Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3558: Everyone Has Their Own Method

“He really didn’t teach you anything else?” The third girl became dissatisfied.

Fan Bai didn’t reply because she was already very satisfied. She memorized everything Li Qiye taught her and would continue learning them no matter what.

“How about this? I’ll teach you a few things.” Xiao Ling had this idea: “In my opinion, you’re wasting your time and effort learning just one move.”

“That’s a good idea.” The other girls agreed.

“I will teach you a merit law.” Xiao Ling enthusiastically said.

“Thank you, Big Sis, but there is no need. The young master said that one move is all I need.” Fan Bai shook her head.

“No, your young master is wrong. How can just one move be enough?” Xiao Ling’s friend immediately interjected: “Any random merit law from our academy is better than this move of his.”

“Maybe your young master only knows one move, that’s the only logical explanation.” The other added.

“Our Duality Academy is the strongest in Buddha Holy Ground. This merit law is also left behind by a Heavenly Sovereign and is certainly stronger than your young master’s move. This is worthy of your effort.” Xiao Ling said.

“I know Duality.” Fan Bai stared at them and still refused: “I trust my young master.”

She had heard of this academy during her vagrant stage. However, she still chose to listen to Li Qiye instead.

“This is foolish.” One girl couldn’t help murmuring.

The choice was obvious for anyone, even a fool. Xiao Ling was willing to teach her a powerful merit law for free. How could she still refuse?

The old attendant has been watching this. The girls didn’t know that Fan Bai’s future would have been ruined by taking the offer.

Fortunately, she was firm enough and remembered Li Qiye’s words, remaining untempted. Others couldn’t have done the same thing.

“Ladies, please don’t disturb her training.” He walked over and said with a smile.

The three had no choice but to back off. As students of Duality, they understood that it was extremely rude for them to interrupt someone’s training.

“You should talk to your young master. Don’t just teach her one thing.” One friend remained indignant for Fan Bai.

“Right, look at how hard she’s working. Hmph, if he has nothing to teach, we can give her a merit law. It’s suitable for anyone in the world and is countless times stronger than that.” The other jumped in.

“The young master certainly has a profound reason for doing this.” The old man smiled.

“What profound reason?” Even Xiao Ling herself expressed annoyance: “Your young master isn’t a supreme or peerless existence. There’s no profundity nor mystery in this.”

She didn’t like talking negatively about Li Qiye since he had helped them. However, she felt that the old man was trying too hard to be mysterious.

“Right, if your young master is capable of this, he wouldn’t be a woodchopper right now.” Another girl said.

The old man could only reply with a smile. The three of them had no idea that a great fortune was there in front of them. Alas, they completely abandoned it.

Thus, their future would not be comparable to Fan Bai despite their noble upbringing.  Fan Bai would illuminate Eight Desolaces while the best they could do was becoming queens.

Of course, the old man didn’t try to help them. After all, everyone was responsible for grasping their fortune.


The three girls were bored while staying in the temple. They wanted to leave but were afraid of getting lost. All they could do was release a signal and continue waiting....

Fortunately, friends actually saw their signal on the same day and came seeking them. The dispersed group eventually gathered along with other students of the academy.

They were lucky to survive after scattering around the mountain range. Not one was killed or eaten.

They talked about how frightening the encounter with the serpent was and that it would go down as an exciting story to be told.

“Classmate Ling, I caught a divine fish too.” A male student was ecstatic to see Xiao Ling. He bragged: “We ran to a pond and worked together to capture it.” 

Having said that, he took out a chest containing water from the pond with a fire-colored fish with long feelers. It had yellow scales as if they were gilded. 

“A gilded five-colored loach. Its blood is very precious, you’re quite lucky.” An older student said with admiration: “Rumor has it that it is a side branch of a seven-colored draconic loach. It doesn’t have a true dragon bloodline like the latter but its blood is immensely nutritious.”

“Valuable indeed.” The students nearby were in awe.

The first student was happy and told Xiao Ling: “Classmate Ling, I’ll give it to you.” His eyes exuded admiration.

Everyone could tell that he was interested in her. All eyes were on the two of them. After all, Xiao Ling was a noble and had plenty of suitors.

“Thank you, Classmate Zhang Yu, but I do not dare to accept such a precious gift. Please keep and use it yourself.” Xiao Ling politely refused.

The male student had no choice but to put the fish away, dejected. 

The crisis earlier didn’t diminish everyone’s enthusiasm. Most talked about the next location. Some thought that they should bring more powerful students and teachers to tag along. Others had enough and wanted to go back to the academy…

“So rowdy, what’s going on here?” A lazy voice interrupted the crowd gathered outside the temple.

Many students quieted down and looked over. They saw a youth with firewood and a yellow dog.

Who else could it be but Li Qiye returning from his trip?

The majority didn’t give a damn after seeing Li Qiye’s limited cultivation.

“Young Noble Li, our friends found us.” Xiao Ling happily told Li Qiye. It was a blessing that a dozen of them survived the encounter with the serpent.

“That’s fine but don’t be loud and disturb the peace.” Li Qiye responded.

Xiao Ling didn’t expect this but thought that it made sense. This was Li Qiye’s place.

“You’re right, Young Noble.” She nodded.

“Hmph, Myriad Beast Mountains isn’t your place.” The student named Zhang Yu who wanted to please Xiao Ling didn’t like Li Qiye’s haughty attitude towards her. He immediately stepped forward.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye lazily glanced at him.

His attitude didn’t win him any love from the members of Duality. They stared coldly at him, thinking that he was thinking too highly of himself.

They could be considered dragons and phoenixes. Few were chosen by Duality, definitely not ordinary mortals.

Li Qiye belonged to the second group, just an unknown junior. How dare he treat them with contempt?

“Brat, watch your words.” An older student said seriously: “If anything gets broken here, we’ll be sure to pay for the damages. Just take back your arrogant tone.”