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Chapter 1089: Dragon Spine Marrow

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"What dropped?"

An elite member from Happy's guild gave the last hit to kill the boss, Dragon Swordsman. At this moment, he was standing around the Dragon Swordsman's corpse, looking nervously and expectantly at the materials scattered all over the ground.

Guan Rongfei's addition to the team put Happy's equipment development in the right track. Although he wanted to focus more on the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, after being in this line of work for so many years, he was still very clear on what his responsibilities were. All of Happy's Silver equipment would be developed by him alone.

Guan Rongfei had already come up with several ideas based on Happy's current materials. And Happy's vast amounts of Level 75 uncommon materials broadened his horizons. Happy couldn't compare with Excellent Era in terms of Level 70 and below materials. Happy couldn't compare with other club guilds in terms of Level 75 normal materials either. However, for Level 75 uncommon materials, Happy instantly stood out. In the Level 75 update, Happy had established their position in the Heavenly Domain wild bosses battlefield. Their allies, Heavenly Justice, Radiant, Parade, and Conquering Clouds, had considerably fatter guild storages as well. And once Wu Chen joined and the guild had gradually grown, the guild drew less and less from the other four guilds, focusing on enriching their own guild's storage.

For the other guilds, their materials were like a pyramid, the more high-end the material the fewer there was. But for Happy, it couldn't be said that it was completely the opposite, but at least relatively speaking, their guild storage outdid the other club guilds.

A professional like Guan Rongfei knew very clearly what this implied. This meant that although the overall number of Silver equipment possessed by Happy might not be able to catch up to the powerhouses in a short amount of time, Happy might not lose to any other guild in terms of Level 75 Silver equipment. Don't look at how the other guilds already had Level 75 Silver equipment, while Happy had none. That was only because Happy didn't have many Level 70 Silver equipment. Happy also didn't have a professional like Guan Rongfei working for them.

Wei Chen and Ye Xiu. Wei Chen's knowledge was mostly limited to his Warlock class. Most of it was through experience. He lacked the theoretical foundation, so it was difficult for him to deduce many things from one case. As for Ye Xiu, his knowledge base was broader than Wei Chen's, but his time was limited. Just a single Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was already making his head dizzy. He also needed to study strategies, watch over the growth of his players, and deal with in-game matters. He really couldn't handle everything. As a result, for their Level 75 Silver equipment, Ye Xiu just didn't bother spending any of his time and efforts into this area.

But with Guan Rongfei here, Ye Xiu was now completely free from this area. With a professional like him, the progress towards their equipment sped up considerably. After Guan Rongfei received the information on the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, he really wanted to hurry up and upgrade this equipment. He had all sorts of other crazy ideas too.

For this Dragon Swordsman, Guan Rongfei had a clear request.

Dragon Spine Marrow!

This was the name of the material that Guan Rongfei requested. Happy originally had four pieces of this material, but Guan Rongfei had expressed that the amount was far from enough.

"Four isn't enough? How many do you need?" Ye Xiu asked. 

"The umbrella ribs." Guan Rongfei replied.

"Umbrella ribs….." Guan Rongfei's boldness surpassed Ye Xiu's imagination. The umbrella ribs were the frame that supported the umbrella. It required a rather high quantity of materials. This part had always been made using normal materials. However, Guan Rongfei was domineering. This guy actually wanted to use uncommon materials here. Was he planning on using only Level 75 uncommon materials for every part of the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella?

"Isn't that too extravagant? Is there a need?" Ye Xiu was a bit doubtful. Uncommon materials were usually used for a few important parts of a Silver equipment. There had never been a case where a Silver equipment was completely made up of only uncommon material.

"It has to be." Guan Rongfei was certain, "The structure of this piece of equipment is extremely complex. It can't compare to other equipment. Along the way, you've probably already noticed that it needed more uncommon materials at higher levels. This is because if the quality of the material isn't raised, getting such a complex structure to improve to a higher level isn't possible."  

"Are you sure this is the only reason? And not because our Level 75 uncommon material reserves are still good, so you wanted to create a beautiful piece of Silver equipment composed of entirely uncommon materials?" Ye Xiu asked questioningly.

"That's only the third reason." Guan Rongfei said.

Third reason... this guy really had this kind of thought. Ye Xiu really wanted to very politely give this guy a scolding, but Guan Rongfei followed: "There's the second reason: this way is relatively economical."

"Economical?" Ye Xiu felt like he had heard wrong.

"Yes, if you insist on using common materials, that's fine too, but this will undoubtedly require more research into the other options. The amount of materials needed for the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella is already several times that of other equipment. The other options make things even more complicated. There are far more types of common material than uncommon material. If the choice of a common material turns out to be a mistake, then the amount of waste produced overall will be many times greater than other equipment." Guan Rongfei spoke frankly and confidently when he talked about equipment. It was a completely different attitude than when he talked about anything else.

Ye Xiu felt like this was very logical. In the end, it was because Level 75 materials had only been around for half a year, not like Level 70 materials that had been studied for three years now. In addition, the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was exceptionally complex. An uprecedented upgrade like for this umbrella was much more difficult.  


"Is it really necessary to use all uncommon materials?" Ye Xiu said.  

"I think it's more dependable this way." Guan Rongfei said.

"Are there enough Level 75 materials to upgrade the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella?" Ye Xiu asked. There were currently eight Level 75 wild bosses. No matter how high their efficiency was, their production rate wouldn't be able to compare with Level 70 uncommon materials. There were around twenty Level 70 wild bosses.

"Don't look down on uncommon materials!" Guan Rongfei said solemnly....


"Then I'll listen to you….. What are your thoughts right now?" Ye Xiu asked.

As a result, Ye Xiu received a list of materials that Guan Rongfei needed. Because of their half a year of accumulation, they already met quite a few of the requirements. It was just this Dragon Spine Marrow…...

"12." When Guan Rongfei said he needed 12, it was as if this task was as easy as obtaining 12 lighters. 

"Shouldn't there only be 8 umbrella ribs?" Ye Xiu asked.

"But if it's Dragon Spine Marrow, then I need 12." Guan Rongfei's reply practically said nothing, but Ye Xiu understood that Guan Rongfei meant that this material would be different than past materials, whether that was in length or bulk, which required 12 instead of 8 to accomplish.

"Don't look down on uncommon materials?" Ye Xiu took Guan Rongfei's statement and asked it back to him.  

"It's worth the money." Guan Rongfei said.

And now, the Dragon Swordsman had finally fallen. As for the Dragon Spine Marrow? Was there any? They were missing 8 pieces still. This boss only spawned once a week and it wasn't guaranteed that they would kill it every time. Even if they did, it wasn't a guaranteed drop…...

How long had it been since Ye Xiu had looked forward to boss drops? This time, he deeply felt it.

Materials were scattered all over the ground. Wu Chen sucked in a deep breath of air and then began picking up the drops. Right now, he was a permanent resident of the game. The others only logged onto alternates and joined when they were needed. More often than not, they were on their mains and practicing in the Arena. Several practice routines had been implemented into the dedicated program that Guan Rongfei had created. Compared to the past, they didn't need to go into the game and look for the correct environment anymore.

Item after item flashed in the team chat every time he picked up a drop.  

Jade Cloud Sand, Burning Heaven Cloth, Mountain and Sea Ice…..

Drop after drop jumped up in eveyone's eyes. These were all valuable Level 75 uncommon materials, but at this moment, no one cared about them. Finally, everyone saw the three words that they were looking for.

"Dragon Spine Marrow!!" Chen Guo was the first to shout. They were still missing seven.

"Another one!" Chen Guo yelled again. 

A large number of materials usually dropped, so it wasn't rare for several of a single type of material to drop. Everyone wished that all eight Dragon Spine Marrow would drop all at once.

"Three!" Chen Guo called out again, but her shout wasn't as fast as Ye Xiu's click. The moment that she shouted, everyone saw that two Dragon Spine Marrows had popped up on screen. A total of four Dragon Spine Marrows had dropped.

Are there anymore?

Everyone was staring at the ground. There weren't many materials left. 

Wu Chen continued to click rapidly. The numerous materials scattered on the floor were quickly swept clean. Chen Guo's counting hadn't been able to keep up with his speed. After three shouts, she closed her mouth. Everyone was looking at the team chat. Another one and then another one.

"Could all eight actually drop?" Wei Chen was stunned.

Reality wasn't that crazy. In the end, six had dropped.

"D*mn, only six." Ye Xiu sighed.

Everyone was speechless. Due to how often they hunted wild bosses, they had a good understanding of the drop rate of wild bosses. It wasn't rare for two or three of the same materials to drop. Four or five was rather rare, but it seemed to be their first time getting six of the same drop at once. He shouldn't feel sad about that, and there definitely shouldn't have been an "only" attached to it.

Once their harvest ended, Ye Xiu and the others logged off. Wu Chen took the materials along with the other guild members back to the city and continued to do his work.

This summer definitely wouldn't be a relaxing one!

Ye Xiu opened up a file. It contained all of the material needs that Guan Rongfei had requested. Ye Xiu changed Dragon Spine Marrows from 8 to 2. Just this change alone wasn't able to block the dazzling list contained in this file.