Spirit Realm

Chapter 1097: Space Predator

Chapter 1097: Space Predator

Ma Feng, Gong Shengyuan, and Zhuo Weidan’s expressions slowly turned serious...

As they examined Qin Lie from head to toe, they thought to themselves, “Yao Tian…”

All three of them hailed from either Lunar Temple or Sun Palace. They’d also frequented Boluo Realm many times in the past. Therefore, they weren’t completely unfamiliar with the situation of Boluo Realm.

When Jun Hongxuan of Boluo Realm sought for help from the Spirit Realm’s Sun Palace, the name “Yao Tian” was repeatedly brought up.

Lunar Temple was aware that a human boy had triggered all the drastic changes in Boluo Realm.

That human was called Yao Tian.

Before today, the trio thought that Yao Tian had only convinced the Dark Shadow Race to turn down Sun Palace’s and Lunar Temple’s recruitment attempts and join the Demon Dragon Race.

It was something that made them pay attention to Yao Tian.

But now, Qin Lie had appeared and told them that he was the one who destroyed Lunar Temple and Sun Palace’s secret realm entrances. Their surprise grew at the revelation.

They had all heard of the Qin Lie from three hundred years ago. They just couldn’t believe that the Qin Lie of the stories could commit so many astonishing feats in Boluo Realm.

It completely contradicted with the Qin Lie they were familiar with!

“No, you don’t look like him. You’re not him!” Ma Feng frowned deeply before he let out a snort. “I’ve seen the real Qin Lie with my own eyes!”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t have to prove anything to you.” Qin Lie smiled and replied in a light tone. “You’re all going to die anyway, so why would I bother explaining anything to you?”

He turned around and looked at Teng Yuan’s group. “You guys should already know what to do, right?”

“We haven’t come all the way just to experience the sceneries of the outer space.” Nivitt’s triangular eyes sparkled with iciness. “If they survive, Boluo Realm will be invaded en masse by Sun Palace and Lunar Temple. We’re not going to stand by and let this happen, of course.”

“Leave none alive!” Teng Yuan yelled.


The golden giant Banderas glowed golden as his aura condensed into a beacon of golden light.

It was a pillar of light made of the purest essence of metal. There seemed to be countless sharp, golden bolts of lightning dancing inside the pillar.

The golden giant Banderas was built like a metal giant. He turned into a golden beam and dashed as the pillar of light flew straight towards Ma Feng.

A sea of golden light was being discharged from Banderas’s body too.

At first glance, he looked like a golden meteor dragging a long golden tail of light behind him.

The five-level Soul Altar expert Ma Feng immediately turned serious.

His Soul Altar suddenly swelled into a bright silver cloud.

Thousands of cool, bright moonlight wriggled inside his Soul Altar like a school of fish.

“Extreme Yin Cold Moon!”

Ma Feng became surrounded by dazzling moonlight. Many rays of radiant moonlight entered his Soul Altar.

The cloud-shaped Soul Altar abruptly took on the shape of a crescent moon.

Ma Feng looked like he was sitting on top of a silver moon disk.

After the Soul Altar had transformed into a moon disk, it continuously discharged moonlight and illuminated the starlight around him as if it was curious, eager to uncover the truth of its surroundings.

Banderas was still several hundred meters away from Ma Feng when he clashed against the moonlight with his pillar of golden light.

“Zzzt zzt!”

Golden light and silver moonlight clashed intensely amidst the stars. The resulting sparks were wondrous to watch.

It was as if a river of stars had suddenly exploded.

Turbulent, sharp energies spread spilled towards every direction like a tidal wave from the point where golden light and moonlight clashed against one another.

The cold, dark, and infinite mass that was space suddenly turned immeasurably beautiful because of this.

Behind Ma Feng, Gong Shengyuan of Lunar Temple hurriedly acted as well after he saw his sect mate clash against Banderas of the Giant Race.

“Divine Lunar Mirror!”

A silver mirror appeared from Gong Shengyuan’s Soul Altar and rose high into space.

A beam of refined moonlight exited the top of his head and entered the mirror instantly.

The mirror then flew away from Gong Shengyuan and hung above Ma Feng’s silver moon Soul Altar as if it was a real moon.

The Divine Lunar Mirror contained the blood of many Serene Moon clansmen. They swam like spirit snakes and drew many exquisite crescent-shaped patterns on the canvas of space.

The moment the patterns were fully formed, they became a domain that enhanced the power of the cold moon. It greatly enhanced Ma Feng’s Soul Altar, his power and the moonlight he discharged.

Ma Feng, who was just about to come into physical contact with Banderas looked greatly invigorated as the cold moonlight around his chest suddenly glowed much brighter.

The silver moon he unleashed actually started dissolving the pillar of golden light Banderas created.

Even Banderas’s tough body was cut by the streaks of silver moonlight passing by him.

Some of the wounds went as deep as the bones.


It was at this moment the demon dragon Barett let out a roar that sounded like it came from the depths of hell.

The fat Barett twisted his obese body and spat a continuous stream of black flames straight at his enemies.

The dragon breath struck the blank area between Ma Feng and Gong Shengyuan.

Before long, the space between Ma Feng and Gong Shengyuan was completely flooded by black flames.

The evil dragon Calvert moved past the sea of black flames with lightning speed.

He was right next to Gong Shengyuan when he finally revealed himself, and he swiped fiercely at Gong Shengyuan’s five-level Soul Altar while letting out a roar.

From the looks of it, he was planning to crush Gong Shengyuan’s Soul Altar with his dragon claws in one go.

Gong Shengyuan turned pale with fright. He had no choice but to withdraw his Divine Lunar Mirror and fight against Calvert with all his power.

Ma Feng couldn’t gain the upper hand in his fight against Banderas after the Divine Lunar Mirror had left his side.

Meanwhile, Tyler of the Black Jail Race laughed sinister as he plunged into the moonlight where Ma Feng was.

Teng Yuan and Nivitt were keeping Zhuo Weidan of Sun Palace busy.

The three human five-level Soul Altar experts were at best the equal to Banderas or Tyler in individual prowess.

However, Teng Yuan, Barett and Nivitt were all dominantly stronger than that in a one on one fight.

Moreover, a total of six Boluo Realm experts had come to intercept Ma Feng’s team before they could reach Boluo Realm.

They were overwhelmingly superior compared to the human enemies in this battle.

Qin Lie relaxed while observing the battle from atop the Demon Sealing Tombstone.

He knew that Teng Yuan and the others were absolutely capable of taking out the trio. All he needed to do was to prevent the trio from escaping using a secret art.

“We can’t let them escape, or they’ll spread the news and cause unnecessary surprises…”

As he thought of a way to stop them, his gaze slowly moved towards the nearby space.

“The only way to stop a cultivator from escaping through space is to lock down a space entirely, or distort the spatial laws around them.”

He skimmed through his memories in search of a way to achieve his purpose.

“The Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram!”

Suddenly, he recalled the spirit diagram he learned from the spirit pattern pillars back at Armament Sect.

The Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram wasn’t an ancient spirit diagram, but it was one of the Celestial Artifact Sect’s core spirit diagrams. It wasn’t a difficult spirit diagram, and it was composed of several basic spirit diagrams.

This spirit diagram had the extraordinary effect of locking down space for a short instant.

“If I replace all those simple spirit diagrams with ancient spirit diagrams and make them more flexible, the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram’s effect could be enhanced several times over!”

When he thought up to this point, translucent blood droplets suddenly exited his body.

The blood beads spun rapidly and floated in space.

Every drop of blood was like a ink-soaked brush that were controlled by his soul consciousness. He used them to draw many complicated ancient spirit diagrams.

He was trying to execute a forbidden seal while Teng Yuan’s group was fighting against Ma Feng’s group.

While he was drawing the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram with his blood, the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit’s bloodline resonated strongly with him. It suddenly gave him a massive boost of confidence.

He was one hundred percent certain that the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram drawn with his blood and founded using the ancient spirit diagrams would exceed his expectation! It would definitely have a powerful lockdown effect over space!

While his real self was drawing the Celestial Sealing Demon Diagram, Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar had returned to the meteor group.

This time, he didn’t try to hide his presence.

The Soul Beast that had revealed its true face charged right through the meteor group and crushed any meteors that happened to be in its way into fine powder.

At the same time, its humongous soul energy spread uncontrollably to the surroundings in a violent and overbearing display of its might.

Right now, Qin Lie’s Soul Beast avatar was no doubt a space predator.

On the other side of the meteor group, Miao Yizi was growing worried despite still standing her ground firmly against two real experts and many low rank lizardmen and dragonmen.

Her allies should’ve received her message a long time ago.

However, they had yet to show up for some reason.

Miao Yizi hadn’t bothered to preserve her strength before because she was certain that Ma Feng and the others would come to her rescue. As a result, she was starting to feel fatigued after slaughtering a considerable number of lizardmen.

If Ma Feng and the others didn’t show up in time, it was only a matter of time before she fell into disadvantage.

It was at this moment a terrifyingly huge soul presence suddenly came from afar.

When the experts of the two races sensed this terrifying presence and stopped what they had been doing almost instantly.

Fear appeared on their faces.

The soul presence of a Rank Nine Soul Beast was like a giant tidal wave. It was a living terror to most intelligent lifeforms.

Both the dragonmen and the lizardmen felt small and helpless in face of this terrifying soul tide, even if it was still tens of kilometers away from them.