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Chapter 1466: Qi in the Wind

Chapter 1466: Qi in the Wind



"Hey! What was that for!" Steamed Bun cried out in the chat. Even though he wasn't as chatty as Huang Shaotian, he was still far more talkative than most players. Rookies, in particular, would almost always play careful, completely focused on their playing. There were truly very few rookies who trash talked during a match.

Not only was Steamed Bun talkative, his words were good at catching the attention of other people. It was a normal many-against-few situation, yet he was scolding the enemies as if they were in the wrong. Blue Rain's sudden change in targets cut off Steamed Bun's connection with Ye Xiu and angered him. It was as if Blue Rain had offended the heavens, and he needed to give them justice.

"What are you guys thinking!" Steamed Bun shouted.

No one in Blue Rain answered back. The three characters focused on Steamed Bun. However, for this BOX-1 strategy to work, the conflict between Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian was the key point.

"Can you get past me?" Huang Shaotian wasn't idle. He quickly joined the chat. Although Steamed Bun was a strange one, he couldn't outshine Huang Shaotian. The disparity in word count was too big. 

"Annoying," Ye Xiu replied back with a single word. Lord Grim twisted his body in an attempt to get past Huang Shaotian.

Huang Shaotian reacted extremely fast. Troubling Rain turned around and lifted his sword, Headwind Strike!

Headwind Strike was originally a circular attack, but under Huang Shaotian's control, it spun around into a flat ellipse, covering quite a bit of horizontal distance.

Jump back.

Not only did Lord Grim fail to get past Troubling Rain, he was forced back a step. 

Boom boom boom.

Artillery fire descended.

Su Mucheng didn't support Steamed Bun, who was in a more dangerous situation. Instead, she prioritized Troubling Rain.

2v1, 3v1.

Were they planning on making a trade? Or did Su Mucheng want to help Ye Xiu break free from Huang Shaotian.  

The viewers weren't sure, not even Pan Lin or Li Yibo dared to make any conclusions. The fight between the two teams was changing at a rapid pace. What's more, Blue Rain was playing abnormally aggressive today, unlike their usual defensive counterattack style.

"Could it be because of Happy's Bao Rongxing? Perhaps it's easier to take the initiative by playing aggressive." Pan Lin and Li Yibo could only guess.

The battle was developing on two ends. At this moment, the camera switched over to a character that hadn't yet entered the fray.  

Boundless Sea.

Fang Rui's Boundless Sea.

He had tried to circle around to Blue Rain's rear, but Blue Rain noticed him and prevented it from happening. Fang Rui wasn't willing to let the matter go and continued to try different angles. It was as if he had to use the gale to attack Blue Rain no matter w hat. 

"Fang Rui... is gambling a bit..." Pan Lin said, seeing Boundless Sea stubbornly try to find a way in.

Li Yibo didn't say anything.

It was a crucial match. Fang Rui was an incredibly experienced and crafty player, would he really make a gamble?  

He probably has something else in mind. Li Yibo carefully observed Fang Rui's movements.  

Even Li Yibo was suspicious, how could Yu Wenzhou not be either? 

The situation on one side of the battle was clear. Ye Xiu was being BOX-1ed by Huang Shaotian, while Su Mucheng was helping him break free. Huang Shaotian could be considered as being in a 1v2, so it looked like a BOX-2. However, Huang Shaotian's Troubling Rain was a Blade Master, a melee class. Dancing Rain was long-ranged, so she could fire from afar. She was taking the initiative to attack him, not Troubling Rain restricting her movements. The BOX-2 was weak. If Su Mucheng wanted to leave, she could leave. Huang Shaotian had no control over her.

He could only stop Ye Xiu, and that was his goal.

It was a 1v2 though, and he was facing the former Best Partners. The difficulty of doing so didn't need to be said. What Huang Shaotian was doing reminded people of the previous Blue Rain vs Happy match.

In that team competition, Blue Rain's former captain, Wei Chen, had accomplished a 1v2, no? He stalled Blue Rain's Yu Wenzhou and Lu Hanwen by himself.

In the end, Wei Chen sacrificed his character to achieve these goals, but what about Huang Shaotian?

Huang Shaotian was different because he wasn't focused on dragging down both players, but rather only Ye Xiu's Lord Grim. As long as Dancing Rain's attacks didn't affect his end-goal, he wouldn't care.

He was very focused.

He didn't care if he was being harassed by Su Mucheng. 

Yu Wenzhou was overjoyed at this turn of events. He hadn't expected the BOX-1 to last this long because after shifting their focus onto Steamed Bun Invasion, Happy's other characters were free to do what they wanted. It would be easy for Happy to break Huang Shaotian's BOX-1.

That was the reality. Su Mucheng decided to prioritize breaking the BOX-1.  

But who would have thought that Huang Shaotian would be so tenacious?

This sort of opportunity couldn't be wasted.

The rest of Blue Rain understood this and attacked Steamed Bun Invasion even more fiercely.

Steamed Bun didn't even have time to type into the chat. Steamed Bun Invasion was beaten up left and right.

Although was in a sorry state, he wasn't completely trapped....


How troublesome!

Blue Rain looked towards Happy's other character. 

Little Cold Hands, An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands.

While they were busy with Steamed Bun, Happy's healer was providing Steamed Bun with as much support as possible.

No one was disturbing him, and he was only focused on a single target. Under these circumstances, An Wenyi, who had exceptional timing, had God-level healing. What's more, his character Little Cold Hands had the highest heal crit in the game, making it even harder for Steamed Bun Invasion to die.

Blue Rain had no choice but to make some adjustments. Under Yu Wenzhou's orders, Zheng Xuan took care of Little Cold Hands. Although both were long-ranged classes, Spitfires were faster than Clerics. No one else was more suitable than him to suppress the healer.

But when Zheng Xuan fired at Little Cold Hands, he discovered that his Bullet Rain's attack range wasn't quite enough.

With no other choice, Zheng Xuan could only have Bullet Rain move forward. Little Cold Hand's healing needed to be suppressed. If not, their DPS would be drastically reduced, and Huang Shaotian was dealing with a lot of pressure. His BOX-1 could be broken at any moment, so they needed to hurry.

But when Bullet Rain moved forward, Little Cold Hands moved back.

An Wenyi was aware of the enemy side's intentions. Thus, he moved back to get out of Zheng Xuan's attack range.

Zheng Xuan could only continue to speed up Bullet Rain's pursuit. After Yu Wenzhou noticed the change, he suddenly felt a bad premonition. He hastily turned his head back...

Sky Piercing Strike! 

Fang Rui's Boundless Sea finally made his move. Amidst the strong winds, the qi looked hazy. However, its speed was extremely fast. It seemed to meld together with the wind, and in an instant, Bullet Rain was swallowed up by the qi. Bullet Rain was sent flying as if he he had been Blown Away.

Yu Wenzhou wanted to warn him, but he was too late.

He hadn't been ignoring Fang Rui. It was just that with his original position, Fang Rui was temporarily no threat. He had planned on doing the same as before. He would pretend to ignore him and then neutralize whatever his intentions were at the last moment. As a result, Fang Rui had always seemed invisible.

But An Wenyi suddenly tilted the scales.

Little Cold Hand's retreat backwards made Zheng Xuan instinctively chase after him.

It wasn't that Fang Rui had moved Boundless Sea into the correct position, but rather, Bullet Rain had gifted himself to the enemy.

All of this had taken only a split second, and all of it was because of An Wenyi's bait.

Even Yu Wenzhou reacted to it too late.

Bullet Rain was blasted away by the Sky Piercing Cannon. Along with the momentum of the wind, the blow away effect was even stronger. Bullet Rain was directly thrown outside of the wind zone.

And when he had moved to pursue Little Cold Hands, he had stopped attacking Steamed Bun Invasion. An opening immediately appeared in Blue Rain's assault on Steamed Bun Invasion as a result of the sudden interruption.

Steamed Bun Invasion immediately rolled and escape through the opening.

Lu Hanwen's Flowing Cloud attacked with his sword, but Steamed Bun Invasion responded with a Brick.

"Take this brick!"

This guy was still chatting! Who knew if it was because of his early contact with Huang Shaotian, but Steamed Bun liked to call out his moves too. He couldn't speak in the chat, so his only choice was the chat. It had always annoyed him.

The "Take this brick!" had been sudden, but Lu Hanwen's reaction speed was astonishing. Flowing Cloud turned his head and dodged it. The sword light continued forth, but after noticing Swoksaar's movements, he adjusted.

"Haha, scared?" Steamed Bun noticed the change in Flowing Cloud's attacks. Delighted, Steamed Bun Invasion took the chance to counterattack.

But little did he know, Lu Hanwen had intentionally left an opening. And this opening wasn't for him, but for Swoksaar.

Hexagram Prison!

Pillars of light descended. Steamed Bun tried to dodge, but it was too late.  

"LET ME OUT!!" Steamed Bun cried out in the chat. His Steamed Bun Invasion had been trapped by Hexagram Prison.

Having seen the situation change, Yu Wenzhou decided to stop their assault on Steamed Bun Invasion. But because of the Hexagram Prison, it was as if they pressed pause on their previous offense. First stop, resolve the issues, and then continue...

Boundless Sea!

The invisible Boundless Sea was now a threatening presence because he had finally gotten onto the tailwind of the wind zone. And the strong winds made his qi attacks even faster.

After sending out a Sky Piercing Cannon at Bullet Rain, Fang Rui's Boundless Sea headed towards Yu Wenzhou's Swoksaar.

Yu Wenzhou didn't panic. Swoksaar moved and maintained the same angle with Boundless Sea.

Fang Rui was trying for a certain angle, not just because he wanted to strengthen his attacks with the wind. More importantly, at a certain angle, Qi Masters would be suppressed by the gale. For example, if the wind and his attacks were perpendicular to each other, unless he was right next to his opponent, his qi energy would be blown away by the wind, and he would have trouble aiming his attacks.

Fang Rui probably knew this point too, but Yu Wenzhou knew it better than him.

Blue Rain had chosen this map, and Blue Rain also had a Qi Master.

This was why Yu Wenzhou dared to let Fang Rui's Qi Master loop around them because he knew exactly how the gale helped or hindered a Qi Master.

Bullet Rain was blown back. It had been too fast for Yu Wenzhou to respond, but if Fang Rui wanted to target hise Swoksaar, then he wasn't going to let another accident happen.