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Chapter 1437: Can’t Follow You

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Everyone in the stadium was starting to feel sleepy.

This was Blue Rain’s home game, but Blue Rain was entirely at fault for this boredom. It was their players who were waging guerrilla warfare. It was their players who were refusing to confront Ye Xiu directly. It was their players who were dragging this game out.

This was practically a test to see whether the fans truly supported them…

Scattered all around the stadium, the loyal Blue Rain fans responsible for hyping up the crowd had encountered the greatest obstacle for a cheerleading squad: the game was dragging out for so long that even they were having trouble keeping themselves motivated.

“This is our team’s strategy!” They could only inform everyone sincerely. Trying to get everyone to cheer loudly for this sort of game would be too forced. Then, as if Song Xiao had caught on to the crowd’s feelings, his Receding Tides rushed forward. Everyone was excited. They waited, saving their energy for the explosive confrontation to come, only to be met with Song Xiao’s Receding Tides running away.

This was too hurtful to them!

The crowd in the stadium were doing the same as Pan Lin. After crying out twice for false alarms, Pan Lin wouldn’t fall for it again. Everyone could only pray that the match would end! Was there really any point in doing all of this?

“What’s the point?” Ye Xiu represented the thoughts of Blue Rain’s fans and questioned Blue Rain’s strategy in the chat.

Song Xiao used actions to reply back. Receding Tides rushed out again.

“How many times has he done it?” The audience members whispered to each other. This was already the only topic they could think of.

“The fifth?”

“I think it’s the sixth.”

“Isn’t it the sixth?”

“If I’m remembering it correctly.”

“Alright, it’s the sixth then!” The audience members clearly didn’t care much about this topic.

Sky Piercing Cannon!

Even a skill used to initiate battles wasn’t anything exciting anymore. Everyone was completely numb to it at this point.

“Song Xiao’s Receding Tides has rushed out once again. Let’s see what he’ll do this time,” Pan Lin forced himself to sound energetic. But because the same scene had repeated itself over and over again, he couldn’t bother to think of new ways to word it.

“Sky Piercing Cannon, Landmine Earthquake… Oh, he has Qi Flowing Cloud activated… Spiral Qi Kill missed. It hit a tree. He’s starting to retreat. Lord Grim is chasing after him, ” Pan Lin calmly described the scene. It was as if he wasn’t talking about a battle.

“Receding Tides has turned around behind the tree. He’s turning again…” The commentary stopped. Ye Xiu had lost sight of Receding Tides. It looked like the chase stopped here again.

But then, Lord Grim suddenly retraced his steps, and Receding Tide appeared in his sights again.

“Ah!” Pan Lin wasn’t prepared for such a sudden change and couldn’t find the right words. Fortunately, Li Yibo had been quietly thinking during the seemingly endless loop. When Lord Grim retraced his steps, his eyes immediately lit up.

“He’s caught on!”

“Yes, Song Xiao had escaped from Ye Xiu in the same way the last few times. This time, Ye Xiu has caught onto him,” Pan Lin clarified.

Anti-Tank Missiles!

Boom boom boom, three missiles flew out.

“Ah, why’d he attack so hastily! Get closer!” Pan Lin felt that it was a pity for Ye Xiu. In his eyes, Ye Xiu had seized a rare opportunity. From his omniscient view of the match, he could see that Song Xiao wasn’t aware that Lord Grim had retraced his steps to a different angle. Ye Xiu could have sneaked closer. But instead, as soon as he found a new angle, he had Lord Grim attack.

Song Xiao was startled by the artillery fire. He was just about to dodge out of reflex, but he stopped himself at the last moment.

This was bait! A sudden attack to bait him into jumping up and exposing himself.

The thought had flashed through his mind, but then he realized that the direction wasn’t correct.

By the time he realized it, it was too late.

Boom boom boom!

Three Anti-Tank Missiles exploded, all of them hitting Receding Tides. Song Xiao immediately rolled to reduce the knockback from the explosions, while also adjusting his line of sight to see Lord Grim.

“It hit! It actually hit!” Pan Lin cried out.

Although it was a sneak attack, Launcher skills made noise. At this distance, Song Xiao could have reacted in time to dodge it, but he was still unexpectedly hit.

“He probably thought the attack was a trap,” Li Yibo said.

“He misjudged the situation.”

“It’s not just that,” Li Yibo said.

“What else is there?”

“Ye Xiu has started taking advantage of the terrain,” Li Yibo sucked in a deep breath of air.

“Oh, these past few minutes…”

“He’s been running around this place in circles the entire time. Not only was Ye Xiu familiarizing himself with the terrain, he’s been familiarizing himself with Song Xiao’s thoughts,” Li Yibo said....


“So he’s already grasped Song Xiao’s escape route!” Pan Lin was pleasantly surprised. This surprise wasn’t from his bias towards Happy, but rather, there was hope that this battle would finally end!

Collapsing Mountain!

After the Anti-Tank Missiles, Ye Xiu didn’t conserve his skills. Lord Grim sprinted over and then crashed down with a Collapsing Mountain.

Song Xiao had suddenly been hit by a strike and now his opponent was in front of him. However, he didn’t panic and saw through this Collapsing Mountain’s momentum. Receding Tides took a step forward and then let out a palm.

Qi Break!

A powerful high-level skill, yet it looked so gentle. There was no ear-piercing sound or flashy visual effects. All of the surging power was contained within the character. Until the final moment, no one would know what would happen. Qi Masters were filled with hidden meaning.

“See! Qi Masters are meant to be played dirty!” When one looked at things from a different perspective, what one concluded would be different. Happy’s Fang Rui didn’t think about the hidden meaning behind this powerful skill. Instead, he thought about sneak attacks and playing dirty…

His palm pushed against the side of the descending Lord Grim. Song Xiao had calculated the distance and direction. Even if Ye Xiu adjusted the angle of this attack, he wouldn’t be able to hit him. It was too late for Ye Xiu to switch to a different attack. Every skill attacked at a certain angle. At this point, there weren’t any possibilities left, were there?


A sword light slashed through Receding Tides.

Sword Draw?!

Song Xiao was shocked.

You can do that?

Amidst the spray of blood, Receding Tides was knocked back. His Qi Burst had been interrupted. The Sword Light seemed to splash onto Receding Tides as Ye Xiu continued his onslaught.

“What’s going on? What just happened?” Pan Lin cried out.

“If I’m not mistaken… that Sword Draw was from his left hand,” Li Yibo said.

The battle was still ongoing. It wasn’t convenient to put out a replay. As a result, the cameraman played the previous clip on a smaller screen in slow motion. From the smaller screen, everyone finally saw that it was a Sword Draw from the left hand!

Lord Grim’s Collapsing Mountain had been executed using his right hand. While in the air, he switched hands and used Sword Draw. For a normal player, they would have to cancel Collapsing Mountain and then position the sword to the correct angle. But Lord Grim? They didn’t know if he cancelled Collapsing Mountain or not, but in that instant, Lord Grim’s left hand grabbed the end of the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella and performed a Sword Draw…

“This… Collapsing Mountain should have been cancelled, but because of Lord Grim’s umbrella, he doesn’t need to waste time adjusting the angle of his weapon. At that instant, he probably positioned his weapon for the left hand… letting him use his left hand to perform the move,” Li Yibo analyzed.

“A surprise attack! No wonder Song Xiao was caught off guard!” Pan Lin shouted.

At this moment, Song Xiao had been grabbed by Ye Xiu and caught in an onslaught of attacks. But the so-called Mister Clutch wouldn’t panic so easily. Song Xiao remained calm and defended, while looking for an opening.

Finally, an opportunity came!

Receding Tides seized this opening and tried to escape using the terrain. But when he made a turn around the tree ahead, Lord Grim cut him off.

“You’ve done this same move so many times. Aren’t you bored yet?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Sure enough, Song Xiao’s been completely seen through!” Pan Lin shouted.

“Even in this terrain, there are very few ways to completely escape Ye Xiu’s pursuit. Song Xiao had scurried around so many times, yet still wanted to keep doing the same thing. It’s as if he’s regarding Ye Xiu as a dead person,” Li Yibo said.

“It looks like I can’t run,” Song Xiao defended and answered Ye Xiu.

“Feel free to try again if an opening appears,” Ye Xiu said.

“No need. Let’s fight!” Song Xiao said. He switched up his fighting style. He was no longer as careful as before, always looking for an opportunity to escape. Receding Tides had gotten into a fighting posture, ready to confront Lord Grim.

“You should have just done this a long time ago,” Ye Xiu said.

“Do you even have enough health left to fight me?” Song Xiao was quite arrogant in front of God Ye Xiu.

“More than enough. I’ve been healing myself,” Ye Xiu typed.

While playing hide-and-seek with Song Xiao, Ye Xiu had Lord Grim heal himself every now and then. He couldn’t completely use up his mana just to keep his health up, after all, Lord Grim needed mana to fight! He hadn’t used Wish Prayer, which meant that he had most likely added a different skill onto his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella.

“Come!” Song Xiao shouted.

“I’m coming!” Ye Xiu replied. Lord Grim turned around and vanished.

“This is…” Pan Lin was speechless. The entire Glory world was speechless.

“What is the meaning of this!” Song Xiao stamped his feet.

“Did you think I’d fight just because you wanted to fight? I need to save my strength for the team competition!” Ye Xiu replied in the chat. Lord Grim traversed through the forest as if he were extremely familiar with it. Ye Xiu had already played on this map for dozens of minutes.

“I’m coming!” Ye Xiu suddenly shouted. Song Xiao wasn’t disturbed, but Lord Grim really did come.

Shua shua shua, several fast attacks; Song Xiao raised his spirits. Shua shua shua, several movement skills. Lord Grim was gone.

Lord Grim was matchless in terms of speed. Appearing and disappearing like a ghost was too easy in this sort of map.

“He’s playing… the cooldown style…” Li Yibo said as he saw Lord Grim search for an opportunity to attack.