the past, I, who was always quick to give up, never acted like Penelope. But that wasn’t less miserable either.

The sound of tableware coming from the dining room, the simple greeting of a day asking each other, the flawless family without me…..

 “…….. Lady Penelope, Lady?”

I blinked at the voice calling me. Pennel, who had already reached the front of the stairs, looked at me with an unanswered eye.

“……….I didn’t feel uncomfortable.”

I answered casually as I went down the stairs ahead of him before he found

“I’ve been on my guard for making a mistake, so it’s a good idea to take care of my meal in the room.”

“I really think so. No. No, I’m not. I made a slip of the tongue.”

Perhaps it was surprising that Penelope’s mouth said such a sound, but the butler made a slip of the tongue. He hurriedly stopped talking and changed the subject.

“The Duke was very lonely because miss didn’t come out of the room.”


“You’re not going to blame me for participating in the dinner.”

The butler’s words made me laugh. If your dog doesn’t come out of your house, you’ll have to look into it.

The head of the household feels lonely, but there seems to be no sincerity in looking into whether his youngest daughter, who he adopted himself, eats or starve in the corner of the room.

“Well. Would my first brother think so, too?”


At my self-help question, the butler tried to say something, but I was a step faster.

“Open up.”

Before I knew it, I had arrived at the dining room.


He stood respectfully next to the tightly closed door to serve the meal and gave an arrogant nod to the waiters. I bowed and complied with my orders, but the eyes that shed to me were not beautiful.

It didn’t matter. I couldn’t afford to care less about the little extras.

The door opened, and through it the faces of the humans I really had to deal with. Middle-aged man with the brusque face at the top of the table and [likes 10%] sitting side by side on his right, [likes 20%].

“Do you have a sense of time or not? Why are you so late?”

As soon as I entered the restaurant and saw me, [10% likable] started a quarrel, frowning. It was the beginning of a dinner in hell.

I naturally moved to the left because they were sitting on the right side of the duke. The butler, who followed and pulled out the chair, withdrew after confirming that I was perfectly seated.

I walked on my feet and felt as if I had become a sinner who had been sent away.

‘You said it’s luncheon, but your table is broken.’

It was a feast of sumptuous food that had never been seen since coming here. Of course, it would be difficult to eat these much-needed foods because we have to solve them in a room on the second floor, but I realized the location of Penelope.

By the time he was dazed, a heavy voice fell from The Duke sitting at the top.

“……prepare it.”

A full-fledged meal has begun.

In fact, I didn’t know much about the order of tableware use by the nobles. But Penelope wasn’t always so common-sense. Therefore, even if you don’t use proper etiquette, you won’t be much flawed.

‘It’s a good thing you don’t have a reputation to lose.’

 I looked down at the tableware set in front of me to make sure everyone was holding a spoon with a side glance and to follow.


And then a cool smile immediately popped out. All the dishes I was given were for played by young children who had just learned how to use the fork.

“What’s the matter?”

Perhaps he heard my laughter, but the sharp eyes of The Duke right next to blossomed into me.

“It’s nothing.”

I shook my head in a hurry. And I listened to the tableware casually.

Come to think of it, they wouldn’t care what kind of spoon I was eating with anyway.

‘If you cared a little bit, you’d already know The Duke right next to you.’

Someone in the kitchen dared to play this prank on a princess’ table.