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Chapter 1689: A Change in Situation

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“What is this? What just happened?”

Everyone watching the match suddenly heard a hoarse shout from Pan Lin. It sounded like he wanted to crawl out and grab the audience’s neck to get to the bottom of this matter.

Even so, no one felt like he had lost his composure, because they were all going crazy just like him.

A Cleric knocking down a Sharpshooter. More importantly, the Sharpshooter was Cloud Piercer, controlled by Zhou Zekai, Glory’s number one player in recent years. Even if that was just context, it was a powerful scene, placing him in the spotlight.

Everyone knew that even if An Wenyi wasn’t a great player, even if he was considered one of the worst among Happy’s rookies, what he had contributed today would be remembered for years. This scene was similar to Tyranny’s Assassin, Cold Seasons, from many years ago. He wasn’t a particularly well-known player, but his shattering Life-Risking Strike against One Autumn Leaf in the finals became the most breathtaking moment that year.

An Wenyi’s attack wasn’t anything special, but his Little Cold Hands was a Cleric! A Cleric knocking down Glory’s number one player. This was more than enough for this moment to be written into the annals of Glory.

Although to be accurate, Cloud Piercer hadn’t been knocked down. After all, Heroic Leap wasn’t a skill with a forced knockdown. Zhou Zekai hadn’t been able to avoid the attack in time, but it wasn’t hard for him to Quick Recover and avoid crashing into the ground.

But whether or not he really did get knocked down wasn’t important. With Quick Recover, Cloud Piercer would roll and then get up. In everyone’s eyes, Cloud Piercer rolling on the ground was no different than Little Cold Hands sending him tumbling with a Heroic Leap.

Apart from the staunch Samsara supporters, this moment made everyone’s blood boil with excitement.

But not Zhou Zekai.

Many people might think of this as humiliating to him, but he had no such thoughts. No matter how weak An Wenyi was, he was an opponent. It was just that from his skill level and his class, he should have been someone easy to deal with. But this time, this opponent had made the right decision at the right time. In that instant, he hadn’t been weak at all.

But it was only for an instant.

Zhou Zekai still didn’t think An Wenyi was much of a threat. Even when Little Cold Hands had hit him with Heroic Leap, what he had cared more about was interrupting One Inch Ash.

I need to hurry and interrupt him again.

This was the more urgent matter in Zhou Zekai’s mind.

Roll, find the target, aim…

Before Cloud Piercer even got up, Zhou Zekai had started preparing for his next attack.

But he was too late.

On the battlefield, only an instant was needed to make a difference. From start to finish, An Wenyi hadn’t been able to gain the upper hand on Zhou Zekai, but in that instant, he had won. He had won his team an opportunity.

Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash had already walked to the necessary position and had started casting a ghost boundary. If Cloud Piercer had been able to get off his shot previously, he would have been able to interrupt One Inch Ash. But it was too late to try now.

The spell was complete. The ghostly power gathered around One Inch Ash’s blade, Snow Stripe. By the time the gunshot rang, One Inch Ash had already swung his sword.

Even though the others on Samsara had their own battles to take care of, they would pay attention to the changes going on in the battlefield from time to time. Seeing that Cloud Piercer wasn’t able to interrupt One Inch Ash in time, they knew that a ghost boundary would be completed soon. Jiang Botao and Wu Qi began to retreat in haste.

“Haha, it’s a feint!” Outside of the match, Li Xuan laughed. In that instant, Li Xuan was able to tell that One Inch Ash had hidden a little trick when he placed down the ghost boundary. Only someone like Li Xuan, Glory’s number one Phantom Demon, could have noticed it.

Sure enough, the moment the tip of the blade reached the bottom of its arc, it suddenly turned.

Dense ghostly energy filled with a chilly frost blossomed like a pale blue flower.

Ice Boundary!

In the center was One Autumn Leaf!

At the final moment, Qiao Yifan, who had originally been pointing towards Empty Waves and Cruel Silence, turned towards One Autumn Leaf.

It wasn’t that Sun Xiang hadn’t noticed that Qiao Yifan was setting down a ghost boundary. It was just that Qiao Yifan’s feint hadn’t been so easy to see through. Only Li Xuan had been able to.

When he saw the direction of the Ice Boundary, as well as Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves and Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence retreating, Sun Xiang more or less disregarded it. By the time Qiao Yifan made the change, it was too late for him to react in time....


The biting cold instantly slowed One Autumn Leaf. Not being directly turned into an ice cube was already quite lucky.


One Inch Ash was struck by the bullet. In order to placed down the Ice Boundary, there was no way Qiao Yifan could have dodged it. Cloud Piercer had only been just a little bit too late. It looked as if it had hit One Inch Ash before the ghost boundary had been set down.

Blood spurt out from the wound, but it was meaningless. An Wenyi had created an opening for Qiao Yifan, and Qiao Yifan had used it to alter the flow of the match.

Dancing Rain rushed out!

Sun Xiang wanted to stop her, but One Autumn Leaf was now too slow to catch up to her.

Boom boom boom!

Glory’s number one support started firing artillery shells around the battlefield. She was finally doing what she was best at, supporting.

Artillery shells flew towards Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves and Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence. The flames from the explosions flashed in front of their eyes.

When One Inch Ash turned his blade, the two realized that they had been tricked.

The two hastily tried to get back, but the players on Happy weren’t wooden trees. The two of them had given up their position to avoid the ghost boundary, so Happy immediately had someone occupy it.

Tang Rou, Soft Mist!

A Battle Mage fighting up close, while a Launcher supported from afar?

A familiar combo. Many people’s thoughts immediately returned to those former days. Even though the duo hadn’t been able to win the championships, the two were the greatest partners in all of Glory.

But now, One Autumn Leaf had become Dancing Rain’s enemy. The one playing the Battle Mage was different. As for Su Mucheng’s former partner, Ye Xiu?

He was Happy’s true lead, and Happy’s true core.

No one dared to overlook him, whether it was the enemy players or the viewers watching. Even when the rising stars of Happy shined again and again, those familiar with Ye Xiu would always pay attention to his each and every move.

If there were no opportunities, he could create opportunities for himself. An Wenyi had helped Happy win the team an opening. Would Ye Xiu keep biding his time? Would Ye Xiu not do anything?

Of course not!

Tang Rou had been left to deal with Jiang Botao and Wu Qi alone. At this moment, Ye Xiu turned fire!

Gunshots rang continuously.

Zhou Zekai hadn’t been able to interrupt Qiao Yifan in time. When he saw Qiao Yifan’s feint muddle Jiang Botao’s and Wu Qi’s tempo, he realized that the previous situation could no longer continue.

With One Autumn Leaf trapped in the Ice Boundary, the BOX-1 would certainly fail.

The situation had changed, which meant that he needed to hurry and adjust. He needed to find a new breakthrough point. As a result, Zhou Zekai set his sights on a target close to him.

An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands.

Ultimately, he was Happy’s healer. No matter how amazing he had been previously, a Cleric was someone who the team needed to protect. Who knew how many strategies had been devised over the years to get to the enemy healer.

Right now, Happy’s healer was standing right near Cloud Piercer without anyone to protect him.

Let alone the fact that Zhou Zekai’s Sharpshooter could even fight evenly against Ye Xiu’s unspecialized in close combat, even if he couldn’t, a Cleric should lose to a Sharpshooter anyways.

At that moment, he fired again, this time, towards Little Cold Hands.

Gunshot, blood. The white robe on Little Cold Hands was dyed red. Others might think that this was a form of revenge from Zhou Zekai, but in reality, it wasn’t.

The enemy healer had gifted himself over, so why shouldn’t he attack him? It was the rational thing to do.