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Chapter 726: Team Blue Rain’s New Talent

Chapter 726 - Team Blue Rain’s New Talent

“Ah! So this is Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite?” Lu Hanwen’s voice revealed his youth. He was definitely a kid. pitch of his voice still possessed the innocence of childhood. He was even younger than Gao Yingjie and Qiao Yifan.

“Yeah, this is Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite.” Blue River said as he controlled Blue Bridge Spring Snow. He wasn’t surprised at Lu Yuwen’s amazement. Lu Yuwen was only fourteen years old. How long could he have been playing Glory for? Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite’s era of splendor took place when the Heavenly Domain had just been released. Even Blue River hadn’t been a part of the first wave. By the time Lu Yuwen started playing Glory, Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite had already become an outdated leveling area. No one came to the Heavenly Domain at Level 50 to level up, except for that guy, of course.

Thinking of that God, Blue River couldn’t help but look at the Blade Master, Flowing Cloud, next to him. This character was the kid’s, not the guild’s. Lu Yuwen came running over, saying that the team had told him to come over and that he was from the training camp. Blue River obviously understood the implications. Lu Yuwen was probably someone who Team Blue Rain considered as their future star. A Blade Master….. Could the team be raising the successor to Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain?

But Huang Shaotian was still at his peak, right now. Wasn’t it too early to look for a successor? Then again, Lu Yuwen was still very young. Maybe the team planned on raising him for a few years? Team Blue Rain indeed had this kind of tradition. If there was someone with talent from the training camp, they wouldn’t hesitate to add him to the team.

“Wow! It’s so beautiful! Every single room has a symbol of a red cloud!” Lu Yuwen clearly didn’t have as many thoughts as Blue River did. As soon as they stepped into Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite, he ran around all of a sudden like he was here to tour around the place.

‘Hey, slow down!” Blue River shouted. He and the troops chased after him. After just a few steps, they alarmed quite a few monsters. Even though Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite looked like a small city, it was still a leveling area and not an actual city. Every NPC was hostile and would actively seek to attack players. These were only level 50 or so monsters though, so they were easily beaten. Alarming a few monsters wouldn’t be an issue.

At this moment, Blue River suddenly noticed that no matter where Lu Yuwen’s Flowing Cloud went, not even a single monster would be alarmed.

“Is it coincidence? Or is it…….” Blue River thought. He naturally began paying more attention to Flowing Cloud’s movements. Soon afterwards, he saw Flowing Cloud zig zag left and right swiftly and then continue running forward as if nothing had happened.

This is…...

Blue River looked around. Sure enough, there was a monster on either side, wandering about. When Flowing Cloud zig zagged, he threaded his way through the gap between their aggro radii.

Yes, that should be what he did…...

Blue River could only guess because he couldn’t clearly distinguish the aggro ranges of those two monsters.

But from looking at Flowing Cloud, Blue River could ascertain that Lu Yuwen had purposely avoided their aggro range.

Avoiding the aggro range of a monster wasn’t difficult, but Lu Yuwen did it so swiftly. Only someone with a good eye to judge the situation and precise control over one’s character could take the path that Flowing Cloud had just taken. For example, if Blue River wanted to avoid those two monsters, he would have needed to wait for the two monsters to be a little farther apart before rushing through the gap between their aggro radius.

But Lu Yuwen? He accurately managed to determine the gap between their aggro radii and moved through the tiny gap. It was definitely a move that surpassed a normal player’s capabilities.

It was unnecessary to dodge these monsters though. With their strength, these monsters could be killed with just a few hits. There was no need to waste so much effort with such precise microing, but what about for Lu Yuwen? It looked like the kid didn’t think of it as anything troublesome. He continued to use this sort of excessively high-end technique to avoid all the weak monsters.

“This kid really is skilled!” Blue River couldn’t help but say his thoughts to a teammate.

“What do you mean?” As expected, the others didn’t even notice because of their difference in skill level. Those who came to kill a Level 55 wild boss were just hastily gathered troops. The elites had gone over to fight the Level 65 one.

“Just watch him more carefully and you’ll know.” Blue River said.


Just when Blue River finished speaking, several players cried out in astonishment. Blue River turned around to look, but didn’t see anything unusual, so he asked: “What is it? What is it?”

“So fast!” Someone next to Blue River said.


“That kid. He killed off that monster in an instant. How many skills did he use?” The person replying asked himself.

Who knew when Lu Yuwen had suddenly become excited, but he suddenly found a monster to kill, causing the Blue Brook Guild players to cry out in surprise. Blue River knew that although these players weren’t elites, they were still sent out to compete for a wild boss. They wouldn’t be much worse than the elite players and could still be considered as top players within the Heavenly Domain. For them to be so astonished, Lu Yuwen must have showed some terrifying skill.

“How incredible!”

“Will he be a part of Team Blue Rain next season?”

“He’s a Blade Master. Could it be……”

They guessed all sorts of things. Blue River was filled with curiosity and expectations for this kid.

“Let’s hurry! We can watch more carefully when we fight the boss.” Blue River urged everyone to hasten their pace. He was also impatient to see this scene....

In the end, they failed to catch up to Lu Yuwen’s Flowing Cloud. That guy charged forward without stopping to take a break. Blue River checked his coordinates. He wasn’t running around randomly. He was heading towards where the boss had spawned. It was just that he quickly lost them. Soon afterwards, they saw a message from Flowing Cloud: “Everyone, hurry up! I’m already here!”

“We’re coming.” Blue River replied. Everyone advanced forward hastily until they arrived inside the flower garden of Scarlet Cloud Taoist Rite. Flowing Cloud was hopping around the rock garden.

“This kid just can’t stay still, can he?” Blue River had accompanied him the entire way, so he had a small grasp of Lu Yuwen’s personality now. Lu Yuwen was the type of person, who just couldn’t sit still.

“Ah! You’re here! Hurry, he’s here! I saw her!” Flowing Cloud jumped and shouted, when he saw Blue Brook Guild.

“Careful!” Blue River saw a figure hidden in the rock garden. A bright light flashed and a bullet headed towards Flowing Cloud.


Everyone saw the bullet fly out from the gun, drawing an arc through the air.

It missed!

Flowing Cloud was able to dodge the sudden attack at such a close range. Blue River didn’t dare to say it was because of his warning. He felt like he had yelled it out right as the gunshot rang. He reckoned that the sound from the gunshot was louder than his warning from Lu Yuwen’s perspective. Typing out a warning didn’t need to be said. Blue River couldn’t type that fast.

Lu Yuwen dodged it on his own.

The bullet whizzed by. While in mid-air, Flowing Cloud slashed down at the half hidden figure.

Falling Phoenix Slash!

Too many people could throw out this skill, but Lu Yuwen performed the move as he was doing a 180 degree spin in midair. It looked the same as a Berserker doing a reverse Collapsing Mountain. The advantages of doing it in such a way could clearly be seen: the angle was lower, so the attack would be more thorough.

A sword light flashed and Flowing Cloud descended. He was soon together with that figure behind the rock garden. Blue River and everyone else hurried over. It hadn’t even been ten seconds yet, when Flowing Cloud hopped back onto the rock garden and shouted at them: “Hurry up! I already killed him……”

It had only been ten seconds…...

Even though Blue River knew Flowing Cloud had an exceptional set of equipment, the guild had provided him with a full set of Orange equipment, killing a same-level opponent in ten seconds couldn’t be done just through advantage in equipment though. His hand speed must be extremely fast too.

‘I got a gun. Does anyone want it?” Seeing that everyone had arrived, Flowing Cloud waved his hand and threw the weapon on the ground. It was the gun that had just dropped from the gunner.

Blue River had Blue Bridge Spring Snow walk over. He picked up the gun to take a look. It was a Level 70 Purple weapon Shining Rifle. The slow attack speed was the gun’s flaw, but it was a Purple weapon from a hundred player dungeon raid. Just from this gun alone, the person shouldn’t have been too weak. Even so, he had been destroyed by Lu Yuwen in just ten seconds.

This kid was terrifyingly talented!

Thinking of how Lu Yuwen was only fourteen years old and would be raised by the team for several more years, Blue River couldn’t help but feel excited for Team Blue Rain’s future.

“What guild was that player from?” Blue River didn’t forget to ask who attacked them.

“Parade.” Lu Yuwen replied.

“No way?” Blue River was astonished. Everyone knew which guilds comprised of the four guild alliance. Parade was one of them. If someone from Parade had hidden himself here, didn’t it meant that the alliance was going to come fight for the level 55 wild boss? Did they not receive news of the Level 65 boss spawning? Blue River felt like since the alliance depended on Ye Qiu, they had no way of fighting two fronts at once. If they had to choose between a Level 55 and a Level 65 boss, of course they would go for the Level 65 one. So why did they choose the Level 55 one?

“I’m sure that he was from Parade. What is it?” Lu Yuwen could the surprise from Blue River.

“If it’s them, then we have a very troublesome opponent.” Blue River said.

“Who?” Lu Yuwen asked.

“Ye Qiu!” Blue River said.

“Ah! He really is troublesome!” Lu Yuwen suddenly gasped.

“Oh, you also know about him?”

“Yeah! The Captain and Huang Shaotian said Ye Qiu was the most troublesome opponent they’ve ever faced.” Lu Yuwen said.