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Chapter 1498: Dismantle

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“What’s Han Wenqing trying to do?” The audience had a clear view of Desert Dust’s actions, and they weren’t so dumb that they couldn’t figure out his intentions. This question was a rhetorical one, expressing their surprise. Even Pan Lin was wondering too, in the live broadcast.

Boom boom boom!

Weak spots in the wall were blasted apart, and soon enough, the two walls were full of holes.

Was the manor trembling?

A constant rumble could be heard now and Qiao Yifan wasn’t sure if he was imagining it, but it felt like the walls themselves were moving, unable to support the weight. The ceiling seemed to be sinking bit by bit, as it had lost it’s support.

If this continued, the manor really would collapse!

Qiao Yifan didn’t care if it was just his imagination or not, he made a resolute decision.

He couldn’t lie here in wait any longer. Tyranny’s old Striker was much more ruthless than their new Striker.

Qiao Yifan had no choice but to act. He was extremely familiar with the structure of this room. Han Wenqing’s Desert Dust was destroying the wall in this area.

Using the sound of the attacks to locate an enemy’s position.

With a approximation of Desert Dust’s location, Qiao Yifan had One Inch Ash rush over.

Because he was familiar with the area, he predicted the area of the wall Desert Dust was going to hit next and decided to lie in wait there.

Crouching, One Inch Ash successfully arrived at the base of the wall, carefully poised for action as Qiao Yifan listened carefully to the sounds.

The sounds got closer and closer, and dust began falling from the ceiling above. Qiao Yifan raised his character’s view to look. This time he was certain; the ceiling really was trembling, unable to properly support its own weight.

Qiao Yifan stayed motionless.

Desert Dust was near. If he moved, he’d expose himself.

Thwack, thwack!

Two punches, clear, solid hits. The sound didn’t just come from the air, but the wall itself. Desert Dust had finally struck at the wall One Inch Ash was concealed near.


The third punch went through the wall. One Inch Ash remained motionless against the wall. He could see Desert Dust’s fist retracting back through the wall from his angle.

Thwack, thwack, thwack, he was still hitting this wall. Han Wenqing was aiming to find weak spots in the wall, the walls he had punched through hadn’t completely collapsed yet, but once he punched out areas all across the wall, it was clearly unable to take much more.


Another hole was punched into the wall, practically right next to One Inch Ash. Qiao Yifan could even see the outline of Desert Dust’s knuckles within his famous silver weapon, the gauntlets Flame Fist.

The color of fire, Qiao Yifan could practically feel the heat radiating off of his fist, the blaze of battle lust and determination.


Another punch and Desert Dust broke through the wall a third time.

It wasn’t at where One Inch Ash was hiding. Qiao Yifan had a clear, precise judgement, and would naturally choose a place where the wall was sturdy, a place Han Wenqing wouldn’t choose.

The strikes sounded next to him and One Inch Ash slowly unsheathed his sword, wisps of light surfacing around him.


Another hole appeared. Qiao Yifan didn’t move, his view locked forwards towards the doorway Desert Dust was approaching.

That was when the wall behind him started to quake harshly and began to bend.

No way!

Qiao Yifan raised his head. Areas of the ceiling above were already starting to collapse.

Had it reached its limit?

The answer was yes, and Han Wenqing knew it as well.


Another punch struck the wall. This time, he was no longer picking weak spots, just hitting the wall, using attacks to cause it to quake and bend further. He was trying to hasten the collapse.

Just one punch and that half of the wall caved in. This punch was no longer a normal attack, but a more powerful skill in order to accelerate the manor’s destruction. With the state the manor was in, it caused massive damage.

With this half of the wall collapsed, One Inch Ash was exposed, and the room reached its limits. Without needing for Desert Dust’s further help, the ceiling crumbled with a thunderous rumble.

Qiao Yifan hastily tried to get One Inch Ash out of the way, but Desert Dust lunged forth, right under the collapsing ceiling.


The ceiling smashed against the floor, sending dust everywhere. With one last roll, Desert Dust left the fallen ceiling behind him using his low position. When he jumped up, he threw a fist, meeting One Inch Ash’s blade head on.

Collapsing Fist!

The Ghostblade’s slash skills had nothing on the priority of a Striker’s punch. This punch sent One Inch Ash flying, blade and all.

There was no pause in his steps as he flew into pursuit.

The walls were collapsing, the ceiling was falling, but Han Wenqing ignored it all. Desert Dust charged amidst the tremors.

Crash! Crash! Crash!

The sound of rubble falling erupted all around, sending dust flying, devouring their surroundings. Two silhouettes fought in this catastrophic scene.

The entire area, all around them, had collapsed, even the areas that Desert Dust hadn’t struck, were brought down by neighboring areas like dominos, having weakened from the battle prior....


Ruins, ruins everywhere.

The walls collapsed, the ceiling fell, the second floor’s structures, and even walls, fell with it. The audience had long since forgotten about the battle occuring between the two, just watching the ancient manor and wondering if the entire thing would just go down.

It didn’t. In the end, it didn’t.

From the outside, the manor didn’t seem like it had changed at all, but the interior had been completely overturned. The second floor, after a chain of reactions, no longer existed. The first floor was just rubble from the second floor, having turned into ruins.


With a thunderous bang, the ruins exploded and a character was thrown out.

Who was it?

Everyone’s gazes followed the figure.

One Inch Ash. It was Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash! Soon enough, Han Wenqing’s Desert Dust appeared as well. He ignored everything happening around them, and all that existed in his eyes was the target he had to fell. One last punch, the final blow.


The system announced Desert Dust victory with the catastrophic scene playing background, the ruins, some areas still falling, crumbling.

The audience didn’t know what to say anymore. A map advantage? Han Wenqing had demolished it. That was… pretty wild.

The Happy fans in the venue were all silent while the guest fans from Tyranny roared and cheered.

What style!

What a Tyranny victory!

Demolished the map with the enemy, destroyed it all, spectacular!

Qiao Yifan walked out of the player booth amidst the cacophony. The crazed Tyranny fans naturally weren’t very friendly to him. Last round, he had Song Qiying completely suppressed. And this round? Han Wenqing had given the Tyranny fans a victory to feel good about, one that gave them the satisfaction of revenge.

Nothing was more satisfying!

The Tyranny fans couldn’t be more excited, almost seeming to forget that this wasn’t over yet. There was still one more member for Happy.

Thus, amidst their excitement, the big screen silently displayed Happy’s fifth player, announcing the identity of their anchor.

Wei Chen, Warlock, Windward Formation

“It’s Wei Chen!” Pan Lin’s shout was one full of surprise. This really was a completely unexpected arrangement.

Wei Chen, Blue Rain’s ex-captain, Wei Chen. In the first team competition against Blue Rain, he used his determination to help Happy build the foundations of their strategy.

He had struggled to the bitter end, but this was exactly why he was deserving of respect. Everyone could tell that this player still had his awareness and judgement, but his reaction and mechanics couldn’t keep up anymore.

Wei Chen wasn’t fighting Blue Rain, he was fighting the cruel passing of time.

His performance last time was practically miraculous. Perhaps it was because they had a home field advantage or he was familiar with Blue Rain’s strategy, that Wei Chen could perform well enough to rival his youth.

When the match against Blue Rain ended, everyone thought that was where his contribution ended. He was their ace against Blue Rain.

However, now, against Tyranny, in the first match, the group arena, Wei Chen was the anchor?

How surprising, but Wei Chen was already getting up, waving at the fans energetically as he walked towards the stage.

He met Qiao Yifan halfway.

“You must’ve been scared!” Wei Chen grinned at Qiao Yifan.

Qiao Yifan paused, unsure how to react. What did that mean? How was he meant to reply to that?

“Watch and learn, youngster,” Wei Chen ruffled Qiao Yifan’s hair. After he completely messed up the other’s hairstyle, he headed for the stage, satisfied.

“Happy’s last player… is Wei Chen. What… is this about?” Pan Lin asked Li Yibo.

“Probably… Wei Chen… has a great grasp over this map…” Li Yibo answered weakly.

His random guess had, actually, hit the mark.

Wei Chen had thought that his playoffs journey would be done at Blue Rain, but when Happy ended up choosing this map for their fight against Tyranny, Wei Chen realized there might be more in store for him.

He was very familiar with this map and even more familiar with the manor in the middle of this map. Indoors battles wouldn’t be able to get fast either due to the switches in small scenes. For a slower paced veteran like him, it was a match made in heaven.

He could fight on this map!

When Wei Chen volunteered, he saw Ye Xiu gazing at him.

He didn’t need to speak to get the idea across, and so Wei Chen got another chance.

However, now… Wei Chen gave a self-mocking smile.

The one thing he was depending on had been obliterated by Han Wenqing. While sitting offstage, he had already cursed Han Wenqing to hell and back over one-hundred and eighty times.

Happy’s group arena was all up to him, yet he had lost his one advantage.

Fighting Han Wenqing head on?

Wei Chen’s heart was trembling. How could the current him take on that raging tiger? Though that tiger had grown old, he was practically old enough to be buried, yet he still crawled out to struggle this one last time.

They had gotten to this point yet the universe was still making things hard for him! Wei Chen couldn’t help but grumble under his breath until the referee waved at him to hurry.

Then let’s do this!

Wei Chen gritted his teeth and entered the player booth.

Han Wenqing? Let me experience your fearsome, tiger-like determination again after all these years!