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Chapter 1367: Wind Howl That Needs Teamwork

Chapter 1367: Wind Howl That Needs Teamwork

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To have Wind Howl play as a team…

Everyone who heard Li Yibo’s evaluation went silent.

If Wind Howl could play beautifully as one, would they have needed to resort to their current method? In the end, a man to man full offensive playstyle was on the extreme end. When employing such an imbalanced playstyle, a slight fault in execution could result in the opponents grasping a huge opportunity.

This time, because Wind Howl had neglected Happy’s Summoner, they had fallen into such a crisis.

Lose like this?


No one in Wind Howl was willing to give up. Who was that? Luo Ji? A name they had never even heard of, an unknown noob, was about to be their downfall? How could they live with that?

“Stand firm!” Tang Hao roared in the chat. Who knew if he wanted Lin Feng to persist, or if he wanted the whole team to continue with their current playstyle and look for an opportunity to break through. After he yelled out this order, the Frost Wolf summoned by Concealed Light once again pounced towards him relentlessly. Frost Wolf was one of Concealed Light’s four main summons. Its battle power couldn’t compare to the miscellaneous summons he only added a few points in. In addition to its naturally high defense and health, it wasn’t something that could be dealt with in just a few blows, not even by Tang Hao.

Back Throw!

Tang Hao could use a high priority move to have Demon Subduer throw the Frost Wolf behind him. However, in the blink of an eye, the Frost Wolf had climbed back up and pounced again!

As Wind Howl’s core, a lot of importance had been attached to Demon Subduer, but the enemy summons seemed to be endless; no matter what he did, he could never get rid of them all.

No, it’s not like this!

Tang Hao was still a top-tier God. He obviously knew that although a Summoner had a lot of summons, they didn’t have an endless amount of them. The enemy Summoner had an extremely strong grasp of rhythm, linking attack after attack. His calculations were immaculate.

This guy… Tang Hao realized that Happy’s Luo Ji wasn’t a player that could casually be ignored.

If it was a 1v1, Luo Ji’s annoying tactics were nothing to be afraid of. If one came, he would kill one. If two came, he would kill two. He could just keep on killing summon after summon until Luo Ji ran out of mana. However, in the amount of time it took for him to kill one summon, who knew how much damage Lin Feng’s Doubtful Demon would take. If he didn’t hurry and rescue him, Wind Howl would immediately have one less player the enemy side. Such a wide disparity could not be casually erased.

“Restrict Concealed Light’s summons!” Tang Hao finally gave the order.

When Chen Guo saw this scene, she felt a wave of joy.

Luo Ji seemed to be Happy’s weakest member. He hadn’t been used until the very end of the season, but in this match, the arrogant Team Wind Howl and the overbearing captain Tang Hao had unexpectedly targeted him.

They weren’t focusing on Luo Ji because he was the weakest member, or because he was the easiest to bully, but rather because he was the one putting a halt to Wind Howl’s plans.

He had not only received the acknowledgement of his teammates, but the acknowledgement of an extremely proud opponent. Even if it was just in this team competition, Lou Ji had firmly cemented his place. Chen Guo believed that no matter what ended up happening, Tang Hao would certainly remember the name Luo Ji, this noob who had brought so much trouble to them.

Well done! You have to win!

Chen Guo celebrated quietly.

But Wind Howl had already started acting. Under Tang Hao’s clear orders, they began targeting Concealed Light. And this would be a group effort. In the end, Wind Howl had been forced to change their recently successful playstyle to deal with the situation.

Zhao Yuzhe’s Beautiful Light suddenly Teleported, abandoning his original position. Wind Howl’s formation had reason behind it. Every player’s position efficiently split apart each opponent. But because they were switching up their tactics, Zhao Yuzhe immediately threw his position aside. There was also Liu Hao. His Absent Sun was no longer being restricted by vines. After receiving the order, he immediately moved horizontally, his movements matching Zhao Yuzhe’s. Team Wind Howl’s team play was indeed lacking, but they had built up synergy in a certain places. After all, each player was individually talented. If they truly couldn’t work together at all, they wouldn’t be qualified to be pro players.

Absent Sun and Beautiful Light had joined together despite the blockade of summons. Beautiful Light’s Teleport had contributed greatly towards it. No matter how fast a Thunder Eagle may be, it could not achieve instant movement.

After the two characters met up, Absent Sun moved to the front, while Beautiful Light moved to the back, forming a shield. The charging summons were dealt with by Liu Hao’s Absent Sun, while Zhao Yuzhe’s Beautiful Light began casting in safety.

Then, a Satellite Beam crashed to the ground, sweeping towards them. The two immediately dodged.

This girl again!

Liu Hao’s irritation had reached a peak, and Su Mucheng had kept it there. Dancing Rain’s firepower suddenly shifted towards them, unleashing a fierce assault.

Absent Sun dodged with difficulty, and without protection, Beautiful Light could not continue casting.

Everyone in the audience shook their heads.

This was exactly why Wind Howl could not play well together. They had a certain level of synergy, but it stopped there. Their teamwork was easily broken apart. Not only that, the two had just gotten together, but were separated by a Satellite Beam. The two were now getting farther and farther apart. They had initially intended on coordinating with each other, but in the blink of an eye, their plan was destroyed without a sliver of it remaining.

“Wind Howl may have realized that their top priority is to stop Luo Ji from summoning freely. However, Wind Howl still hasn’t found a good solution to it yet. Liu Hao and Zhao Yuzhe tried to convene, but Su Mucheng easily broke them apart,” Pan Lin said.

“Their teamwork still isn’t good enough! In team battles, Wind Howl’s foresight is rather lacking. Liu Hao’s and Zhao Yuzhe’s coordination was somewhat hurried. They failed to consider the issue of timing,” Li Yibo had the courage to talk about Wind Howl’s teamwork because it was rather weak. Weak meant superficial. Li Yibo could see through them without much effort....


“Then, Coach Li, what do you think they should do?” Pan Lin asked.

“They could have Tang Hao and Zhao Yuzhe act as bait from one end, while Liu Hao and Guo Yang work from the other end. The two were old teammates in Excellent Era. Their synergy together should be quite high,” Li Yibo was more than bold enough to talk about Wind Howl’s plans.

“Indeed, that would be better. Hm? Liu Hao is…” Pan Lin suddenly noticed something.

“Huh? This is…” Li Yibo also noticed it.

“He’s pretending to retreat, but in reality, he’s looking to coordinate with Guo Yang,” Pan Lin yelled.

“Guo Yang’s Qi Breaker has made a move! Dancing Rain shifting targets gave him an opening, and he grasped that opening well,” Pan Lin shouted.

“Su Mucheng’s attacks were a bit excessive! She should have been able to promptly shift back. This opening shouldn’t have existed,” Li Yibo remarked.

It was already too late though. Guo Yang’s Qi Break was able to complete a cast during this opening.

“Cloud Grasping Fist!” Pan Lin shouted.

Everyone’s hearts leapt to their throats. Could Qi Breaker’s move turn the tables for Wind Howl? The camera zoomed in on Concealed Light.


“Dancing Rain?” Pan Lin was astonished. Guo Yang’s Qi Breaker was just barely able to find an opening to disrupt Happy’s momentum, but he targeted Dancing Rain instead of Concealed Light?

“How calm!” Li Yibo praised, “Grabbing Concealed Light from his position was rather difficult. One slight slip-up, or if the summons got in his way, he might just end up grabbing a summon instead.”

“That’s why grabbing Dancing Rain is actually an excellent choice. Dancing Rain has been Cloud Grasped and is out of the picture. Wait, she hasn’t stopped attacking!” Pan Lin was unable to keep his thoughts to himself and ended with a cry of surprise.

Dancing Rain had been forcefully separated from her team with Cloud Grasping Fist, but she continued to bombard Liu Hao’s Absent Sun with attacks. Despite the forced movements, her attacks were still as precise as ever. Hit, hit, hit, hit after hit! Liu Hao’s Absent Sun was blown up, as if there really was no sun.

“Could it be… Liu Hao isn’t actually intentionally giving away openings, but rather Su Mucheng’s attacks are truly so fierce that he’s being forced into so many openings?” Li Yibo was astonished.

“So you’re saying, Guo Yang’s opening came out of blind luck?” Pan Lin said.

“It’s hard to say…” Li Yibo said. It really was hard to say, but seeing how Dancing Rain had been pulled away, yet refused to let up her attacks, those really were his thoughts.

Dancing Rain bombarded Absent Sun as she moved towards Qi Breaker. Her speed actually increased because of the recoil from her attacks. Her character continued to grow larger and larger in front of Guo Yang’s eyes.

This… why does this feel familiar?

Guo Yang suddenly had a strange feeling rise up. He didn’t have time to think carefully about it. Dancing Rain had already arrived in front of him…


Guo Yang saw a warning from the team chat.


How could there be anyone behind him? Happy’s players were all in front of him! Wait, no! Isn’t there someone missing? Soft Mist?

Guo Yang suddenly realized where that feeling of deja vu came from.

Launching Spear…

This was a tactic that Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng had once used. What they meant by behind wasn’t behind Qi Breaker, but rather behind Dancing Rain. Behind her was Soft Mist…

Dancing Fire Flowing Flames swept by as the air itself seemed to boil. Guo Yang had the opportunity to strike Dancing Rain, but then the following Battle Mage attacks could not be dodged.

What to do?

This was a question that countless Excellent Era opponents got headaches from, but this time, it was Guo Yang’s turn.

Guo Yang didn’t run away because his memory told him that when this tactic came, dodging would turn out worse than standing firm.

Qigong Blast!

Qi Breaker’s palm slammed towards Dancing Rain as Dancing Fire Flowing Flame swept towards him.