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Chapter 1511: Starting at 13 Minutes 32 Seconds

Chapter 1511: Starting at 13 Minutes 32 Seconds



Happy's Luo Ji had finally appeared on the battlefield after 13 minutes and 32 seconds. All of the viewers watching were having trouble processing it. By this point, most team competitions were at the halfway mark. The faster matches would almost be over. But in this match, one of Happy's players would only just be joining in on the fight at this time...

With one player missing the entire time, how had Happy survived up until now?

When the viewers looked at the time and thought about this question, they were put into a daze. The more attentive viewers couldn't help but think of Happy's first match against Blue Rain in the playoffs. In that team competition, hadn't Happy been hiding one of their players while fighting against Happy? Today's match and that's day's match were looking very similar!

How had Happy won that time?  

When they searched through their memories to look for an idea, they suddenly remembered. Fuck, what win? Happy lost that team competition, relying on their lead in the group arena to barely win that round.  

But today, Happy only had a one point lead from the group arena. If they just narrowly lost the team competition like that match, it would end in a draw. Happy's goal for this match couldn't possibly be a draw, right? 

They couldn't think of an answer, so they could only wait and see.

Devil World Flower!

Concealed Light's first summon was incredibly standard. He summoned a Devil World Flower to stabilize the battle.

Then, boom boom boom...

Smoke and fire pervaded the area, burning the Devil World Flower into ashes.

"Hahaha." The crowd burst into laughter. Gunners were the bane of the Devil World Flower. Their long-ranged attacks reached farther than the Devil World Flower could. Since the Devil World Flower couldn't move, it was basically a practice target for Gunners. In addition, the Devil World Flower took additional damage from light and fire elemental attacks. Gunner bullets naturally contained fire elemental properties, making it even easier for them to deal with Devil World Flowers.

As a result, when facing a team with Gunners, the usefulness of Devil World Flowers was very situational. Tyranny had two Gunners, yet Luo Ji's first thought was to summon a Devil World Flower. Before the flower could even bloom, the two Gunners shot it down.

Tyranny fans laughed wildly. This rookie, who had been hiding for 13 minutes and 32 seconds, looked ridiculous.

But soon afterwards, they stopped laughing.

The Devil World Flower wasn't able to display its crowd control, but in that instant, a gap had appeared in the two Gunners' offense.

It wasn't that Zhang Jiale and Qin Muyun didn't know about this issue, but they had no choice. The placement of that Devil World Flower had been very tricky. If they hadn't eliminated it instantly, it would have interfered with Lin Jingyan's Dark Thunder, creating a gap in Tyranny's offense.

In comparison, a Brawler's ability to control the field was stronger than theirs, which was why the two Gunners didn't hesitate to attack the Devil World Flower to minimize the opening created.

But no matter how small the opening was, there was still an opening. Only a few players could grasp such a small opening, and unfortunately for Tyranny, Ye Xiu happened to be one of them. 

Shining Cut!

A cold light flashed, and Lord Grim instantly covered a length of distance from his original position.  


Lin Jingyan's Dark Thunder hurriedly threw a Brick towards the back of Lord Grim's head. 


Suddenly, Boundless Sea cut across the field, leaping horizontally into the air, knocking the brick away.

This sort of move required not only precise inputs, but also accurate prediction. There perhaps might be no one but Fang Rui who could have accomplished this.

Boom boom boom!

The sound of cannonfire soon followed. Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain fired her cannon as she moved, her target: Immovable Rock.

After Lord Grim used Shining Cut, he borrowed the trees as cover to avoid the gunfire from Tyranny's two Gunners. At this point, his next target was very obvious.

Immovable Rock.

Grasping this small opening, Happy didn't run away. Instead, they launched a fierce counterattack targeting Tyranny's healer. 

But Zhang Xinjie didn't feel pressured.

Happy's end goal was to retreat. By targeting Immovable Rock, they would force Tyranny to retreat to protect him.

But even if he knew what Happy's plans were, there was nothing he could do about it, because if he ignored them, Happy had the capability to kill him in one wave.

In that case, it would become a trade. Happy would kill him, but would suffer heavy damage from the rest of Tyranny. However, whether this trade was worth it, depended on how Han Wenqing handled An Wenyi.

Zhang Xinjie would always choose the most reliable path. 


A question mark appeared in the Tyranny chat. Zhang Xinjie wanted to know what Han Wenqing's situation was like.


The reply was a bunch of ellipses. These ellipses meant that Han Wenqing didn't have An Wenyi in his grasps yet.

Zhang Xinjie sighed. He could only give up on this trade. If he couldn't confirm the outcome of Han Wenqing's battle, An Wenyi might be able to rely on his familiarity with the terrain to run a circle around Han Wenqing, convening back with his team. In that case, Happy would have their healer, while Tyranny would have no healer.

Or perhaps... the corner of this map was a support zone. After Happy took him down and suffered heavy injuries as a result, they would sub in with their healthy sixth player and rescue Little Cold Hands. Then, with the help of a healer, facing an alone Han Wenqing...

All sorts of possibilities flew through Zhang Xinjie's mind. He wasn't sure which of these was Happy's true intent, but he knew that if Tyranny didn't make adjustments to protect him, the outcome would not be certain.  ...


As a result, a new order came from Zhang Xinjie. His Immovable Rock would retreat, the two Gunners would suppress Lord Grim, while Lin Jingyan's Dark Thunder would retreat as well.

As Zhang Xinjie expected, Fang Rui and Su Mucheng immediately went on the offensive, breaking past Lin Jingyan's defensive zone. The battles on both ends began shifting away from each other.

Everything had changed, starting from Luo Ji's Devil World Flower, the Devil World Flower that had been incinerated before it could even be fully summoned.

The changes hadn't stopped yet. Even though Zhang Xinjie pursued stability, he wouldn't just obediently comply with the opponents' intentions. At any moment, he would always look for the possibility of a victory by rushing the opponents.

The retreating Dark Thunder suddenly dashed forward!

Street Riot!

He unexpectedly used a high-level skill. Bricks, bottles, needles, all sorts of low-level Brawler skills began being thrown over.

His target, Lord Grim!

Although he let Fang Rui and Su Mucheng go, Zhang Xinjie wanted Ye Xiu to stay. When he saw that Happy wanted to attack him, he had asked Han Wenqing for his situation. It had taken some time for him to come to a decision. 

If he made the trade, the time used up here wasn't meaningless. But if he didn't make the trade, then Tyranny could take advantage of this time used up.

Because of the delay, Happy had continued their aggression, which meant they would continue moving deeper into the enemy fray to reach him.

The further in the target, the harder it was to retreat.

Fang Rui and Su Mucheng had been let go. But once Tyranny focused on Lord Grim, because he had ventured a bit deeper into their territory, trying to escape now would be much more difficult.

Happy could try to loop around and rescue him, but if they did that, Tyranny would still have the initiative. Ye Xiu, who was trapped, would be their bargaining chip.

You'd better not think of leaving!

Dark Thunder's Street Riot threw out a bunch of CC skills. Ye Xiu could not ignore it.

Shua! The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella opened. Ye Xiu wanted to use the shield to force his way past it.


A wave of energy split apart the air in front of him. Lord Grim was pushed back.

Implosion Grenade!  

The instant Zhang Jiale saw Lord Grim open his umbrella, he tossed a grenade. Once the umbrella propped open, a dead angle would appear. Zhang Jiale recognized this point, and tossed the Implosion Grenade where Ye Xiu couldn't see it.

Ye Xiu wasn't able to force his way through. The others on Happy hastily went to his rescue.

An eagle flew past.  

Concealed Light, who had only appeared on the battlefield after 13 minutes and 32 seconds, only now officially joined the battle. A Thunder Eagle was let out, firing a bold of lightning towards Dark Thunder. 

Bang bang bang bang....

Amidst the gunfire, the Thunder Eagle stuttered. Qin Muyun's Negative Nine Degrees struck the Thunder Eagle, stopping the eagle from moving in the air.

Godlike aim.

It was a stunning display.

Several Tyranny fans began shouting: Gunner King.

The Thunder Eagle had been stopped, but the Four Beast style Concealed Light had more than one summon at his disposal.

Spirit Cat. The nimble Spirit Cat suddenly scurried out from the grass.


Floating Bullet. The Spirit Cat was knocked into the air. Then, a Grenade met with the Spirit Cat in the air. The shockwave from the explosion sent the Spirit Cat tumbling back to where it came from. 

The audience began laughing again.

Every move that Luo Ji made looked like a joke. Tyranny dealt with them easily with flashy moves.

But this time, their laughter halted even more abruptly than last time.

Lord Grim had broken through!

Happy's Su Mucheng and Fang Rui didn't even need to act. Just Luo Ji's two summons gave Ye Xiu enough of an opening to break through.

No matter how unskilled the viewers were, at this point, they had realized that Luo Ji wasn't as simple as they thought.


With Lord Grim out, Happy began retreating. 


Tyranny went after them. They had no choice but to give chase because Han Wenqing's Desert Dust was chasing after An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands alone. They had to prevent Han Wenqing from getting surrounded by Happy.


Zhang Xinjie asked for the situation again.