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Chapter 1097: Intense Competition

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The ghosts appeared so suddenly and unexpectedly, catching countless players off guard. As a result, Ye Xiu killing a ghost so easily and calmly made him seem that much more imposing. It wasn't just the player that Ye Xiu had saved. The entire street of players quickly realized that someone over there had successfully killed a ghost. 

It didn't seem like all that much?

This scene made the confidence of the players skyrocket. Quite a few immediately took out their weapons and charged at these strange phantasms.

Their spirited shouts quickly turned into cries of despair. Too many of them had only seen that a player had killed a ghost and hadn't paid attention to that player's ID.

Lord Grim, Ye Xiu. He was a figure that stood at the top of Glory. How could normal players hope to replicate his grandeur? Dungeon monsters weren't that easy to kill for normal players.

The entire street transformed into a field of slaughter. The players hadn't been prepared for the difficulty of this time's Ghost Parade. Their confidence from seeing Lord Grim successfully kill the willow tree instantly disappeared into nothingness. 

The players screamed and fled in fear. As for the imposing figure that had killed the only ghost over here, he became their savior. They couldn't help but gather towards this player. After getting closer, they saw his name and finally understood that they had made a misunderstanding.

"God, save us!!" Several players begged. Lowering themselves in front of God Ye Xiu was nothing shameful.

"Everyone, calm down!" Ye Xiu called out, "These ghosts aren't difficult to deal with. Pay attention to their weaknesses and then choose a target that you can easily restrain to fight! If that's not enough, party up."

Yes, if they couldn't solo an enemy, partying with others was the easiest solution. The players in the game should understand. It was just that for this event, would playing alone or partying with others give more rewards? The players needed to consider this question before deciding, so no one had immediately formed a party. However, after realizing that these ghosts weren't so easy to kill along with Ye Xiu's advice, the players started calling over their friends or searching for a party to join. Ye Xiu received countless party invites.

As for the ghosts' weaknesses…...  

"What type of weaknesses do they have, God?" Someone asked.  

"I'm studying them too." Ye Xiu replied. It was his first time seeing these types of monsters, "Wood is afraid of fire. Fire is afraid of water. Basic logic shouldn't be wrong."

Ye Xiu had tested this theory before. For example, against that willow tree, he had only thrown out a few low-leveled Fireballs, instantly burning that willow tree to ashes. It was far more efficient than hacking at the tree.

The players seemed to somewhat understand. At this moment, all sorts of ghosts were starting to attack them.

Look for weaknesses! The players started racking their brains. The very first ghost that had charged over at them made them want to cry. Wooden barrels. What was its weakness?


These barrels were made of wood. Players with fire element attacks tried their hand, but it didn't seem too effective.

What is it?

The players pondered over this question but couldn't figure it out. Ye Xiu was standing on the side and also sweating. When he said weaknesses, he had just been speculating. Who knew if all these ghosts had weaknesses? However, right now, the players were bitterly searching for one as if they were following an imperial decree. Ye Xiu suddenly felt like there was a lot of pressure on him.

Amidst the chaos, someone suddenly yelled in pleasant surprise: "Attack the bottom! Attack the bottom of these barrels. The lower you go, the lower their defense!"

Everyone was startled, but quickly responded. If a barrel didn't have a bottom, then it couldn't be used, so the bottom of the barrel was the weakness?

It was quite logical, but anyone who thought of such an answer had to be a bit crazy.

After finding this weakness, the players discovered that these buckets weren't that difficult. A bunch of wooden barrel bottoms were destroyed. These wooden barrels instantly lost their liveliness. They fell to the ground and rolled around powerlessly.

"Kill!" Their morales had truly risen this time. After figuring out the trick, they suddenly became fearless.  

As for Ye Xiu?

His goals weren't so low. As he looked for monsters to kill, he checked the leaderboards. 

The leaderboards were dazzling to the eyes. The event had just begun, but the pro players were already displaying what true strength was. The first ten and even as far as the first twenty places were occupied by pro players.  

Troubling Rain, Vaccaria, Cloud Piercer, Dazzling Hundred Blossoms, Desert Dust, Demon Subduer…...

The previous events also had leaderboards, but they weren't fully occupied by pro characters because if it wasn't an event taking place during a holiday, pro players wouldn't usually be the ones playing on these characters. It was usually someone from the guild department playing in their place. The staff members of the guild department could be considered elite experts in the game, but they were far from possessing the dominating skill of pro players. However, the Ghost Parade happened to take place during the summer. The pro players personally took up the task, resulting in them sweeping the leaderboards....


Ye Xiu looked at his ranking. He wasn't in the top ten, but he wasn't too far away either. He was currently ranked 16. Surrounding him were a bunch of pro characters. The points were constantly fluctuating. A few moments later, he dropped from 16 to 18, overtaken by Flying Sword and Blossoming Chaos.

"Everyone's working hard!" Ye Xiu mumbled. He couldn't relax either. The street that he was on had quite a few ghosts, but there were also quite a few players. Everyone was fighting over them. No matter how skilled he was, it was hard to avoid his efficiency dropping. A quiet and desolate place was ideal. Unfortunately, when Ye Xiu logged on, he couldn't find any good places. He could only blame it on his bad luck. 

Yes, luck.

In this type of event, technical skill and tactical skill were secondary. Luck was most important, especially for pro players who were all at the similar skill levels. Only normal players would flee in terror because of these ghosts.

However, the normal players had started forming parties and helping one another as if it were a dungeon. Their combat power instantly shot up. The ghosts on this street were quickly cleared. Ye Xiu found the time to check the leaderboards again and found that he had already dropped outside of the top 20.

Only a fixed number of ghosts spawned every day all in one wave. As time went on, trying to catch up to those ahead required even greater luck. Today clearly wasn't Ye Xiu's day. After that street was swept clean, he looked for another place to hunt, but his kills were intermittent. He continued to fall on the leaderboards, making Ye Xiu feel even more helpless. 

After going around several blocks, Ye Xiu realized with astonishment that there were bunch of tails following behind his butt.

Yes, not just one tail, but a bunch.

Ye Xiu's Lord Grim stopped on a stone bridge in the city and turned around. He could already recognize some of their names. However, these guys were still pretending. Some of them were switching equipment. Some of them acted like they were chatting with each other. Some of them even pretended like they were just passing by, walking past Lord Grim.

"Which guild are you guys from?" Ye Xiu asked.

No one paid him any attention. They continued with their act.

"Stop pretending. You, the one following me since that clock tower. You, the one from the river area four. You, you were at that street in the very beginning, no?" Ye Xiu pointed at a few characters. They finally stopped pretending and started backing away cautiously. They were also sizing up the other players around them.  

"It looks like you're not all from the same guild?" Ye Xiu saw this scene and said.

Still no one answered. Ye Xiu didn't need them to answer. These guys obviously weren't here to admire him and ask for his signature. The big guilds had found his location and sent people here to mess things up for him. They couldn't stop him, but they could at least slow him down.

"How mean! Who sent these people to follow behind my butt!!" Those players weren't going to talk, so Ye Xiu could only go to the pro player chat group and fiercely denounce the conduct of these guilds.

No one paid him any mind.

Everyone was playing the game, and the pro player chat group was unexpectedly dead. How long had it been in the pro scene since everyone had gone into the game? Ye Xiu felt a bit dazed. 

"Wu Chen, have our guild members take note of where the other pro characters are located." Ye Xiu returned to the game and messaged Wu Chen. His Lord Grim was also in Guild Happy. Any orders that he gave in the guild would naturally be followed. However, their guild leader was still Wu Chen and since this was a new guild, establishing a guild leader's authority was very important. Pro players abusing their statuses to do certain things in the guild was harmful to the guild's management.

"Oh, okay." Wu Chen replied back and then announced it to the guild.

Guild Happy had also reached max capacity. There were certainly spies from other guilds inside. Five minutes hadn't even passed since Wu Chen's announcement and the pro player chat group started livening up again.

"Revenge breeds revenge*." Wang Jiexi said.

"There will never be an end to it!" Huang Shaotian finished the saying, but a sentence was too short, so he added in his own personal opinion: "Old Ye, do you really need to do that? Insisting on a going an eye for an eye is too unsightly!"

"Exactly! Events like this don't come often. Let's all be friends!" Samsara's Jiang Botao also spoke his opinion.

"Then why don't you guys tell your guilds to withdraw the people tailing me?" Ye Xiu said.  

"Yes yes yes..." The pro players expressed. Not long afterwards, the anonymous stalkers gradually dispersed.

"Okay, there's nothing wrong now, right? Let's all have a friendly competition. Old Ye, you've gotta work harder! When I check the leaderboards, I can't even see you!" Huang Shaotian said. His Troubling Rain was currently number one on the leaderboards. It was a rare chance for him to gloat.

But in time it took for him to type out these few words, the leaderboards suddenly changed.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!" Huang Shaotian roared in the chat group. Zhou Zekai's Cloud Piercer had jumped from third to first, pushing Troubling Rain down to second.

"Ha." Zhou Zekai rarely spoke in the chat group, and he only said one word.