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Chapter 1589: Trade

Chapter 1589: Trade



Those who supported Ye Xiu or those who worried for Zhou Zekai didn't quite understand the current situation. From start to finish, the only ones who remained unaffected were Team Samsara and Zhou Zekai's teammates.

Because they understood Zhou Zekai's personality and play style. Their captain, who was considered the number one player in Glory, was never arrogant. Fighting close-ranged as a long-ranged class? That would be the epitome of arrogance. How could their captain entertain such a useless thought? If Zhou Zekai decided to play in such a way, that simply meant it was necessary. So that's what he did.

Cheers and screams were fine. After all, it was indeed an incredibly beautiful display of skill. 

But if you had to say that it was the pinnacle of Glory or a revolution, that would be nonsense.

Even Samsara snorted disdainfully at Pan Lin's word choice, and then when Ye Xiu slapped him in the face, they rejoiced at his misfortune.

Because they were the same as Zhou Zekai. Playing like this would be exciting for the viewers, but it wouldn't be enough to suppress an expert like Ye Xiu.

As a result, they had never thought that Ye Xiu would be beaten down by Zhou Zekai in this way. What they saw was a trade. With Zhou Zekai having the health lead, he was trading with Ye Xiu's Lord Grim. Even though Ye Xiu had the upper hand in these trades, the outcome of these trades lead towards Zhou Zekai's victory.

The battle continued.

At a rapid pace.

The average viewer didn't understand the reality of this situation. The pro players wouldn't make this mistake though. Quite a few of them had begun calculating the DPS from both sides to determine who the winner would be.

Zhou Zekai would win.

Zhou Zekai would win.

Zhou Zekai would win.

This was what Zhang Xinjie, Yu Wenzhou, and Wang Jiexi concluded.

The others, who hadn't yet reached a conclusion, stopped calculating. If those three all agreed, then what was there to argue about? Right now, Zhou Zekai would win without a doubt.

"But it's risky," Thunderclap's Xiao Shiqin said.

Everyone nodded their heads.

Zhou Zekai would win at this rate, and he had it under control at the moment. However, he was playing against Ye Xiu's unspecialized, who had the upper hand in these trades. The slightest mistake could mean disaster. Until the very end, it was hard to say who exactly would win.

"But looking at Samsara, it seems like they're not worried at all!" Yu Feng said.

The pro players had special VIP seats, facing the stage directly. They were situated quite close to the two competing team's seats, so they could see the expressions on each team's players.

On Happy's side, there was quite a bit of commotion going on there. Their expressions were heavy. They clearly realized where the issue lay,

As for Samsara, everyone there was quite relaxed. There would occasionally be a few whispers here and there, but it just seemed to be casual chatter.

"Zhou Zekai isn't being completely dominated. Through his attempts to escape, he's restricting Ye Xiu and giving himself opportunities to seize the upper hand," Zhang Jiale suddenly said.

"Yes," Han Wenqing affirmed.

"Ye Xiu's situation is probably worse than we think," Chu Yunxiu said.

"If you ride a tiger, it's too hard to get off. It's kind of giving off this feeling, isn't it?"


"Zhou Zekai isn't letting a single drop of water slip through." 

The pro players unanimously agreed. Ye Xiu's situation wasn't like what the average viewers thought. After breaking through Zhou Zekai's Gun Fu, Ye Xiu wasn't completely dominating the fight. The current situation was the same as the previous situation against Zhou Zekai's Gun Fu, different methods to achieve the same goal. With Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer having the health lead, Ye Xiu couldn't let go of the opportunity to fight him at close-range. No matter what, he had to stick close to him. When Zhou Zekai tried to escape, he had to stop him at all costs, and Zhou Zekai would use this opportunity to deal heavy damage and trade with him. This was what the pro players had concluded. From a certain perspective, Zhou Zekai held the initiative.

If you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off.

It was indeed the case. Ye Xiu probably knew that he wouldn't be able to win if he continued trading like this, but what could he do? If he let Cloud Piercer escape and widen the distance between them, he would be in an even more disadvantageous position....

The battle continued, and the two characters were both losing health. Cloud Piercer was losing health faster, while Lord Grim was losing health slower. In the end, the unspecialized Lord Grim had the advantage in close combat. Only Zhou Zekai could trade with Ye Xiu in this situation. By relying on his health lead, his health was still higher than Lord Grim's even if he was losing health faster. As more time went on, this difference in health became more apparent. The viewers slowly began to notice it, and soon, sounds of discussion and doubt unfolded. They had thought that Zhou Zekai was in a terrible spot, but from the looks of it, if this continued, he would... probably win?

"Although Cloud Piercer is losing health rather fast, it looks like... it won't ever be lower than Lord Grim's?" Pan Lin carefully said.

"This is because of the early advantage that he obtained before!" Li Yibo finally spoke. He was quite confident in his words. He had seen the critical strike from the Thunder Snipe. The past was the past. It couldn't be changed, no?

"If this continued, Ye Xiu will... will..." Pan Lin stuttered. He was just too afraid of saying the word "lose".  

"We can't relax until the end," Li Yibo said. Pan Lin couldn't help but glance at him. Was this really the same person, who had been fighting with him to proclaim Zhou Zekai the winner? 

"Red health!" Pan Lin shouted.

Red health meant health below ten percent. Although it didn't affect a character's stats, whether it was a normal player or a pro player, red health was usually a signal for danger.

Lord Grim was at red health. Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer still had 22% of his health left. Ye Xiu had closed the initial gap by a considerable amount, but it wasn't enough! Judging from their previous trades, Lord Grim's 10% could trade for approximately 15% of Cloud Piercer's health, about a 1 to 1.5 ratio. On the pro stage, this figure was already very impressive. If it was any other occasion, this ratio would be unlikely.

However, for this fight, this ratio wouldn't be enough to catch up. In the end, using a 1 to 1.5 ratio to beat a 22% health opponent with 10% wasn't going to happen.


That 1 to 1.5 ratio was an average. There were many back and forths, and not every exchange would result in this ratio. Sometimes, it would be higher. Ye Xiu needed it to be higher in order to win.

Not everyone had these numbers, but just looking at the health, even a noob knew that Ye Xiu wasn't in a good position.

The audience could stop and discuss it, but the ones playing couldn't. 22% against 10%? In the blink of an eye, the 22% became 19%!

A 1 to 2 trade!

The audience wasn't too perceptive. After all, they weren't precise enough to calculate the numbers. However, the pro players were more acute. Ye Xiu wanted to use this final moment to burst down Zhou Zekai?

Gore Cross!  

Predicting where Cloud Piercer would land, Lord Grim rushed forward to use Gore Cross to trap him. Sword light overlapped, forming a cross shape.

Bang bang bang bang!

Gunshots. Cloud Piercer never seemed to stop firing. As soon as he encountered Ye Xiu's Lord Grim, Cloud Piercer never stopped to rest. Shooting to attack, shooting to borrow the recoil, shooting to fight at close combat.

This time, the bullets formed a star, creating a ripple in the Gore Cross. Cloud Piercer's attacks had unexpectedly hit Lord Grim's cross.

Long-ranged attacks had far lower priority than close-ranged attacks, so it wouldn't be able to stop the Gore Cross. However, with so many bullets hitting, it would displace it somewhat.

Sword light streaked across, hit!  

There was only one streak of blood. The horizontal slash of Lord Grim's Gore Cross had hit, but the vertical slash had missed.

The skill consisted of two simultaneous slashes, but through precise maneuvering, Zhou Zekai was able to dodge one of them. 

The crowd clapped and cheered wildly. Everyone loved to see these kinds of spectacular plays.

But the pro players, who knew about the subtleties of this fight, didn't think it was necessary. Cloud Piercer had double Lord Grim's health. He had so much room to work with. It was easier to make a mistake doing extremely precise inputs like what Zhou Zekai had done, and a mistake could give Ye Xiu a chance to turn things around.

"Why doesn't he rush him down?" Void's Yu Ce said.

"It's better to be cautious. Don't forget that Lord Grim can heal," Zhang Xinjie said.

"Heal? He can't heal that much, can he?" Tiny Herb's healer, Yuan Baiqing, said. With how the two were fighting, long cast time skills couldn't be used. As a result, the only instant that Lord Grim's unspecialized could do was a "Small Cure".

Everyone immediately remembered that Ye Xiu could add other healer skills onto his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella.

Such as "Great Cure" or "Holy Cure".  

Although these would be at most level one, instant heals healed a lot of health, but had extremely long cooldowns. Even at level one, with both players at such low health, it could be enough to save him.  

"Is he planning on healing?" The pro players started getting nervous. They realized that the battle would be decided here.