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Chapter 1467: Breakthrough

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The battle was a blur to the viewers.

This team competition had too many changes happening too quickly.

Neither side had a fixed strategy. In other words, when facing each other, there was no single path that could go all the way. It could only go back and forth with both sides constantly adjusting to each other’s reactions.

Who was winning? Who was losing?

In terms of offense, Blue Rain had the greater initiative. Happy’s formation was somewhat in disarray. However, the more attentive viewers may have realized that Blue Rain had started with the tailwind advantage, but now?

Not really.

Swoksaar’s curses wouldn’t be strengthened by the gale. In fact, Swoksaar was positioned more defensively. Their healer, Xu Jingxi’s Soul Speaker, was also positioned more defensively.

The impact of the wind on Blue Rain’s offense was practically zero. On the other hand, Happy’s Boundless Sea was taking advantage of the wind for his attacks.

Yu Wenzhou had Swoksaar move to not give Fang Rui any opportunities to attack him. But Boundless Sea simply waved his hands in a different direction and shot out a Qi Bullet as fast as a meteor.

Zheng Xuan’s Bullet Rain dodged in a flurry. After getting sent flying by Boundless Sea, he had paid great attention to his existence! That guy knew how to put on an act. He looked like he was moving to attack Swoksaar, when he suddenly turned and fired at Bullet Rain.

Zheng Xuan wanted revenge. Bullet Rain fired back at Boundless Sea.

But because of the effects of the gale, Bullet Rain’s gunshot…

“Hahahaha,” Fang Rui laughed in the chat. Boundless Sea slid his palms across.

Qi Blade!

Qi Blade was a difficult-to-react-to skill in the first place. The gale only made it even harder. Zheng Xuan didn’t have time to think. Before even seeing it come out, he had Bullet Rain roll.

Did the Qi Blade come?

Zheng Xuan didn’t notice any changes in his surroundings. Suddenly, Swoksaar stumbled and nearly fell to the ground.

What’s going on?

Everyone was dumbstruck. Lord Grim? Dancing Rain? Steamed Bun Invasion? None of them had attacked Swoksaar. That meant it could have only been Boundless Sea.

“Don’t underestimate me!” Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea had intentionally kept the same posture as when he had sent out the Qi Blade. His two hands weren’t facing Swoksaar.

But from the wind, they realized what had happened.

Boundless Sea had accounted for the effects of the winds in his calculations. He knew the Qi Blade would fly diagonally from where he was aiming towards Swoksaar.

The strong winds could shift the movements of the Qi Blade, but it could not disperse the qi itself. With the wind, the Qi Blade’s momentum was even stronger.

It was just that this sort of calculative ability… this was clearly the map that Blue Rain had chosen. If their Qi Master, Song Xiao, had been the one to make such an accurate shot, it wouldn’t have been too surprising. But, Fang Rui…

Fang Rui had been completely invisible before. The broadcast had given him very little screen time.

At this moment, the director went back to check Fang Rui’s movements from before. He realized that Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea hadn’t just been moving. He had been sending qi out as he moved.

Fang Rui had been measuring the effects of the wind on his qi. His accuracy wasn’t without reason. However, figuring out the wind in such a short amount of time couldn’t be done without talent.

The invisible Fang Rui and Boundless Sea immediately became the star of the show.

Amidst the winds, Boundless Sea assumed his dirty pose, half-crouching. His hands were raised to his chest, gathering swirling qi from the surroundings. Fang Rui’s incomparably dirty Qi Master suddenly looked to have the air of a great scholar again.

This was…

Qi Master Level 75 skill, a skill that had a cast time. It could be charged. At this point, Blue Rain no longer had time to interrupt it. Even so, they still had to do something. If they couldn’t interrupt it, they couldn’t just let Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea keep charging it, right?

Thousand Chants in Full Bloom!

Before Blue Rain attacked, Boundless Sea released the skill. It was only one palm, but all of the qi that had accumulated burst out, similar to Flash Burst. However, Flash Burst only a single burst of qi, while Thousand Chants in Full Bloom was like a flower.

Numerous bullets sprayed out and then scattered throughout the field because of the wind.

Bullet Rain, Swoksaar, and Soul Speaker were all within this rain of qi. Thousand Chants in Full Bloom originally didn’t cover a large area, but because of the wind, using the word scattered to described these bullets of qi was perfectly appropriate.

Of Blue Rain’s three characters, Swoksaar was in the center of the meteor shower. There was no place for him to dodge. The bullets of qi along with the added force of the wind forced Swoksaar back.

The other two, Xu Jingxi and Zheng Xuan, had to give up what they were doing before to dodge the attack.

For a moment, Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea had stopped all three alone!

It was only for a short moment, but these opportunities didn’t come by easily.

Boom boom boom!

The sounds of cannonfire suddenly became even more compact....


Bullet Rain and Swoksaar had been pinned down in succession. Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain had suddenly shifted targets. Her target was no longer Troubling Rain, but Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud.

Lu Hanwen wasn’t too bothered by it. He had noticed the attacks and dodged them.

Steamed Bun Invasion now had room to breathe and immediately became more boisterous.

“Leo, let me fix you up!” Steamed Bun shouted in the chat. He had received Ye Xiu’s orders. Once he found an opening, he would immediately attack Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain.

The crowd booed.

Who are you? You say you’re going to fix up the Sword Saint? Even if the battle had taken a turn, haven’t you heard the phrase “having an unfair advantage”?

The crowd couldn’t admire Steamed Bun’s delight at all. But they could see that with Steamed Bun Invasion move towards Huang Shaotian, the connection between him and Lord Grim had been reestablished.

“He’s all yours, Steamed Bun!” Ye Xiu immediately called out in the chat. Afterwards, Lord Grim tried to retreat.

“Leo, do you dare to fight 300 exchanges with me?” Steamed Bun challenged, while throwing a Brick towards the back of Troubling Rain’s head.

Huang Shaotian had been checking his surroundings. When he saw the Brick, he had Troubling Rain tilt his head. It seemed like he had no intentions of letting Lord Grim go.

But then…


Not a brick, but a slap on the face.

If it was a Brawler’s Slap, Lord Grim could do it too. He had pretended to retreat. Taking advantage of Huang Shaotian dodging Steamed Bun Invasion’s Brick, he suddenly came out with a slap.

As soon as the attack hit, the combo began.

With a hook, Troubling Rain was sent flying into the air. As for the follow-up attacks, not even the fastest mouth could narrate every attack.

Unspecialized Blitz!

The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella kept changing forms, keeping Troubling Rain tumbling in the air.

This combo couldn’t last that long though. After all, Fang Rui’s Boundless Sea couldn’t just spam Thousand Chants in Full Bloom. Blue Rain’s three players had been positioned scattered apart. No matter how well Fang Rui took advantage of the wind, he couldn’t keep all three under control.

Bullet Rain’s rescue soon arrived. Huang Shaotian used the opening to escape. But what should they do next? For a moment, Blue Rain didn’t seem to have a direction.

Happy’s broken formation had now been re-formed.

Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion were together alongside each other. Su Mucheng had the long-ranged support. An Wenyi was in the middle as the healer, getting protection from two sides. And although Fang Rui was deep in enemy territory alone, he had the wind on his side and had nothing to fear.

What should they do?

Quite a few viewers were looking at Team Blue Rain’s chat.

At this moment, Blue Rain should have some idea on what to do, right? Their previous plans seemed to have been broken apart one by one.

Some people looked at the health on both teams. After comparing them, they saw which side had won the exchange.

“Coach Li, what are your thoughts?” Pan Lin asked Li Yibo this question.

“It’s still too early to say, but what Blue Rain does next will be crucial to how the rest of the match plays out,” Li Yibo said.

“Of course,” Li Yibo immediately added, “It’s also important to see how Happy is able to take advantage of this situation.”

Sure enough, Happy didn’t disappoint Li Yibo. After breaking apart Blue Rain’s tactics one by one, it was time for their counterattack.

Even though Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain had been rescued from Lord Grim’s combo because of his teammates, Happy had no plans of letting him escape.

Troubling Rain became Happy’s focus point. Lord Grim’s attacks became the lead for the entire team.

“Take my fist, Leo!” Steamed Bun continued to shout. Previously, he had been ridiculing Blue Rain for teaming up on him, but he had no problems teaming up on Huang Shaotian.

Blue Rain’s fans had already started booing. They were worried for Huang Shaotian!

But at this moment, Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud broke through Su Mucheng’s zoning, his greatsword coming to the rescue.

Meteor Form!

Flowing Cloud’s greatsword, Flame Shadow, was fast. Along with the explosions from behind, he blazed across the field into the enemy lines.

“Wow, this kid’s pretty impressive,” Steamed Bun was put in a difficult situation because of the attack.

They couldn’t bother trash talking Steamed Bun. Lu Hanwen could actually be considered a senior. They were amazed that Steamed Bun could actually dodge that sudden attack.

“If he had been wielding a lightsaber…” Li Yibo spoke halfway through before stopping himself. He realized that he seemed to say those words a bit too much. It was like he was criticizing Lu Hanwen for choosing a greatsword over a lightsaber. In reality, Lu Hanwen used his greatsword to great effect, accomplishing things that couldn’t be done by a lightsaber. Li Yibo only felt it was a pity that the attack speed was slow.

“Kid, I admire you! You’ve at least got more guts than that Leo! You’re a worthy opponent!” Steamed Bun continued to chatter.

“Fuck, you bastard, I’ve endured long enough. Come here and let me hack you into pieces!!!!” Insulted without even being in the conversation, Huang Shaotian finally couldn’t bear it anymore.