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Chapter 1255: Point Blank

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Soul Slice!

A purple light flashed from Death's Hand, sending out several slashes towards the airborne sandbag.

Du Ming was startled. He didn't dare wait for the sandbag to arrive and moved his Moon-Luring Frost forward hurriedly to grab it. Even if he couldn't get it, he definitely couldn't let someone from Happy catch it.

But no matter his fast his movement speed was, it couldn't compare to a skill's. Du Ming looked at Soul Slice's trajectory and made a prediction. Moon-Luring Frost headed directly towards Soul Slice's direction, but the Soul Slice unexpectedly missed the sandbag.

It didn't hit?

The sandbag pulled by Curving Wind Form's sword energy didn't pull the sandbag back very fast. For a pro player, hitting a target at such a speed shouldn't be anything difficult. However, Windward Formation's Soul Slice actually missed. Was it a mistake, or was it... intentional?  

"Ah, is this mouse broken?" Du Ming heard Wei Chen complain. He hastily had Moon-Luring Frost turn around and saw a black shadow leap up faster than he could react. The sandbag disappeared into the air along with this black shadow. 

Du Ming had Moon-Luring Frost send out a slash in a fluster, but it missed. That black shadow's movements were quick and nimble. After snatching the sandbag, it ran towards Happy's Summoner, Concealed Light, who took the sandbag from the spirit cat's mouth.

From the system notification, everyone could see that this retrieval was considered effective. Happy had gained another life.

Du Ming, who had just fallen for the trick, was both furious and ashamed. Moon-Luring Frost raised his sword, ready to charge towards Windward Formation. 

"Calm down! It's just a minigame," Jiang Botao shouted.

Yes, it was just a minigame. It was supposed to be a casual minigame filled with laughs. But Wei Chen's confidence after Happy picked Samsara was truly quite infuriating. Samsara's three players wanted to give this old guy a slap to his face, but from the looks of it, the old guy's skill at this game was deeper than theirs. Who said young people were easier at adapting to new things? Right now, this old guy was relying on his experience and after just two rounds of observation, he had quickly found the trick to this minigame.

"Du Ming, directly attack them. Give the sandbag to me and Wu Qi," Jiang Botao decided. It looked like beating Happy purely in a contest of their understanding of this minigame wouldn't be easy. He decided that they should display Samsara's strength, using attacks to restrict them while using sandbags to kill.

"Okay!" Du Ming welcomed this decision and replied bluntly.

On Happy's side, Luo Ji's Concealed Light held onto the sandbag for three seconds before throwing it towards a location inconvenient for Samsara. In the meantime, the three from Happy began preparing themselves for Samsara's next wave of attacks. But this time, Samsara had clearly calmed down. Jiang Botao and Du Ming positioned themselves to restrict Happy, but they didn't hastily start attacking. They waited for Wu Qi's Assassin to pick up the sandbag before calmly searching for an opportunity.

"Pretend to attack Windward Formation!" Jiang Botao commanded. As expected, Samsara's ability to carry out orders was outstanding. Before he even finished his words, Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost moved towards Windward Formation with a Triple Slash. Cruel Silence circled around to the side with a sandbag in his hands. Their teamwork was quite steady. Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost rushed forward, but he didn't attack. He simply stood there in a defensive position, stopping Windward Formation from approaching.

Restricting the opponent's movement space meant limiting the opponent's ability to dodge. Forcefully breaking through was an unwise move in this minigame. The sandbag was an instant kill weapon. It wasn't possible for a defender to win a direct fight against an attacker. 

Sure enough, Wei Chen didn't make this unwise move. As soon as he saw Moon-Luring Frost block his path forward, he immediately turned. Cruel Silence had reached his side, but Wei Chen acted like he didn't see him.

Is he baiting us again? Jiang Botao observed Happy's movements. His Empty Waves was also shrinking their movement space, coordinating with Cruel Silence to continue pressuring Windward Formation.

However, these were all facades. From the very start, Jiang Botao had indicated that this was a fakeout, acting as cover for their true target. As for who this true target was, Jiang Botao still hadn't decided. Perhaps it was in fact Windward Formation. Everything depended on how Happy reacted to their pressure.

"Press forward!" Jiang Botao ordered again. Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost directly launched an attack at Windward Formation. As expected, as the defender, Wei Chen wasn't willing to get into a tangle with the attacker. Windward Formation retreated again.

"You punks, what are you doing, chasing relentlessly after this senior?" Wei Chen had Windward Formation dodge as he spouted trash talk.

"It's all because senior is too threatening!" Jiang Botao said.

"You baby, you really know how to talk! Hahaha!" Wei Chen once again praised Jiang Botao. Last time, Jiang Botao responded with a merciless attack. What about this time? This time, there was none. Jiang Botao suddenly turned diagonally. Empty Waves had originally been trying to block Windward Formation's retreat path, but this sudden turn completely changed his intent....

Ice Wave Sword!

This skill could not be ignored. An ice wave swept over murderously. Its target: Concealed Light.  

"Good kid! So you were threatening the east to attack the west!" Wei Chen shouted. Windward Formation turned around to try and rescue Concealed Light, but Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost stopped him. He didn't attack. He simply cut off the path between Windward Formation and Concealed Light.

Cruel Silence suddenly sped up. He sent out a Shining Cut and activated Swift Movement. In an instant, the distance between himself and Concealed Light closed. Then, Shadow Clone Technique!

This instant movement Ninja skill was a skill practically every Night Walker class learned. For the final stretch of Cruel Silence's dash, he used this skill to instantly appear in front of Concealed Light. This sudden acceleration had caught Luo Ji unprepared last time, and this time was no different. He had just dodged Empty Wave's Ice Wave Sword and didn't expect an Assassin to suddenly appear before him in the blink of an eye with a sandback ready. At point blank, how could this sandbag be dodged? It was impossible!


Cruel Silence's sandbag hit Concealed Light, instantly wiping out the extra life that they had just earned not long ago. As the sandbag fell, Luo Ji wanted Concealed Light to hurry and get away, but this time, Jiang Botao had predicted his intentions. In this sandbag minigame, whether the defenders caught it or the defenders were hit, the attacker's offense would be interrupted. Thus, just thinking about striking the target wasn't enough. Apart from hitting the target, the attackers needed to consider how to reach the next step in their offense. After hitting Concealed Light, the sandbag was caught in his hands before it fell to the ground. Concealed Light tried to run, but he was blocked by Empty Waves. By the time he tried moving in a different direction, he was too late. Cruel Silence once again threw the sandbag at point blank range. Concealed Light was hit once again and was cleanly knocked off the stage this time.

Fast. Everything had happened too fast. Wei Chen and Steamed Bun didn't have time to respond before Concealed Light was eliminated. Just this minigame alone show just terrifying the champion team's explosiveness was.

However, the offense from Samsara wasn't done yet. Two point blank sandbags and Cruel Silence caught both of them before they fell to the ground. Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost ran towards Windward Formation. Wei Chen immediately realized what he wanted to do, but facing this sort of charge, the defenders seemed powerless. They couldn't stop to fight with their opponents. Their only choice was to run away and dodge.

Windward Formation sprinted back, but Moon-Luring Frost pursued him faster, closing in with a Triple Slash. Cruel Silence then passed his sandbag to Moon-Luring Frost. Shadow Steps!


Moon-Luring Frost didn't immediately throw his sandbag, instead using Shadow Steps. Five Moon-Luring Frosts instantly flickered into existence, each holding a sandbag. Without pausing, not giving Wei Chen any time to figure out which one was real, the five Moon-Luring Frosts threw their sandbags at the same time.

"That's too shameless!!" Wei Chen cried out in grief. The five sandbags flew at him, sealing off all of Windward Formation's escape options. Of the five, four were fake, but Wei Chen didn't know which one was real, so he could only pray.


Windward Formation stepped to the left. A sandbag hit him but disappeared.  

Wei Chen let out a sigh of relief. However, it wasn't over yet. While he was figuring out if the sandbag that him was real or fake, Moon-Luring Frost acted again. A sword light flashed out, Sword Draw, aimed towards the previously thrown sandbag.

Du Ming obviously knew which of the sandbags was real. The Sword Draw didn't slice apart the sandbag. It carried the sandbag along with it towards Windward Formation.

"Punk… how crafty!" Wei Chen sighed. The sandbag was considered a throw too, and Windward Formation was eliminated.

The closely linked attacks knocked out two of Happy's players in the blink of an eye. The crowd was dumbstruck. Even Steamed Bun was having trouble keeping up.

"What's going on? How'd you guys suddenly disappear?" Steamed Bun was puzzled as he looked at the eliminated Windward Formation and Concealed Light.

"Chance!" Jiang Botao shouted. Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost shot forward. He picked up a sandbag and twisted his body, throwing the sandbag like a meteor towards Steamed Bun Invasion, who was looking away.


The sandbag was stopped. A Brick had crashed into the sandbag, swatting it down. Du Ming was dumbfounded. He hadn't thought Steamed Bun would suddenly regain his senses and then throw a Brick that actually intercepted the meteor-like sandbag. 

"This is no fun!" Steamed Bun said. "Why don't we have a real fight?"