The King’s Avatar

Chapter 1422: Reversal

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Hurry up and heal him!

The health on Wei Chen’s Windward Formation was about to hit zero. The viewers focused their eyes onto An Wenyi’s Little Cold Hands, hoping he would go over and rescue Windward Formation.

Many of the viewers had felt touched, seeing Wei Chen’s tenacity. They hadn’t cared before, but now, they held their hopes for Happy. They didn’t want to see Wei Chen, who worked so hard and ended up in such a sorry state, to fall just like that.

If Windward Formation died here, wouldn’t all of the preparation that Happy had laid out be pointless?


Everyone stared at Little Cold Hands attentively. Among them was Blue Rain’s Yu Wenzhou.

Hurry and come!

He had the same thoughts. Swoksaar continued to attack Windward Formation, but his gaze was in a different direction. Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud followed suit.

He isn’t able to get there!

With the help from an omniscient view, the more skilled spectators could feel it.

“It’s a trap!” Li Yibo saw through it.

“He truly is Yu Wenzhou. To think he could still come up with a scheme in this situation. He’s using Windward Formation as bait to lure Happy’s Little Cold Hands over. He wanted to pick him off!” Li Yibo said.

The camera quickly pulled out a bird’s eye view of the battle. The indicators on Little Cold Hands, Swoksaar, Flowing Cloud, and Windward Formation suddenly became brighter. Swoksaar and Flowing Cloud looked to be readying for the final killing blow on Windward Formation through a pincer attack, but at the same time, their pincer attack had locked onto Little Cold Hands. If Little Cold Hands went over to heal Windward Formation, he would be intercepted midway and trapped.

With the enemy healer under their control, killing off Windward Formation would only take an instant. Afterwards, Happy would not only be down one person, but their healer would be in the enemy’s hands as well. Happy would fall into a disadvantageous situation.

All of this happened in a flash. Happy did not have a single second to spare, if they wanted to rescue Wei Chen’s Windward Formation,

The battle seemed to have frozen in this instant. What Blue Rain had predicted would happen, didn’t happen.

As a result, the slight pause from intentionally slowing their attacks became extremely obvious.

Wei Chen was surprised at first, but after carefully paying attention to Swoksaar’s and Flowing Cloud’s movements, he quickly figured it out.

“Haha,” He laughed in the chat.

Yu Wenzhou knew that once this moment had passed, his plan would be ruined. Their cunning old captain would certainly realize it. A warning’s probably been sent out already?

Who was to blame?

Yu Wenzhou looked at Happy’s motionless Cleric. He knew that Happy’s Cleric was a rookie, and not a particularly talented one like Happy’s other rookies. An Wenyi was oftentimes viewed as Happy’s weak point.

But then again, Happy used their weak point as bait, and came up with several traps. This was Ye Xiu’s speciality. Using one’s own weakness and turning it around to become the opponent’s downfall.

What about now?

Could it be because this rookie Cleric was too slow to react and failed to notice Windward Formation’s situation, ruining Yu Wenzhou’s carefully thought out plan?

If that was truly the reason, Yu Wenzhou could only sigh at his bad luck. A hole had appeared in his plans because his opponent’s skill was too poor. What could he do?

Knowing that this plan had failed, Yu Wenzhou had Swoksaar attack. Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud also rushed forward and swung down, taking down the last bit of Windward Formation’s health. Windward Formation became the first player to be eliminated from the team competition. While stalling Blue Rain’s two players, he had truly exhausted everything, including his character’s life.

Even now, there were still no signs of any sort of response from Happy’s side.

“How could a healer be this bad??” Countless viewers slammed their tables in anger and cursed. Many of the crowd members were extremely dissatisfied with An Wenyi as well. They had forgiven this rookie healer the whole way through and believed in him just like the rest of Team Happy. But now, he just did nothing as Wei Chen’s efforts were wasted. Who could endure such an injustice?

“Is he stupid?”

“Get down!”


An Wenyi clearly didn’t have any braindead fans who defended him no matter what. The fans loved or hated him depending on his performance.

It was fine if you weren’t skilled enough. No one disregarded the fact that he was a rookie. What they cared about more was his attitude, a proactive attitude.

It wasn’t even important if An Wenyi could save Windward Formation or not. They were angry that he just sat there staring into space, as if he didn’t know what was happening on the other side of the battle.

It was okay if you failed, but you can’t just do nothing....


To the spectators, An Wenyi was a person who did nothing. Curses instantly filled the stadium. However, the match still went on.

After killing Windward Formation, Swoksaar and Flowing Cloud quickly rushed to join with the rest of the team. The two hadn’t taken much damage.

On the other side of the battle, it was now Happy’s turn to be reckless.

Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain took the high grounds and tunneled onto Soul Speaker. Zheng Xuan wanted to protect his healer, so he started firing at Su Mucheng. At this distance, his Spitfire Bullet Rain could reach her. The force from a Burst Grenade threw Dancing Rain off from the high grounds. However, Su Mucheng quickly adjusted, landing Dancing Rain at another attack point.

The home game advantage!

In this exchange against Zheng Xuan, Su Mucheng fully displayed her familiarity with this region. She didn’t even need to look around to find a suitable attacking position.

In the group arena, Zheng Xuan had beaten Su Mucheng in the 1v1. He didn’t lack the confidence in contesting against Su Mucheng. However, in this team competition, while his target was Dancing Rain, Su Mucheng’s target was Soul Speaker. As a result, Zheng Xuan needed to consider both sides. It was just too much to think about. For a lazy person like Zheng Xuan, it was truly torture.

He couldn’t hold down Su Mucheng’s Dancing Rain. In the end, all of the misfortune fell onto Xu Jingxi.

Soul Speaker ran around, but Su Mucheng was always able to quickly catch him. If it was as simple as you-chase-I-run, then Xu Jingxi could lure the opponents into the area, where Blue Rain had originally planned on fighting Happy in. But the problem was that he could not leave because he had to heal his allies on Blue Rain.

Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain was being pincered by Ye Xiu and Fang Rui. While Xu Jingxi’s Soul Speaker dodged Dancing Rain’s attacks, he had to think of every possible way to keep Troubling Rain healthy.

If this situation continued, Blue Rain’s three players had no chances of winning. But now, this period had passed. Yu Wenzhou and Lu Hanwen joined the battle. The tides shifted once again. A Curse Arrow shot towards the high-up Dancing Rain. The greatsword, Flame Shadow, cut into battle and danced alongside Ice Rain.

“You guys are finally here!” Huang Shaotian let out a sigh of relief. Xu Jingxi’s Soul Speaker had been baited and then forced to heal afterwards, causing him to constantly consume mana. Now, Blue Rain had the 5v4, relieving him of some pressure! They could not let this opportunity go.

“Attack!” Yu Wenzhou ordered. All of Blue Rain went on the offensive.

“Focus on restraining, avoid trading, increase their mana consumption,” Yu Wenzhou pointed out the overall strategic direction. They had the numbers advantage, but Happy had used up much of their healer’s mana. They needed to fight carefully. If their healer went out of mana too early, their advantage would instantly crumble.

Usually, teams would utilize their numbers advantage to launch an all-out attack and hopefully kill a target to widen the advantage, before the other side’s sixth player arrived. In the Glory team competition, most victories were obtained in this way.

However, it wasn’t suitable for the current Blue Rain to launch an all-out attack because their healer did not have the mana to support such an endeavor. As a result, Yu Wenzhou emphasized that they wouldn’t be going all out to kill an enemy player. They couldn’t waste their numbers advantage though, so they needed to carefully go about it. While killing an enemy player was the main objective, it could not be forced.


Besides calmness, there was only calmness.

Yu Wenzhou was always calm. Whether Team Blue Rain had the lead, was falling behind, or was in a difficult spot, he would never lose his cool. He would always search for the most reliable method to deal with the situation. It was through this foundation that allowed Huang Shaotian to find an opportunity to wreck havoc on the battlefield.

But soon afterwards, when Blue Rain attacked, they encountered an unexpected response.


Yes, they went on the offensive, but Happy also went on the offensive.

It was a 4v5, yet Happy was still attacking.

It was a standard team competition situation, yet both teams responded in unconventional ways.

The side with the numbers advantage played conservatively. The side with the numbers disadvantaged played aggressively.

The viewers were all dumbstruck. They had no idea how such a strange situation had come about.

Only the pro-level players who were watching the match could feel the balance shifting, when they saw this scene.

“Happy is the one in control!”

Wang Jiexi, Xiao Shiqin, Zhang Xinjie… all of the top experts had the same thought.

Because this reversed situation had resulted from Blue Rain’s healer using up too much mana.

And everything had been set up by Happy.

This current situation should be within Happy’s plans.

Wei Chen’s Windward Formation hadn’t been ignored by Happy’s healer. Happy hadn’t planned on saving Windward Formation in the first place.

Wei Chen obtaining victory no matter the means included coldly sacrificing himself.

Blue Rain’s two generations of captains, a confrontation between the original owner and the successor of Swoksaar?

In the end, it was just a topic to talk about.

This was a team competition, and what Wei Chen pursued was the team’s victory and nothing more.