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Chapter 1254: Airborne Sandbag

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Du Ming's target was the person who had looked down on them earlier, Wei Chen. Sword light flew, and Moon-Luring Frost rapidly closed the distance between him and Windward Formation. He raised his other hand and threw a sandbag.

The sandbag's speed and distance depended entirely on the player's skill. How could a pro player lack that? The sandbag was like a shadow as it shot towards Windward Formation.



Du Ming felt delighted. You arrogant bastard, I got rid of you in just three seconds. But before he could laugh, he looked closer and saw that Windward Formation hadn't been hit. 

A small flying dragon had flown in front of Windward Formation who knew when. His sandbag had hit this small flying dragon. It was undoubtedly Luo Ji who had summoned this small flying dragon. However, according to the mini-game's settings, the sandbag was a godly killing weapon. When the sandbag hit, the small flying dragon was instantly knocked outside of the battlefield just like a player character.  

"Nice job," Wei Chen praised Luo Ji. Luo Ji didn't have time to be happy though, as his nervous heart was about to leap out of his throat. When the match started, Wei Chen immediately told him to summon a creature to block an attack. Such a heavy responsibility gave Luo Ji huge amounts of pressure. He feared that he wouldn't be able to control it properly or not accurately enough. If his block missed, wouldn't it be Wei Chen being knocked out of the field?

Fortunately, he succeeded, but he was more relieved than happy. Seeing that his small flying dragon had been knocked out, Luo Ji wanted to summon another one but when he checked his skills, he discovered that he couldn't use them. His character was Silenced.

Luo Ji immediately understood. A Summoner's creatures couldn't be used as an endless supply of shields in this mini-game. If a summon was hit by a sandbag, it would be locked and unable to be summoned again.

If I catch a sandbag, will I be able to use the summon again? Luo Ji thought to himself. But he also knew that in this mini-game, if he caught a sandbag, it didn't make sense to use it on getting the summon back.

The sandbag thrown at the small flying dragon dropped towards the ground. It wouldn't automatically return to the attacker's hands; the attacker had to pick it up himself. Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost was the closest to it. He hurried to grab it, but just before the sandbag hit the ground, a hand moved underneath the sandbag and caught it.

"Hahaha," Wei Chen laughed. Before a sandbag landed on the ground, it could be caught without question. As a result, Happy was able to pick one up, and the three players now had an extra life.

The rules stated that after catching a sandbag, within three seconds, the sandbag needed to be thrown away for an attacker to pick up. This was worthy of being exploited. Wei Chen looked at the other three's positions and found a gap, which was just behind Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost. He shouted "Catch" and Windward Formation chucked it.

Du Ming immediately had Moon-Luring Frost turn around. On the other hand, Wu Qi's Assassin, Cruel Silence, also rushed towards it to hurry and catch it. But when the two sprinted for it, they realized that there was no sandbag. 

"Whoops, sorry. I dropped it on the ground." Wei Chen laughed honestly. The sandbag had slipped out of Windward Formation's hands, falling straight down onto Windward Formation's feet.

The crowd erupted into thunderous boos. The viewers lashed out at Wei Chen's shamelessness one after the other. Wei Chen didn't care though. Happy's three characters had started moving away long before the sandbag hit the ground. For them, the farther they were away from the sandbags, the better.

Du Ming coughed blood as his Moon-Luring Frost turned around to pick up the sandbag. Wu Qi furiously had his Cruel Silence chase after him.

"Stay organized and maintain good positioning. Reduce their space and deal with them one by one," Jiang Botao yelled out. This mini-game looked easy, but in reality, there was a lot of strategy involved. The triangle starting position was a balanced way of positioning. How to move afterwards depended on the situation. Keeping up a constant stream of attacks was very important, so the three had to constantly be communicating. After Du Ming threw the sandbag, not only did the opponents play a dirty trick on them, even without that, just the small flying dragon blocking the sandbag and then forcing the attackers to run to pick it up was a serious interruption towards their offense. When throwing a sandbag, the path of the throw should be such that another attacker could catch the sandbag and continue attacking. This was the key to this mini-game for the attackers. Whether it was dodgeball, throwing sandbags, or this mini-game, this was always the strategy.

Seeing Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost pick up the sandbag, Jiang Botao immediately had his Empty Waves move in an attempt to form a link with Moon-Luring Frost's position. Who would have thought that before he could take more than a few steps, he would hear Du Ming curse loudly. When he turned around to look, he saw a Hexagram Prison trapping Moon-Luring Frost.  

"You youngsters have got to open your eyes wider," Wei Chen sighed.  

"Senior's methods are truly brilliant," Jiang Botao praised sincerely.

"Oh? You child, you really know how to talk!" Wei Chen laughed.

Jiang Botao also laughed, but his hands hadn't stopped moving.

Ice Wave Sword!

Ice crystals spread, quickly moving towards Happy's three characters. Ice element skills with a chance of lowering movement speed could undoubtedly be effective at crucial moments....

"We were having such a good chat and then you suddenly launch a sneak attack. Kids these days are truly too shameless," Wei Chen said as his Windward Formation dodged to the side.

"Senior, good joke." Jiang Botao wasn't affected by Wei Chen's trash talk. His Ice Wave Sword didn't hit, so he swung his sword again with a Fire Wave.  

Fire blazed. Jiang Botao wanted to use this attack to restrict the opponent's movement options, but he didn't expect someone to just directly run through the fire waves and charge towards him.

Powerful Knee Strike!

Steamed Bun Invasion leaped up and his knee came crashing towards Empty Waves.

Sigh, a miscalculation!

Jiang Botao instantly realized that a purely offensive skill like Fire Wave Sword might be the least useful skills in this mini-game. With the threat of a one hit kill sandbag, who could care about this sort of damage? Happy's Steamed Bun decisively chose to ignore this damage and charged straight through these fire waves. This sort of scene was simply too rare. Jiang Botao wasn't able to react in time, and Empty Wave's Powerful Knee Strike slammed into him.

Wu Qi had understood Jiang Botao's intentions, and his Cruel Silence positioned himself with Empty Waves. They were just waiting for Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost to break free from Hexagram Prison. How could he have known Empty Waves would be sent flying away. For a moment, Wu Qi didn't know what to do. Everyone was still somewhat unfamiliar with this sort of mini-game.

"Hold them!" At this moment, Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost had finally broken from from Hexagram Prison. He shouted towards Wu Qi, telling him to form a pincer together.

Happy were doing their utmost to avoid the sandbag from Moon-Luring Frost. The three characters stopped grouping up and dispersed in different directions. Not only did they have to dodge Moon-Luring Frost, they needed to evade Cruel Silence as well. Jiang Botao saw Happy's movements and knew the other side also knew the key to this game. The attackers carrying sandbags were the most threatening characters, but the defenders could not just ignore the attackers without one. Sandbags could be passed around.

"Catch!" Du Ming shouted and tossed a sandbag into the air. Wei Chen, who was in front of Du Ming, had Windward Formation dodge, but how could he have known the sandbag would be thrown so off target...  

This wasn't a direct attack, but an assist!

Jiang Botao's Empty Waves remained calm and collected and went into an extremely good position. Du Ming learned from Wei Chen's cheap trick and returned the favor with a shout of his own. The sandbag was instead passed to Empty Waves. From Jiang Botao's position to Moon-Luring Frost throw, it was hard to know what Samsara was planning, but in an instant, they suddenly sped up. After Empty Waves caught the sandbag, his hands didn't stop moving. He threw the sandbag, not at the opponent directly in front of him, but towards Concealed Light to the side of him.

Luo Ji turned pale with fright. He mashed his keys in a fluster and was able to dodge it, but when he turned around, he saw that Cruel Silence had unexpectedly used Shining Cut to instantly reach his rear. Cruel Silence extended his hands, catching Empty Wave's sandbag, and threw the sandbag.


This time, it was a hit. Samsara's sudden acceleration had caught Luo Ji off guard. This sandbag struck Concealed Light squarely.

However, at the start of the match, Wei Chen's Windward Formation was able to catch a sandbag, giving Happy an extra life. As a result, this hit didn't knock Concealed Light off the stage. Samsara's offense wasn't over yet though. The instant Cruel Silence threw this sandbag, he rushed forward ferociously ready to pick up the sandbag.  

If a sandbag successfully hit a character, the defenders would not be able to pick it up. Luo Ji could only have his Concealed Light run from that sandbag. However, how could a Summoner's movement speed compare to an Assassin's? By the time Cruel Silence snatched the sandbag, Concealed Light had only taken a few steps. Wu Qi showed no mercy. His Cruel Silence raised his arm, ready to throw the sandbag, when suddenly, a figure flashed in front of him, slamming a brick into Cruel Silence's face.

Wu Qi saw his screen instantly turn dark. This brick had blocked his view, and at this distance, how could he have any time to dodge? Pu! The brick struck Cruel Silence, making Wu Qi's heart thump. He had already been in a throwing animation. There was no time to cancel it, yet he still wanted to dodge the brick. In a fluster, that sandbag ended up being thrown, gently and without any force behind it, hitting nothing but air.

"I kindly accept this offering!" Wei Chen laughed. Windward Formation stepped forward to pick it up.

"Not happening!!" Du Ming's Moon-Luring Frost rushed forward, but since he was behind Windward Formation, he wouldn't be able to reach it in time. Moon-Luring Frost leaped into the air, the tip of his sword trembling.

Curving Wind Form.

Moon-Luring Frost used the new Level 75 skill. Sword qi moved in reverse, pulling in the sandbag towards Moon-Luring Frost.

"Smart kid, looks like you're quite creative!" Wei Chen's Windward Formation saw his prize flying away and continued to trash talk as his Windward Formation pointed his Death's Hand into the air.