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Chapter 1686: The Weakest One

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Happy’s in a bad situation!

Seeing the BOX-1 that Sun Xiang executed against Su Mucheng, the pro players came to a unified conclusion.

A random map required many strategies to adapt to variable conditions, but facing an unchanging opponent, a few general strategic directions could still be established beforehand.

Just like how Happy’s plan to target Jiang Botao had been revealed earlier, the current situation showed Samsara’s general intent when facing Happy.

First, there was Ye Xiu. Last round, Samsara had tried a 3v1, but Ye Xiu had managed to hold out for a long time. So, this time, they didn’t try to focus fire on Ye Xiu to take care of him quickly.

Tang Rou, after completing a turnaround for Happy with her 1v3 in the group arena just now, had dealt a great blow to Samsara’s morale. However, after the team round began, Samsara didn’t seem to hold any fierce grudge against her or her Soft Mist. They simply fought her normally.

Against Qiao Yifan, Samsara sent their core player Zhou Zekai to personally restrict him. This seemed more like an on-the-spot arrangement. On one side, he restricted Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash; on the other side, he still gave powerful support to his own team. Zhou Zekai made thorough use of his class’s specialty to attack in two directions at once.

And Sun Xiang’s BOX-1 against Su Mucheng, this seemed like a strategy that had been planned beforehand. Samsara’s line of thought in this match had been to take Su Mucheng, this master of support and coordination, out of the battle.

However, Samsara’s strategy wasn’t limited to just this. Right now, there was still another player on the battlefield.

An Wenyi, Happy’s healer, the Cleric Little Cold Hands, was standing on the battlefield unscathed.

The battle had already unfolded, but when Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf and Wu Qi’s Cruel Silence charged toward his Little Cold Hands and Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain, he had already felt that something was off.

He was the healer, someone who would always be an important target of attack. When these two had approached, he hurriedly retreated, seeking Su Mucheng’s cover.

But very quickly, he realized something. Whether Sun Xiang or Wu Qi, these two characters seemed to be entirely focused on attacking Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain.

He healed from the side, he used a few of the Cleric’s controlling techniques from the side, but those two people were simply on guard against his interference, nothing more. Their full attention was on Su Mucheng.

If not for these two pincering her, how could Su Mucheng have been pinned down so easily? It was because of Wu Qi’s help that Sun Xiang had been able to successfully establish a BOX-1 against Su Mucheng. And at that moment, Wu Qi had run back to help Jiang Botao without a glance back.

An Wenyi had already been feeling that something was wrong. At this, his fingertips grew cold.

He saw Samsara’s strategy. Including Samsara’s attitude toward him.

All this time, because he had been viewed as Happy’s weak point, he had often become the opponents’ target of attack during the team round. Happy had performed many strategies to take advantage of this.

But today, in this battle that would determine to whom the championship would belong, An Wenyi suddenly discovered that he was disregarded…

An Wenyi was always calm and logical, but this time, his emotional state suffered a blow. View him as the weak point, he accepted it. He admitted that his skill was insufficient, even among the batch of rookies in Happy, let alone the pro circle as a whole.

But now, Samsara’s attitude wasn’t just treating him as the weak point. They were completely and wholly ignoring him. When Sun Xiang and Wu Qi’s characters closed in, they came only toward Su Mucheng, without sparing him half a glance. Right now, his Little Cold Hands was only standing there. He had no protection of any sort, but Samsara had no intention of attacking him.

This attitude was simply expressing: his existence didn’t matter. His Cleric simply could not affect the final outcome of this battle.

Were they looking down on him?

Or… was this really the only value he had?

When he’d been treated as the weak point, he could still draw the opponents’ attacks, and from there become the center of a trap for the opponent.

But now, in the eyes of the mighty Samsara, was he really nothing?

An Wenyi’s hands were cold, and his heart grew cold as well. He knew his shortcomings, he knew that he might not have any talent, but he hadn’t given up, he had kept working hard. Even when he was the weak point known to all, he had used his identity as the weak point to contribute to the team.

He appeared calm only because he was logical, only because he clearly recognized his own ability and limits. He did not resign himself to this fate. He had been working hard all this time so that he would no longer be viewed as the weak point.

And so, he’d had a few shining performances, not as the bait or the trap, but as a Cleric. He had even earned the recognition and praise of his idol, Glory’s number one Cleric Zhang Xinjie. This let An Wenyi felt that his hard work hadn’t been for nothing. Perhaps he was no longer the weak point, perhaps he would soon be able to shine.

But now, that didn’t seem to be the case.

In the eyes of Samsara, this strongest team in the Alliance, he wasn’t even considered the weak point. He was no more than a worthless piece of trash…

No one could know the sheer loss in An Wenyi’s heart right now.

He had been working hard all this time, but in the end, was the difference between him and everyone else really still so large? Had his so-called improvement been no more than wishful thinking? In reality, was he still that most useless one?

“Something’s wrong with Happy’s healer.” Once again, it was Zhang Xinjie, who would observe every detail on the battlefield, who noticed first.

Right now, neither Samsara’s Fang Minghua nor Happy’s An Wenyi had encountered any harassment. But it was for different reasons – Happy was currently unable to spare any hands to target the healer, while Samsara was purposely ignoring Happy’s healer. All of the pro players could see this quite clearly.

“It seems like… he doesn’t know what he should do?” Thunderclap’s Xiao Shiqin said, after observing Little Cold Hands’ actions....


“All this time, he’s struggled to survive under high pressure. Today, now that Samsara’s ignoring him, does he not know what to do?” Tiny Herb’s Wang Jiexi tried to figure out An Wenyi’s current mood.

None of them correctly guessed An Wenyi’s mood, because these god-level players had never met this kind of treatment before. The weak point, the flaw, the dead-last, these descriptions had never been associated with them. Those who could feel that distress in An Wenyi’s heart right now were only those who had experienced what he had – those who’d been ignored, who’d been treated coldly, who hadn’t been valued.

Wind Howl’s Tang Hao was smiling bitterly. This disregard from Samsara put him in a particularly bad mood.

Blue Rain’s Captain Yu Wenzhou also sighed, and said: “He’s suffered a psychological blow.”

A psychological blow?

Many of them exchanged glances. It was inevitable that Happy would be somewhat lacking on technique or strategy. But psychologically, on this team, the old and the young, the strong and the weak, they were all demons. When had they ever revealed any kind of psychological problems?

“Samsara’s given An Wenyi a fatal blow…” Yu Wenzhou said.

“What do you mean?” A number of people asked.

“Denied his worth once and for all,” said Yu Wenzhou.

Denied An Wenyi’s worth once and for all?

Everyone’s gazes returned to the battlefield, as the situation on the battlefield grew more and more intense. Happy had already been at a disadvantage, and the performance of their healer was currently unusually clumsy. This kind of performance was the so-called “pig teammate,” more terrible than a godly opponent.

“There is a problem, and it can only be mental,” many people said, nodding.

An Wenyi’s skill wasn’t anything special, but in this kind of situation where there was no interference, his judgment and accurate grasp of timing combined with the high intelligence and high crit stats of Little Cold Hands should be enough to serve as Happy’s most solid backing. But now, it seemed as though he’d lost his mind, that he had no idea what the thought process of a battle should be.

A psychological problem was always a big problem.

Especially for those who always seemed to be very psychologically strong, who never had any problems. As soon as a problem did appear, then it would be even more difficult to deal with.

An Wenyi lacked self-confidence because he was too logical. He logically recognized that his strength still wasn’t enough, and that he therefore shouldn’t have self-confidence. Carefully, bit by bit, he’d built up his confidence. But now in this battle, the final battle, the battle that would determine everything, Samsara’s total disregard shattered the confidence that he had so carefully raised. It destroyed all of those hopes he’d had for himself, hopes that had been born with such difficulty.

By now, he had no idea how to continue, he needed to help…


At this moment, a message appeared in Team Happy’s chat.

“Hurry and heal!” It was Ye Xiu speaking. It looked like he was just reminding An Wenyi to keep up with the tempo.

“Don’t think too much. It’s true, you’re not very exceptional.” Who would have thought that Ye Xiu would suddenly send another sentence? This kind of sentence, appearing at a moment like this? In the eyes of any pro player, this was practically cooperating with the psychological knives that Samsara was throwing.

“This guy is insane!”

“Is this considered curing poison with poison?”

Everyone was shouting.

“But…” A transition appeared.

“Even if you’re a piece of straw, when you’re tied to a deluxe mitten crab, then you have the worth of that crab!”

Everyone was stunned.

These words seemed to have some philosophy to them. It was just that this metaphor… it seemed a bit self-inflating. What the mitten crab in the metaphor referred to couldn’t be clearer. This guy, he was simply too shameless. Did he know how to be humble?

But when An Wenyi saw these words, he too was taken aback.

That was right… No matter how worthless he was, he had a group of beautiful teammates at his side! Relying upon their light, even if he could reflect only a little bit of it, he would be bright enough that he couldn’t be ignored, right?

My skill isn’t as good as your healer’s, and my control of the situation definitely cannot compare to that of your experienced and thoughtful Fang Minghua.

But even if what I can do is only one-tenth of what your Fang Minghua can, even if you think it’s a negligible, insignificant ten percent, what if our Happy only needs that ten percent?

No need for doubt, no need for confusion. He only needed to do all that he could do, and the rest of it, he would leave to his teammates! What was he thinking about? Had he gotten too used to being treated as the weak point? Did he think that he was the core that the opponent needed to take care of?

That had never been the case!

He had always been no more than the weakest player in Happy. That had always been the case.

The fortunate thing was, he had a group of amazing teammates.