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Chapter 1256: A Class Composition Fit for Dodgeball

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"A real fight?" Jiang Botao laughed, "1v3 us? That's going to be very difficult!"

"Bring it on!" Steamed Bun yelled.

"Vice captain, he's stalling for time!" Du Ming saw that Jiang Botao seemed to want to play along with this guy, so he hastily gave him a reminder.

"This match is just for fun. Why worry so much? Let's just play with him! Could it be you think it'll take us a long time to beat him 3v1?" Jiang Botao asked.

"Of course not!" Du Ming's spirits rose.

"Let's go!" Wu Qi called out. His Cruel Silence rushed out.

"We're coming!" Jiang Botao said.

"I've been waiting for a long time now," Steamed Bun said calmly. For a moment, the Brawler Steamed Bun Invasion had the faint aura of a great scholar around him. Facing a 1v3, he didn't back down a single step and stood his ground proudly. But in the next moment, Steamed Bun Invasion was lying flat on the ground. He had turned into a corpse that was on his way out of the stage.

Everyone's mouths were wide open.

They couldn't understand. What was going on in Bao Rongxing's mind? Why would he disgrace himself? They just couldn't understand!

Is he stupid? Everyone thought so.

"Haha, what a pity, I lost!" Steamed Bun was very upset.

"DId you actually think you could win?" Luo Ji couldn't help but ask.

"Whether I lose or win, as long as I fight bravely, I'll never have any regrets," Steamed Bun said.

"Can someone take care of him?" Luo Ji seemed to be possessed by Mo Fan, his face expressionless.

"Alright, next up, it's our turn to attack. We're gonna fight fast and end this fast." Wei Chen said to his two juniors.  

"Fight!" Steamed Bun shouted.

"..." Luo Ji.

The attackers and defenders switched roles. Happy on the offense, Samsara on the defense.

The opening was the same. It was just that this time, the ones standing at the corners of the triangle were Happy's three characters. The sandbag was in Windward Formation's hand. 

"If we keep catching sandbags endessly, won't this game go on forever?" Du Ming said.

"We just need to beat their time," Wu Qi siad.

"We can do it!" Jiang Botao said. Even though they didn't really care too much, it was still better to be the winner than the loser.

The match started. Jiang Botao immediately spun 360 degrees, observing Happy's movements.  

The three from Happy were moving into offensive positions. Samsara also moved, while paying attention to Windward Formation's sandbag. Wei Chen was cunning. They had personally experienced it. With the sandbag in his hands, they felt like he definitely had a surprise waiting for them.

"Watch me!" Wei Chen suddenly roared and swung his arms.

Samsara immediately dodged, but the sandbag wasn't thrown towards them.

"This again!" Du Ming said. He turned around and saw the sandbag in Steamed Bun Invasion's hands. However, Steamed Bun Invasion wasn't in a good attacking position. Was he going to pass again?

Samsara moved, wary of Happy's next pass.

But there was no pass. The sandbag fell into Steamed Bun Invasion's hands, and then Happy's three characters gathered together.

What are they doing?

Jiang Botao couldn't understand. In this minigame, the attacking side carried more threat when they split apart and formed links with each other. If all three attackers crowded together, what was the difference between three people and one?

Could they be planning on charging at us together?

Just when they were thinking this, Windward Formation and Concealed Light started casting.

Concealed Light summoned creatures, while Windward Formation cast… Death's Door!  

No one had ever heard of someone casting such a slow skill out in the open like this.

However, the threat of Death's Door was truly huge. Samsara couldn't ignore it. Jiang Botao's Empty Waves rushed forward. He swung his sword, sending out an Earth Wave Sword in an attempt to interrupt Windward Formation.

But then, Steamed Bun Invasion jumped out from the side, blocking this Earth Wave Sword.

The attack obviously dealt damage, but Steamed Bun Invasion didn't seem to care. He held the sandbag in his left hand and a Brick in his right hand as he sprinted madly towards Empty Waves.

Jiang Botao could only choose to run away. Who would dare to fight against someone who possessed the ultimate killing weapon, the sandbag?

But Windward Formation's Death's Hand had to be interrupted! Jiang Botao was being chased by Steamed Bun, so he had no chance to. He could only give the task to Du Ming and Wu Qi. However, by this time, Concealed Light had summoned quite a few creatures. His summons didn't rush out, instead providing cover for Windward Formation....

Jiang Botao suddenly realized the problem. At the same time, he also realized that in this minigame, some classes had advantages over others.

For example, Blade Masters and Assassins, two classes with powerful offensive capabilities, lost a lot of their threat in this minigame. No matter how strong your attacks were, how could they compare to an instant kill weapon?

The biggest threats in this minigame were control skills.

Warlocks were control experts, and Summoners who summoned creatures on the field were also very troublesome. His summons took up space, reducing the amount of room for the defenders to maneuver around, and this space was needed for defenders to dodge the sandbags.

A Warlock and a Summoner. Jiang Botao discovered that these two classes were most effective at exploiting the instant kill sandbags.

Not good!

Jiang Botao already had a bad feeling. Even though Du Ming's and Wu Qi's efforts forced Windward Formation to give up his Death's Door, it also lured the two into the summon's encirclement.  

Kill kill kill! 

Sword and dagger danced in the air. Du Ming also realized that the situation was looking very bad, so he directly used the high-level skill, Formless Phantom Blade. Sword light quickly cut down the summons in a flurry. However, Concealed Light was constantly summoning more, not caring at all about his mana or his skill cooldowns because this wasn't a normal fight. As the attackers, they had instant kill weapons. As long as they had a single opening, they could instantly kill the opponent.

Using Formless Phantom Blade in this situation?

This decision was a bit careless!

A high-level skill like Formless Phantom Blade had a long ending lag, a large opening for the attackers to take advantage of. In this minigame, an opening like this could be fatal!

But the skill had already been used, and it was too late for Jiang Botao to warn him. He could only watch as Moon-Luring Frost slaughter the area around him and then when the final slash came out, Moon-Luring Frost became stuck in ending lag. 

Steamed Bun leaped out at this moment. Jiang Botao predicted this would happen, but there was nothing he could do to stop him. As for Wu Qi? Wu Qi was helpless too because Windward Formation was fighting him. A Warlock's control skills could not be ignored in this minigame.

Pai, the sandbag easily hit Moon-Luring Frost. Everyone could only watch helplessly.

Moon-Luring Frost was eliminated. Concealed Light's army of summons started swarming around Wu Qi's Cruel Silence. The sandbag that fell to the ground was also picked up by him and soon passed over to Steamed Bun Invasion.

Jiang Botoa clearly understood Happy's strategy now. A Warlock with control skills, a Summoner with summons, and a Brawler with the sandbag. All three characters were major threats, which could not be said for Samsara. He could throw out an Earth Wave Sword, but Steamed Bun could just directly take the attack. On the other hand, if a Warlock's Binding Curse or Control Curse came his way, he didn't dare eat it.

The threat that all three members of Happy possessed when attacking was something that Samsara's three couldn't achieve. If it was real fight like Steamed Bun said, Samsara might have the advantage, but in this minigame, Jiang Botao felt powerless when it was Happy's turn to attack.

Cruel Silence was trapped by the army of summons. Then, Windward Formation used a Control Curse to CC him. Jiang Botao was being chased by Steamed Bun and couldn't save him. As soon as Steamed Bun saw that a target had been CCed, Steamed Bun Invasion's sandbag was thrown. Cruel Silence was unable to move due to Windward Formation's Control Curse and the sandbag hit him square in the forehead. 

Two Samsara players had been eliminated. Happy's offense wasn't as fast and nimble as Samsara's, but it made the defending side feel completely powerless.

Jiang Botao checked the time. There was already no hope of winning.

"How about a real fight?" He laughed, learning from Steamed Bun last round.

"Sure!" Steamed Bun jumped out.

"Okay, Steamed Bun hand me the sandbag. Go!" Wei Chen said.

JIang Botao's heart thumped. Why did he feel like this arrangement didn't seem safe?

"Relax!" Wei Chen said, "I'll definitely sneak attack you."

Jiang Botao was speechless. The guy wasn't even trying to hide his intentions.

Steamed Bun Invasion charged forward and started fighting with Jiang Botao's Spellblade. Sure enough, Wei Chen kept his promise. Windward Formation was on the side, constantly harassing Jiang Botao. When an opportunity arrived where the attack couldn't be dodged, he threw the sandbag along with a skill.

"Okay, go die!" Wei Chen said. The sandbag hit, and Jiang Botao was eliminated.

In the end, Happy used less time, so they won.

"Samsara's win streak has finally ended!" Wei Chen exclaimed delightedly.

"Senior, you really…" Jiang Botao forced a smile. He was an expert at talking to others, but he didn't know what to say right now.

The first round of Hot-Blooded Dodgeball finished, and the four teams once again drew ballots for their next opponent. Just like Jiang Botao realized, in this minigame, Happy's class composition held an overwhelming advantage. The other pro teams, Tiny Herb and Miracle, couldn't compete. Happy won the next two rounds easily and ended up as the winners of Hot-Blooded Dodgeball.  

"Champions!" Wei Chen declared loudly.

"Do we get a trophy?" Steamed Bun asked the host excitedly.

"This… I don't think so…" the host was sweating. It was just a minigame. A trophy?

"If there's no trophy, then a medal?" Steamed Bun asked.

"I don't think so either…"

"Prize?" Steamed Bun was still asking.

"Uh, that… Thank you to our nine audience members, and thank you to the fifteen players from our five pro teams for giving us a wonderful performance. Thank you!" The host took the lead and applauded, shooing away Happy down from the stage.