Hellbound With You

Chapter 711: Obsessed (part II)

"What have you been doing in these past few months, Alicia?" his voice calmed down. "Everything you've been doing is related to Kiel, am I right?"

"Well… that's obvious, isn't it? Since he's the biggest problem for us witches right now..." she trailed off again as Zeres closed his eyes, looking like he was going to erupt in anger very soon.

Suddenly, he impatiently ripped the shirt he was only half done unbuttoning due to quiet rage, surprising Alicia once again. "Damn." He cursed as he stared frustratedly at the buttons that were rolling away in all directions on the floor. "He's not the biggest problem right now. Damn it, Alicia!" He muttered under his breath, as if he was talking to himself. Alicia could see him gritting his teeth so hard, she was worried he would wear his teeth out.

Then he groaned low and without glancing at her, he headed towards the bathroom and slammed it shut.. Jumping slightly at the loud bang following his slamming the door, Alicia was left just standing there, stunned at his attitude.

As soon as the door slammed closed behind him, Zeres leaned his body heavily against the door. And then he slowly slid down and sat in an ungraceful heap on the furry carpeted bathroom floor. His head drooped down as his wrists rested on top of his folded knees.

"Calm down, damn it! What's going on with you, idiot?" He whispered harshly, berating himself, before he rushed towards the shower to cool his head. He felt miserable and did not know how to overcome these complicated feelings that were roused within him.

That day he left the dark forest, Alicia had told him to learn to live in the modern world. She told him he was free to do anything that he finds enjoyable and that he must learn to live like a modern man to fit in with the human society.

He did just as she advised. Though it was not only because she said so. He knew it was necessary for him to learn to fit in this world dominated by humans. And of course, as time went by, he began to be influenced with the things humans find enjoyable. His involvement in Kiel's mafia organization also exposed him to almost every immoral thing imaginable that many humans loved to do.

Hoping that those things would distract him, Zeres indulged himself with the things both vampires and humans considered as the pleasures of life. Somehow, he understood why they had called it that. Those things did give relief and pleasure that could make him forget everything… no matter how temporary it was, he would not deny that it indeed helped.

Even though these things could not change anything at the end of the day, Zeres had been spared from many miserable nights in the past months. He was not going to regret doing the things he had done. At first, he was overcome with guilt. He had a hard time touching another woman as his mind kept thinking about Alicia. That night, the woman had asked him if he had someone he loved. When he nodded at her, the woman asked him if the one he love loved him back. The question hit him hard like a sucker punch right into his gut. He knew Alicia did not feel the same way that he did for her. They do not even have any sort of romantic relationship, not even promises to bind them to each other.

Since he started bedding a woman, his guilt slowly disappeared. In fact, he had liked that he at least stopped thinking about her when f*cking someone else. He had thought he was probably starting to get over her and to him, that was a relief.

Yet now. Just her appearing before him crushed all those thoughts and hopes. He still wanted her so badly. If she was not a spirit, he would have seized and ravished her completely the moment he saw her. And then it made his blood boil when he did not see her even react at all at what she had seen. He knew she saw what happened since he entered the door with that woman. And yet, it seemed that seeing such a thing was nothing to her. And he was furious no matter how ridiculous it was of him to feel that way.

"Of course, it'll be nothing to her. What the hell are you still expecting?!" He told himself bitterly as he slammed his palm down against the marble tile. He could hardly feel the pain that radiated from his palm as the pain in his heart was so much greater that it seemed to drown out everything else.

He also could hardly contain himself when she spoke about Kiel, calling him the biggest problem. Zeres knew why she thinks that way and he knew she was right. But to him, Kiel was not the biggest problem. The biggest problem was Alicia. It had been months and there was still no progress on his search to bringing her back. This was the main thing that was making him more and more miserable for each day that passes....

His focus had been on this alone since he left the Black Forest. One witch he found during his search who had now became his sidekick had told him he was too obsessed with whatever it was that he was searching. The guy was right. He was obsessed and he will never stop being obsessed until he finds what he is looking for.

And this was the most ironic thing of all. Him obsessing about her, about bringing her back, while she was obsessing over someone else. She would not admit she was, but her focus now was on Kiel, as if she had forgotten that she was in a dire situation herself. And he hated that. Despite knowing that he, of all people, should be the one to understand her best.



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