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Chapter 1491: Cloud Wind Body

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It wasn’t Mo Fan’s first time losing, but the loss this time stunned him. He had been chased to death by his opponent for 2 minutes 34 seconds. He had everything he could think of, yet he had still failed to escape.

He went out of the player booth slowly and walked down from the stage slowly. As he passed Fang Rui, he made no reaction towards Fang Rui’s “I’ll take revenge for you”.

When he returned to his seats and passed by Ye Xiu, he heard Ye Xiu say: “Your thoughts are still too single minded.”

Some people’s play styles were too single minded. Some people’s techniques were too single minded. As for Mo Fan, Ye Xiu criticized him for his thoughts being too single minded.

Mo Fan didn’t reply back. He sat down at his seat in the corner and reflected on these words.

Fang Rui received a warm welcome from Happy’s fans. As they cheered, he strutted around as if Happy wasn’t the team falling behind right now.

He walked onto the stage, waving his hands towards the crowd as if he had won. It was only until the referee rushed over and berated him did he go into the player booth dejectedly.

The crowd laughed.

The tense atmosphere from Zhang Jiale’s 1v2 had lightened considerably.

The match began.

The public chat had been very calm previously, but Fang Rui’s presence changed that.

“How mighty! 1v2!” Fang Rui gave praise towards Zhang Jiale.

“It’s not over yet!” Zhang Jiale replied.

“It pretty much is,” Fang Rui said.

As the two chatted, their characters moved.

The middle road again. There was plenty of content spread throughout the map, but up until now, all of them had taken place inside the central manor.

Every fight had been spectacular though, so there were no complaints from the viewers. On the other hand, Pan Lin and Li Yibo were analyzing Happy’s reasons for choosing this map. So far, it looked like Happy’s players were more comfortable because of their familiarity with the map, but it hadn’t given them any definite advantage yet. Of course, there were a lot of factors in winning a match. Relying on the home game advantage was just one factor.

Boundless Sea and Dazzling Hundred Blossoms quickly reached the front and back of the manor, respectively.

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms didn’t hesitate and went through the rear door. Zhang Jiale had made the same choice in all three of his fights.

As for Boundless Sea? Fang Rui looked to have a plan in mind. He opened the front door and strolled leisurely into the manor as if he were here to tour the place.

But the more attentive viewers had noticed that Boundless Sea’s mana was dropping steadily.

He had evidently activated a skill that continuously drained his mana.

What was it?

“Cloud Wind Body!” Pan Lin shouted out.

Cloud Wind Body was a Qi Master high-level scouting skill. In the game, there would be a radar-like map in his view. When a character entered its range, the user would receive a notification.

But if that was all it did, the skill’s value was too worthless compared to the mana it consumed. Cloud Wind Body increased the user’s perception and also gave the user more precise control over their qi. “More precise control” meant auto targeting.

This effect seemed too amazing, but in reality, very few Qi Masters chose to use Cloud Wind Body. Sure, auto targeting was nice, but that didn’t mean the user attacked any faster. Their attacks could still be interrupted. In the majority of Qi Masters’ eyes, the low-level Reinforced Iron Bones was more practical.

In the team competition against Blue Rain, Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea had relied on Reinforced Iron Bones at a crucial moment to great success. But in today’s match, he had chosen to use a high mana consumption skill like Cloud Wind Body, but the effects weren’t anything impressive.

“Fang Rui isn’t hesitating to use Cloud Wind Body to quickly locate Dazzling Hundred Blossoms… it doesn’t seem necessary?” Pan Lin had his doubts. It was a 1v1 group arena. There was no need to quickly kill the opponent. Fang Rui didn’t need to be so impatient.

Li Yibo didn’t say anything. Although he had the same doubts as Pan Lin, he decided that it would be better to wait and observe some more before further analysis.

Boundless Sea still looked like he was touring around the manor leisurely with Cloud Wind Body activated, but his movement speed had clearly increased. He wanted to minimize the mana consumption.

The viewers with their omniscient view watched as the two characters gradually drew nearer, but because of the walls, neither side could see each other. However, with Cloud Wind Body activated, he could use qi to sense his surroundings. On his radar, a little blip had appeared representing Dazzling Hundred Blossoms.

Fang Rui didn’t immediately launch an attack like the everyone had thought he would. Instead, his movements made everyone confused.

“Does he want to ambush Zhang Jiale?” Pan Lin guessed. Fang Rui’s signature style was being dirty. An ambush was nothing surprising for him....


Li Yibo remained silent. He looked at Boundless Sea’s movements but couldn’t see any places for him to set up an ambush. But if he wasn’t going for an ambush, what else could he be doing?

Just when he asked this question to himself, Boundless Sea suddenly stopped. On his radar, Dazzling Hundred Blossoms’ little dot was clearly moving. Boundless Sea raised his hands and gathered qi.

“This is… Spirit Reaches to the Rainbow?” Pan Lin noted.

The Qi Master’s Awakening skill, Spirit Reaches to the Rainbow, gathered qi and circulated it throughout the body. Boundless Sea’s clothes looked to be fluttering violently in the wind as his entire body seemed to ignite into flames.

“What is he doing? He wants to attack from there?” Pan Lin was utterly confused. Boundless Sea and Dazzling Hundred Blossoms were separated by a wall. There was no door on this wall. There was no way for him to launch a sneak attack!

Li Yibo’s heart trembled.

“Zoom in!” He called out to the broadcast director.

The camera zoomed in, but Li Yibo’s gaze wasn’t on Boundless Sea, but the wall in front.

The large section of the wall paper was peeling off. The bricks that could be seen were covered with cracks.

This was damage left over from the previous two battles. Attacks from Dazzling Hundred Blossoms, Lord Grim, or Deception might have landed here. Li Yibo couldn’t remember right now, but he knew that this wall had already been damaged heavily. Fang Rui’s ambush would succeed because Boundless Sea’s attack would pierce through this wall, and Zhang Jiale probably wasn’t aware of it.

The dot on the radar continued to move towards this area.

Boundless Sea’s clothes continued to flutter wildly even making some sound, but this sound wasn’t loud enough to pass through the wall for Zhang Jiale to hear.


Everyone knew what was about to happen. They could already picture it in their heads. The broadcast had already found the most suitable viewing angle.

The dot flashed again.

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms and Boundless Sea were now as close as possible.

Spirit Reaches to the Rainbow!

Fang Rui didn’t disappoint and attacked. The qi gathered in his body poured out. With a boom, the wall collapsed.

Zhang Jiale was startled. Boundless Sea’s Spirit Reaches to the Rainbow tore through the wall, the glaring light flying towards him.


Dazzling Hundred Blossoms rolled to the side.

It was a conditioned reflex for an experienced pro player to roll facing a dangerous situation where there was no time to think.

However, no matter how fast he moved, he couldn’t escape from the system’s auto-targeting.

The Spirit Reaches to the Rainbow adjusted in the air according to Dazzling Hundred Blossom’s movements and crashed into him. The focused qi instantly exploded. It wasn’t just beautiful, it also dealt frightening damage. The nearby ornaments instantly shattered.

Up until Spirit Reaches to the Rainbow hit the target, Fang Rui didn’t deactivate his Cloud Wind Body, so the skill would automatically lock onto the target. Zhang Jiale’s instinctive reaction was no match for the system’s auto-targeting.

But because of the wall, the damage from the attack had lessened. The attack only took away 6% of Dazzling Hundred Blossom’s health.

But this was just the start of Boundless Sea’s attacks.

After a Spirit Reaches to the Rainbow, he instantly closed the distance. Once the qi scattered from the explosion, silence didn’t follow. Before the qi completely scattered, a new wave of qi shot out from Boundless Sea’s palms.

Time seemed to have frozen. All people could see was Boundless Sea’s surging qi raging thunderously in this little room. Finally, when everything became peaceful again, the system announced: Glory!

Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea had won!

The audience was dumbfounded.

A full health Fang Rui bringing down a 27% health Zhang Jiale wasn’t surprising. The surprise was from the way he did it.

Ambush to death in one combo.

Was this dirty or tyrannical? No one was sure.

You could say it was dirty, but that explosive burst of qi was very heroic. You could say that it was tyrannical, but hiding behind a wall and gathering qi was very dirty…

In any case, Happy had won this round. It was a clean victory, chasing back the advantage that Zhang Jiale had gained. If Fang Rui’s previous interactions with the crowd had eased the crowd’s tension, then his dominating performance this round was a tranquilizer to Happy’s fans. After the shock from such a clean victory, Happy’s fans recovered. Their excited cheers resonated throughout the entire Xiaoshan Stadium.