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Chapter 1381: So It Ends Here?

Chapter 1381: So It Ends Here?

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It wasn’t just Li Yihui, Bai Shu’s expression turned heavy too.

Adding on a skill with the same effect? It sounded wasteful, but to 301, it was their biggest bane. 301’s strategies had been brought back by Bai Shu. He knew better than anyone else how it should be played, as well as all the tricks and techniques involved.

In these strategies, the Knight was undoubtedly crucial. Provoke and Roar, the two Taunt skills, were essential for letting the Assassin complete a Life-Risking Strike and were incredibly valuable for other tactics too. It could be said that these were the two most important skills for their strategies.

These strategies weren’t used in China’s competitive scene. Bai Shu had confirmed it. And after 301 started using them, they became a force to be reckoned with. Their execution wasn’t perfect yet, but 301 had already achieved great results. A major reason for their success was the Alliance’s unfamiliarity with these foreign tactics.

However, Happy’s Ye Xiu had attached two skills with the same effect onto his weapon, most likely to target Tide’s Provoke and Roar. It was enough to say that he had grasped the key points of this set of strategies.

Luring away Yang Cong and his Scene Killer was only a part of Happy’s set-up. The other part was restricting the enemy Knight’s two Taunt skills.

With a Qi Master, a Cleric, and who knew how many skills Lord Grim had added onto his umbrella, Happy had numerous ways to achieve this goal.

What a guy. He’s even better than I imagined.

Bai Shu was shocked.

Ye Xiu had seen through his techniques, his thoughts, and even the strategies he had brought back from outside of the scene.

The Glory Textbook.

Bai Shu had heard of this nickname. Now, he was convinced, truly convinced. Was there anything this guy didn’t excel at? He was top-tier at every aspect of Glory? And that weapon his character possessed, Bai Shu had never even heard of it before. The European scene obviously had self-made equipment, but to create one that could transform, wasn’t that cheating? Wasn’t that changing how the game was supposed to be played? Bai Shu had questioned it at one point.

But now, he had nothing to say.

For such a freakish weapon to appear in such a freakish player’s hands, there was nothing he could say.

Lord Grim flickered, avoiding the flying Circle Sweep Kick from Moving Mountain. The scythe form Myriad Manifestations Umbrella arced in the air, drawing out a Rising Emblem, suspending Moving Mountain in the air. Instead of falling down, Moving Mountain shot into the air.

Lord Grim rushed forward, holding a talisman in his other hand, the Exorcist’s Meditation Talisman, which could dispel Taunt effects.

No one could be faster than Lord Grim, and no one could block him. Team 301’s current team comp had a very obvious weakness: no ranged.

Before 301’s sixth player Qian Wenju came onto the stage, 301’s starting team comp consisted of an Assassin, a Knight, a Blade Master, a Grappler, and a Paladin, all melee.

An all melee team was a viable team comp though, unlike all ranged team comps. Even though they would have some trouble against ranged attacks, all melee teams had the numbers advantage in melee brawls. This was the goal of all melee teams. Defense first, and then once an opportunity appeared to fight the opponent melee characters, jump at it and never let go.

However, oftentimes, without a long-ranged class, they could meet situations where there was nothing they could do. For example, trying to interrupt a skill was exceptionally difficult. Lord Grim was getting ready to attack, but without long-ranged firepower, they had no suitable ways of stopping him.


Lord Grim’s Meditation Talisman was stuck onto One Inch Ash. The Roar effect was finally dispelled. Qiao Yifan immediately had One Inch Ash place down a ghost boundary. The timing of the dispel was immaculate. The ghost boundary could continue to remain.

At this moment, Bai Shu turned around and lifted his hands. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim made his way over to him in a single step. Bai Shu was shocked. With just one press of his finger, Tide would have let out a Glorious Provocation, but Lord Grim stood in his way. This was the method that Li Yihui had used to block Lord Grim’s Calm and Composed.

Lord Grim moved towards Tide, but was Ye Xiu afraid?

Tide had reached Little Cold Hands. Even if Bai Shu hadn’t Provoked him, Ye Xiu would have went over anyways to rescue their healer. Now, with the Provoke, he didn’t even need to press any buttons to move. He could focus solely on using skills as he rushed over.

Bai Shu was helpless.

Provoke and Roar had been used, and under Knight’s Spirit, their might had even been buffed. However, the opponent had blocked them. Could he still escape?

No tricks would work. His only choice was to brute force his way out. If it was just himself, he could have ran long ago, but the goal was to get the rest of the team to retreat too. One Inch Ash’s ghost boundary needed to be put under control. 301’s objective hadn’t changed.

Just Heroic Leap!

Tide jumped over Lord Grim’s head and smashed towards One Inch Ash. Lord Grim was still under Provoke’s effects though. The system forced him to follow, so his reactions were perfect. Tide had quickly leaped over his head, but Lord Grim instantly turned around. Ye Xiu followed in his steps and also jumped. His Myriad Manifestations Umbrella transformed into a spear, Circle Swing!...



Tide was stabbed in mid-air. Bai Shu turned his head in disbelief. To be able to attack in this situation, what were his limits?


Tide had been thrown to the ground by Circle Swing. The weight of a fully plated Knight wasn’t light. He formed a crater in the ground as the earth trembled. Bai Shu immediately had Tide get up, but his skills were locked. Happy’s Cleric had probably thrown down Sacred Fire when Lord Grim threw him, sealing his skills.

In the blink of an eye, Qiao Yifan completed a chain of ghost boundaries. He didn’t need to trap all of 301, just a single character was enough. Unless their opponents were crippled, how could they not go rescue their ally?

Gao Jie was unfortunately the one to be captured. He was wildly attacking to stop Fang Rui, but he didn’t realize that it was actually him being locked down by Fang Rui. One Inch Ash’s ghost boundary chain linked together with him in the center of it.

Gao Jie was dumbfounded. Then, he watched as the rest of Happy rushed over, each of them with sinister expressions.

Not good…

Team 301 could do nothing. They couldn’t help but look towards the other side. Their team captain, Yang Cong and his Scene Killer, should be back by now. But, no. Yang Cong was currently fighting with Su Mucheng, who was patiently kiting him. In short, she was doing one thing: stalling.

Yang Cong completely understood Su Mucheng’s intentions, but he had no way of resolving the issue. In fact, he was hoping Bai Shu and the others could find a way to come over and group back up. If everyone lockedd Su Mucheng outside of Paulownia Tower, their tactics would be able to open up. How could he know that Happy had locked up the other four, stopping them from leaving. Both sides were hoping for one another to save them, but right now, neither side could help the other.

In the end, the trapped Gao Jie was unable to be rescued.

When Yang Cong saw Stellar Sword’s name suddenly turn gray, his heart sunk.

He knew that the other side had lost, and in the end, he wasn’t able to get rid of Su Mucheng and rush back to help. Despite knowing the other side’s intentions, he could do nothing but be led around by the nose into a losing situation.

Gao Jie had fallen. Who was next? Yang Cong clearly knew that the death of an ally was the most dangerous moment. The remaining players would instantly feel the pressure multiplied. Before their sixth player arrived, everyone would need to put in even greater effort to hold on in order to last while their side had a numbers disadvantage. If any teammate was unable to persist, the opponents would utilize their numbers advantage to quickly sweep everyone.

I need to group back together with them. Yang Cong made his decision. Scene Killer tossed Dancing Rain aside to return. Su Mucheng continued to give chase with her Dancing Rain, but this time, Yang Cong’s retreat was more decisive. When Dancing Rain entered Paulownia Tower, he didn’t even look back.

In this live or die moment, tactics could only be thrown aside for now. To group up, even if they had Su Mucheng above breaking their tactics, it could be considered as a method of intimidation. Afterwards, they could go on the offensive. Either way it was still better than letting Happy lead them around by the nose.

Scene Killer finally grouped together with everyone, and 301’s sixth player had quickly arrived as well. But it was too late.

When Yang Cong got closer, he saw that Bai Shu’s Tide no longer had much health left. At a numbers disadvantage, he had relied on his sturdy plate armor and his own body to protect the other two members. As a result, he took huge amounts of damage.Their healer, Sun Ming’s Paladin 007 had been focused by the other side as well and could not provide any assistance.

Yang Cong was only an Assassin. He wasn’t a healer. His return could help relieve some of Bai Shu’s burden, but at this point, Happy was trading health for health. At this rate, Tide would certainly be killed.

The Knight Tide was perhaps had the most health out of any Knight in all of Glory, but in order to protect his team, he fell as well.

Boom boom boom!

Dancing Rain had climbed up the Paulownia Tower and was providing help. Yang Cong lifted his head and saw the dazzling yet harsh gunfire.

We lost!

Yang Cong knew that the fight was over.

But was it the end of this match, or the end of their summer?

How bitter! No matter what, losing would always make one feel bitter!

I don’t have many too chances left!

Reality was cruel. With this team competition, Happy beat 301, the final score 6-4. Team 301 would have to wait for the results of the two other matches before they could know their final fate.

As for Happy?

“To think they didn’t even let me play, or could it be a mark of how much we’ve improved?” Tang Rou wrinkled her brow in complaint.