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Chapter 1094: There’s No Harm in Cooperating

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Yu Wenzhou looked left and right. They were surrounded by tens of players. With

this sort of encirclement, even if they were able to break away through their

superior skill, they wouldn't be able to pursue the boss anymore.

Yu Wenzhou sighed. This encirclement wasn't really a trap, but rather an opening

from them. He had analyzed which direction the boss could have been pulled away

and then assigned people to chase after the boss. Sure enough, Huang Shaotian

found the boss. In this type of situation, they obviously wouldn't be sharing this

info with the other guilds. Not only would they not be sharing the info, they

had to protect this news from leaking. Thus, Yu Wenzhou didn't immediately

dispatch Blue Brook Guild elite troops to throw themselves at the boss. Such an

obvious movement would definitely attract the attention of others. Yu Wenzhou

didn't want to block Ye Xiu off from the boss, while also bringing along a

bunch of competitors.


As a result, Yu Wenzhou instructed his elite troops to continue spreading out as

if they were still searching for their target in an attempt to mislead the

other guilds. In the meantime, their pro players would get together and go

over. A small-scale movement naturally wouldn't be seen through by others.

Their movements indeed didn't arouse any of the other guilds' suspicions, but Ye Xiu

had dispatched people to surround them, making them appear weak and outnumbered.

"Fighting isn't beneficial to either side. You guys should leave!" Ye Xiu said.

Yu Wenzhou laughed bitterly. Wasn't this what he had said to Ye Xiu a few minutes

ago. This guy was quick to return fire.

"Retreat." Yu Wenzhou immediately ordered.

"What?" Huang Shaotian was shocked.

"Wasting time like this is pointless. It's better to retreat!" Yu Wenzhou said.

Lu Hanwen and Zheng Xuan had started retreating. Even though Huang Shaotian was

unwilling, he respected his captain's authority. After spouting a bunch of

trash talk at Ye Xiu, he retreated helplessly.

"A man who recognizes the facts of a situation is a true hero!" Ye Xiu sighed.

"You flatter me." Yu Wenzhou said.

"If there's ever an opportunity, there's no harm in cooperating together." Ye Xiu


"There will be one." Yu Wenzhou smiled.

Afterwards, some more nonsense was said. Ye Xiu was naturally stalling to give time for his

players to kill the boss. As for Yu Wenzhou, he had already given up. After personally participating in numerous wild boss battles, he now thoroughly recognized just how complicated these battles were. Several guilds, sometimes more than ten, fought against each other in a chaotic war. There was no way to predict anything.

Yu Wenzhou had carefully studied Blue Brook Guild's reports. He clearly saw that no matter which guild it was, their results were very inconsistent, following no patterns. It was possible that one week, one guild would succeed several times, while the next week, the guild failed to get anything. Whether it was Blue Brook Guild or Herb Garden or any other powerhouse, it was the same. Because of how chaotic the wars were, all sorts of impossible to predict events decided ...


the outcome each time. There was no absolute logic in any of these.

However, when Ye Xiu led Happy, the outcome was more consistent. Compared to the constant ups and downs of the other guilds, their relatively flat and smooth line was astonishing. Without a doubt, Ye Xiu was able to minimize the chaos happening in these battles, which meant that Ye Xiu's way of conducting battles was very valuable as a reference. From what Yu Wenzhou saw, Ye Xiu's tactical skill was certainly one aspect, but more importantly, he was able to accurately grasp the conflicts and balance between the guilds during these boss battles, allowing him to direct the overall direction of the battle. His tactical arrangements didn't stop at just purely

battle aspects such as movements, focusing targets, switching targets.

Doing this wasn't easy. Yu Wenzhou could see the painstaking amount of work that Ye Xiu put into this. It seemed even more difficult than them playing in competitive matches. There was only one match a week, but there were tens of wild boss battles every week. Just how much effort did it take him to do all this homework?

Therefore, when Ye Xiu suggested that they cooperate when an opportunity arose, Yu Wenzhou didn't hesitate to agree. He didn't mind Ye Xiu utilizing their guild's resources because in his eyes, Ye Xiu was a huge resource too.

Yu Wenzhou replied to Ye Xiu and then talked about it with Changing Spring. After all, this was an in-game matter. Technically speaking, the team captain had no such authority in this area. However, pro players had high statuses, especially the captain. Even though they didn't officially have any authority, their words held a lot of weight in anything related to Glory. A more assertive captain would practically be giving orders to the guild leader. Yu Wenzhou was rather polite. When he spoke to Changing Spring, it was more of a suggestion.

After Changing Spring heard Yu Wenzhou's suggestion, he was stunned.

Cooperation. It wasn't like he didn't know how to do that. It was just that the competitions between the guilds, especially the ones between the top guilds like Blue Brook Guild, had a "wolves are here" feeling. No one trusted each other's words. Whenever they cooperated, they would always be on guard for any backstabbing. Once or twice was fine, but if it was frequent, they wouldn't be able to endure this type of provocation. In the end, they might as well just do things alone.

Nothing could be done about it. The competition between the guilds could be considered another battlefield for the teams aiming to be the champions. For them, injuring others was beneficial for themselves. As a result, if they weren't able to get the boss, they didn't mind making things more difficult for their enemies. It wasn't just about strengthening themselves. It was also about finding a way to stop their enemies from growing stronger. In this type of environment, it was hard to have any good relationships with other guilds.

As a result, when Changing Spring hard about Yu Wenzhou's suggestion for a cooperation, he was startled at first. He really wanted to say that cooperating didn't fit this sort of environment. Don't say look at how Happy allied with four other guilds, so we should do the same. The guilds that Happy had allied together with were all bottom-tier cheerleader guilds. The relationship between those guilds weren't as tense. They were never really competitors in these boss battles anyways. It was like giving medicine to a dead horse. They might as well just ally together. Blue Brook Guild wasn't in the same position as them though!

Changing Spring was still pondering over how to explain this to Yu Wenzhou, but then Yu Wenzhou told him who he was planning on cooperating with: Ye Xiu!

Lord Grim!

Changing Spring was more used to calling people by their in-game names. Yu Wenzhou actually wanted to cooperate with that guy! Changing Spring could feel his head going numb. 

This was the first phrase that floated into Changing Spring's mind. That guy was too treacherous. If they cooperated with him, they would be nibbled down to the very bone!

"Ye Xiu! This… isn't this a bit hard?" Changing Spring heard who their collaborator would be. He couldn't even manage to think about how he should words things and immediately expressed his thoughts.

"Hm? What do you mean?" Yu Wenzhou asked. 

"According to our experiences interacting with him, he isn't very trustworthy!" Changing Spring's head shook like a rattle drum."

"Really? His reputation is that poor?" Yu Wenzhou laughed.

"More like there isn't anything good to say about it." Changing Spring grit his teeth.

"As one of his competitors, of course you wouldn't feel anything good from him. Have you ever seriously cooperated with him before?" Yu Wenzhou said.

"This….." Changing Spring hesitated. When Ye Xiu's Lord Grim entered the Heavenly Domain, they were already huge enemies. They had been trying to stop him the entire time. Cooperate? Changing Spring felt his face turn red. In the beginning, he didn't know that this person was God Ye Qiu. Most of their thinking had been on how to recruit him. Recalling how they had actually been thinking about recruiting this God to get him to do labor for the guild, Changing Spring suddenly felt like he had been quite bold too.

"Blue Bridge, when you were in the tenth server, you interacted with him a lot. What are your thoughts?" Changing Spring asked Blue River.  

"Uh, if it's from a cooperative perspective, I feel like he's reliable….." Blue River couldn't help but think of the tenth server and how the God had been hired by them to do work for the guild. The prices that Ye Xiu gave them made Blue River feel like Ye Xiu was a very understanding person. He wasn't trying to cheat them and it was best not to try cheat him either. Under these conditions, the relationships between the two of them had been quite a happy one. How did they end up trying to kill each other? Blue River carefully recalled. It seemed to be when that guy stopped being up for hire and started doing his own work. Then, that guy monopolized all sorts of records, so the pioneering guilds stopped working with him and wanted to show him their might….

Thinking about this, Blue River realized that the top guilds had tried to suppress a competitor, except it turned out that their competitor was a God. In the end, they were like soldiers abandoning their armor as the furious dragon attacked them.

In this story, what they had viewed as the evil sect wasn't really an evil sect. Weren't they the bunch of bastards trying to bully the weak?

Thinking of this, Blue River suddenly wanted to cry. From his understanding, evil sects always had the advantage at first, but then they would always be destroyed by the righteous sects. When had there ever been a lowly evil sect covered in dirt? That evil sect would be too weak, no?

"Then, are we going to be joining their five guild alliance?" Changing Spring said in a daze.

"That's not necessary. When the battle is in our grasp, we should have full rights to the boss. When the situation is hazier, considering a cooperation with them might give us a chance to turn things around! If you take a look at Happy, that's pretty much what they're doing. If they can take the boss alone, they won't join up with the other guilds and share their spoils." Yu Wenzhou said.

"I understand." Changing Spring nodded his head.

Because Yu Wenzhou had decided to give up, Blue Brook Guild retreated from Gray Corner's Black Market. The other guilds were still looking around. In the end, Xiao Shiqin was able to find traces of the boss, but they were too late. The boss was already about to collapse.

"So you actually found us. Why don't you take a look at the time though?" Ye Xiu welcomed Xiao Shiqin, but he didn't put up his guard. At this point, any guild with a bit of perceptiveness would have left already. Xiao Shiqin was an understanding person, yet he sill insisted on searching for them. Ye Xiu reckoned that he had other motives.

"So you ran here." Xiao Shiqin sighed.

"What? Are you studying my tactics?" Ye Xiu said.

"Haha." Xiao Shiqin laughed, but didn't answer back.

"If there's ever an opportunity, there's no harm in cooperating together." Ye Xiu said.

"That sounds good." Xiao Shiqin said and sent a friend request.

"No need to add me as a friend. If anything comes up, just message me on QQ. This bro's got tens of alternates, how would you know which alt I'm using?" Ye Xiu didn't hesitate to reject it.